Pawhuska Trout Stocking
Why stop? The reason is not a good reason, sounds political
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Posted on Monday Jul 21, 2014 at 12:09 PM  
What is the real reason for stopping the Stocking of Trout in Pawhuska?  Sounds polically motiveateed to me, nothing to do with lake access.  Anyone can walk all around Pawhuska if they want....going to Perry which is closer to OKC, ....more to this then lowering the lake level....politics...
Posted on Monday Jul 21, 2014 at 8:50 PM  

Scott Hood Tulsa Trout Unlimited reports:
"All, I have now heard from the ODWC that stocking of trout in Lake Pawhuska has ended. It seems that the City of Pawhuska is no longer interested in accommodating the needs for the "Close to Home" program with the ODWC and they will now be hosting a winter trout stocking program at Perry Lake ... just outside of Perry, OK.
Posted on Tuesday Jul 22, 2014 at 7:56 AM  
I can't speak about the exact reasons, but Danny is right about the basic trend with ODWC and small impoundments.  Several years ago, we began a push to take all urban waters, municipal lakes, etc. that had no unified management scheme (but did consistently receive attention by ODWC) and enroll them in our Close to Home Fishing Program.

In modern times where we have limited manpower and resources, this transition makes most sense.  
A few of the advantages are as follows:
1. bag limits are set low to spread harvest over as many anglers as possible (these are not meant to be subsistence fisheries)
   1a. black bass harvest is prohibited
2. ODWC law enforcement gets to monitor the pressure
3. ODWC stocks or supplements the fisheries as needed and as resources allow
   3a. not all of these fisheries will be managed the same...

You can read a bit more about the CTHFP here ->
Jason ODWC Paddlefish Biologist
E-Check your paddlefish harvest HERE
Posted on Friday Jul 25, 2014 at 9:25 PM  
And, Perry, Oklahoma is close to Home...who's Home...Ditchwitch Lives other reason...take it away from the Northeastern/Tulsa area give it to OKC like everything else the state does.  They would move the Lower Illinois to OKC if they could figure out how...
Posted on Sunday Jul 27, 2014 at 8:32 PM  
It is political - but not the way you are describing it.  It has nothing to do with proximity to OKC.  One city simply does not value anglers the way another city does.  Pawhuska was not signed on to the CTHFP but that is not what the city was really objecting too.  Pawhuska no longer was willing to lower the lake level during the winter as they had been doing for many years.  That drawdown opened bare shoreline that was accessible to bank anglers.  With high water, the button bush and other vegetation was too thick and left most of the shoreline inaccessible to all but the few anglers willing to fight the brush.  Bank fishing opportunities are a must for successful trout fisheries and Pawhuska was going to be restricted mostly to boat anglers - which few trout anglers are.  Even local trout fishermen tried to plea with their city government to go along with the winter drawdown, but to no avail.  ODWC has to spend your license dollars to provide the most opportunity they can for the most anglers.  This argument has been going on a while and ODWC chose to pull the plug on Pawhuska and move to a location that is more angler-friendly.  BTW,,,there is another trout fishery in NE Oklahoma.  It is a Veteran's Park in Jenks. Trout are purchased with a donation from BancFirst and matched with ODWC funds.  Check out the new 2014-2015 Fishing regs brochure for details. 
Posted on Tuesday Jul 29, 2014 at 10:10 PM  
On Friday Jul 25, 2014 at 9:25 PM glroologah said ...
And, Perry, Oklahoma is close to Home...who's Home...Ditchwitch Lives other reason...take it away from the Northeastern/Tulsa area give it to OKC like everything else the state does.  They would move the Lower Illinois to OKC if they could figure out how...
Makes me GRIN - you figurin out how Okie Politics works Huh  From pretty Pawhuska waters to an orange mudhole in Perry - someone at Ditch Witch has an in with Commission.

I got stories to tell now that I have been rubbin elbows with the oil bidness big shots for last three years - but Perry is no OKC and an hours drive from it --

Heck the sewage lagoon in Ripley is prettier than the lake in Perry -

Those who would give up constitutional freedoms to elected officials in exchange for a false sense of security, deserve neither freedom or security.
Posted on Monday Aug 4, 2014 at 10:57 AM  

The Perry Lake replaces Lake Pawhuska as one of the Wildlife Department’s six wintertime trout fishing areas.

by Ed Godfrey Published: August 3, 2014

Anglers in the Oklahoma City area will get another wintertime trout fishing hole nearby as Perry’s CCC Lake will get rainbow trout this season.

The Perry CCC Lake, just two miles east of I-35 and a mile south of Perry off SH 86, will replace Lake Pawhuska as one of the Wildlife Department’s six wintertime trout fishing areas, pending approval of the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is scheduled to vote on the issue Monday.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has offered winter trout fishing at Lake Pawhuska for 17 consecutive years, but the number of anglers there has decreased in recent years, said Bill Wentroth, supervisor of fisheries for the north-central region.

The City of Pawhuska was not interested in continuing the trout fishery at the lake, he said.

“They felt it had run its course,” Wentroth said.

The City of Pawhuska also would not commit to lowering the lake during the winter trout season to improve bank fishing access as it has done in previous years, Wentroth said.

With Lake Pawhuska no longer available, ODWC began looking at Perry CCC Lake as an alternative because the City of Perry wanted a wintertime trout fishery.

City officials in Perry contacted the Wildlife Department more than a year ago about the possibility of winter trout fishing at the lake, but the agency did not want to add any more winter fishing areas in the state because of the cost of buying hatchery-raised trout.

However, with Lake Pawhuska no longer an option, the 32-acre Perry CCC Lake became an ideal replacement, Wentroth said.

“It’s a neat little lake,” he said. “It’s so close to I-35. It’s got these beautiful, big rock structures they used to pull boats up into.

“It’s really an attractive place to go to. I would anticipate we will have a lot of Oklahoma City anglers head that way.”

The lake hasn’t changed much since it was originally built, said Mary Rupp, city manager of Perry.

“If you want to step back in time, this is the place to come,” she said.

The lake was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942, and original structures such as a boathouse and picnic pavilion are still on the lake. Work began on Perry CCC Lake in May 1934 and was completed in July 1935.

Also known as Perry Lake Park, in 2008 the lake was officially listed by the U.S. Department of Interior on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2002, the CCC lake became a water supply lake for Perry. The lake gets water via pipeline from Lake McMurtry in Stillwater. The lake is locked up at night.

Rupp expects the winter trout fishing will not only attract anglers to Perry from Oklahoma City, but also from southern Kansas.

State wildlife officials said the winter trout fishing might eventually give the bass fishing a boost at the Perry CCC Lake.

“It darn sure did at (Lake) Watonga,” said Barry Bolton, chief of fishers for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. “We never produced a 10-pound fish there until we started the trout program. I think those big bass love to eat an 8-inch trout.”

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