Broken Bow - Where to Fish
Guys Trip to Broken Bow this weekend - where to fish?
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Posted on Tuesday Sep 3, 2013 at 10:08 PM  
Alright boys, I'm going to be heading to Broken Bow this weekend for my annual 'Guys Trip'...I'll fish the LMF 1 day for trout, and the lake the other for White/Black Bass, and/or walleye...My question is...What should I target and where should I go for the most action on Broken Bow lake this coming weekend?  We'll be near Hochatown State park in a cabin, and I'll have my Kayaks, and my buddies will have canoes/kayaks.

Also, any special tips on Walleye would be extra appreciated...My buddy John caught a nice 4 pounder on last years trip completely accidently trolling a flicker shad at Beaver Lake in Arkansas, and it would be awesome to catch another nice one this year.

Dave Dixon
Posted on Wednesday Sep 4, 2013 at 4:27 PM  
I haven't fished the lake in a few years and not in the end of summer at all but if I were going to be paddling around fishing probably Panther Creek or Holly Creek areas would give you more access to timber and a larger variety of water. Both areas are primitive and have gravel roads to them. Holly Creek has approximately seven miles of gravel road to it and Panther creek is about a mile off the paved road. Some of Panther Creek road is steep but I have taken a bass boat in and out with a two wheel drive pickup.

 Panther Creek is really primitive with no restrooms of any kind and the closest thing to a ramp is where an old logging road crossed a hollow but is just approximately a mile below the last riffles on the river. This is a very good area to catch large white bass, hybrids, spots and an occasional small mouth the last half of March, but do not know about this time of the year. 

Holly Creek is more open and there is more access to different types of structure. There is no concrete ramp but has a good gravel and rocky area to launch and it is a popular area for travel trailers and hunters during season.

It has been maybe ten years since I have been there so this is old information. Things could have changed for better or worst. I liked fishing that area but ran up the lake instead of pulling a bass boat over the ruff roads.

Good Luck!!