"Any Waters" Tournament
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Posted on Tuesday Mar 5, 2013 at 4:35 PM  
I fished this tournament last year, put on by the "Gett'n Back to the Outdoors" group to help wounded vets get back into fishing or hunting.

It was fun a different than any tourney i fished in the past, but being middle of summer that hardest part was keeping your fish alive.

As said it's an any waters type format so you local farm ponds are eligible, although it Could be left open to some cheating though, who is to say you dont just catch a bunch of good ones the day or two before and then go pick them up since you can fish anywhere, just have to bring them back to the check in alive for the weigh-in.

They said last year they would bump it to spring or early summer to avoid the extreme hot. Not a huge turn out, but they needed to do a better job of promoting it as well. No updates on this years yet but just wanted to help get the word out encase someone else had heard of it.

Starting point was McCoys lumber in Okmulgee.
Looking for El Grande!