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Posted on Wednesday Jul 10, 2013 at 11:05 PM  
KUK, I moved this over here to have it in your colum, since you're the ODWC rep on the notebook. Tony stated----"Oklahoma stocking report 2013" and presented following info--- 2013 Stockings by Regions CENTRAL REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Beggs City Florida largemouth bass 62,500 0.5 Dripping Springs Florida largemouth bass 97,421 1.5 Eufaula Florida largemouth bass 111,815 1.5 Holdenville City Florida largemouth bass 30,240 1.5 Okemah City Florida largemouth bass 52,800 1.5 Okmulgee Florida largemouth bass 59,906 1.5 Prague Florida largemouth bass 30,700 1.5 Sportsman Florida largemouth bass 32,000 1.5 Weleetka Florida largemouth bass 83,000 0.5 Wetumka Florida largemouth bass 30,000 1.5 Shawnee #1 Saugeye 26,720 1.5 Shawnee #2 Saugeye 22,000 1.5 Wewoka Saugeye 8,000 1.5 EASTCENTRAL REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Onapa City Florida largemouth bass 130 7 Taft Florida largemouth bass 130 7 NORTHCENTRAL REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Sooner Florida largemouth bass 69,856 1.5 Carl Blackwell Hybrid striped bass 9,165 1.5 Skiatook Hybrid striped bass 67,528 1.5 Bluestem/Osage Saugeye 16,060 1.25 Carl Blackwell Saugeye 71,000 1.5 McMurtry Saugeye 23,100 1.25 Ponca City Lake Saugeye 16,000 1.5 Shell Creek Saugeye 11,460 1.25 Sooner Saugeye 108,610 1.5 Skiatook Walleye 40,000 1.5 NORTHEAST REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Bixhoma Florida largemouth bass 13,000 1.5 Hudson Hybrid striped bass 5,735 1.75 Oologah Walleye 15,166 1 NORTHWEST REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Watonga Largemouth bass 1,650 1.5 Chambers Walleye 40,000 0.25 Foss Walleye 2,200,000 0.25 Ft. Supply Walleye 2,490,000 0.25 CENTRAL REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Longmire Florida largemouth bass 60,000 0.5 Purcell City Florida largemouth bass 100,000 0.5 Stanley Draper Florida largemouth bass 82,341 1.5 Thunderbird Lake Florida largemouth bass 50,050 1.5 Santa Fe Clinic Pond Hybrid sunfish 150 7 Hefner Lake Walleye 107,600 1.5 SOUTHCENTRAL REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Arbuckle Florida largemouth bass 25,017 1.5 Ardmore City Florida largemouth bass 78,910 3 Durant Lake Florida largemouth bass 30,000 1.5 McGee Creek Florida largemouth bass 75,113 1.5 Murray Florida largemouth bass 75,048 1.5 Texoma/Bryan Florida largemouth bass 75,066 1.5 Big 5 Fishing Clinic Hybrid sunfish 500 6 Blue River Largemouth bass 33,177 1.5 Healdton City Lake Saugeye 18,500 1.25 Jean Neustadt Saugeye 24,000 1.5 SOUTHEASTERN REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Broken Bow Florida largemouth bass 63,385 1.625 Carl Albert Florida largemouth bass 100,000 0.5 Cedar Florida largemouth bass 9,996 1.5 Church Florida largemouth bass 100,950 0.5 Hugo Florida largemouth bass 20,670 0.5 Nanih Waiya Florida largemouth bass 9,996 1.5 Ozzie Cobb Florida largemouth bass 10,125 1.5 Pine Creek Florida largemouth bass 50,033 1.5 Raymond Gary Florida largemouth bass 30,000 1.5 Schooler Florida largemouth bass 100,360 0.5 Talawanda #1 Florida largemouth bass 100,050 0.75 Hugo Hybrid striped bass 5,525 1.75 SOUTHWESTERN REGION Lake Species Number Size (in.) Clear Creek Florida largemouth bass 40 Brooders Comanche City Florida largemouth bass 10,008 1.5 Fuqua Florida largemouth bass 50,000 0.75 Humphreys Florida largemouth bass 40 Brooders Lawtonka Florida largemouth bass 60,805 1.5 Waurika Hybrid striped bass 59,130 1.7 Altus City Saugeye 1,360 2 Burtschi Saugeye 3,600 1.5 Clinton City Saugeye 3,360 1.5 Duncan Lake Saugeye 5,000 1.25 Elk City Saugeye 3,400 1.5 Ellsworth Saugeye 56,000 2 Ft. Cobb Saugeye 82,000 2 Lawtonka Saugeye 28,418 2 Rocky Lake Saugeye 4,900 1.5 Taylor Saugeye 3,740 2 Tom Steed Saugeye 64,150 2 Waurika Saugeye 80,119 2 End of Tony's quote MY reply a few pages following on the above info-------------- KUK last year in Kansas they stocked just under a million hybrid striper fry and just under half a million hybrid striper fingerlings not including their trained(to bite ) fingerling and intermediate stocking numbers. I am comparing last year Kansas with Tony's data in Oklahoma for this year. Surely we can raise the bar or are resources mandated elsewhere. I understand we can have an off year, but with as much water as we have, it stands to reason we would at least stock what Kansas does in our good years, in terms of hybrid striper. This year according to the data and my math, ODWC stocked 147,083 hybrid striper fingerlings. Skipped Ponca City, Kaw and Birch. Ouch Don't be defensive, we still have great fishing thanks to you guys and the fact that you cuss and discuss on here says a lot about ODWC's willingness to listen(and respond to demand). Nothing wrong with creating demand as well, by stocking more hybrids IMHO. Really, hybrids are the fish black bass envy for tenacity. That's not intended as knock on bass, but an attempt to explain how awesome of a sport fish hybrids are. Another question I would ask to be completely objective, does Kansas have off years on hybrid production, or do we need some restructuring. KUK response to my reply above NCat, I do not know what Kansas produces and whether or not they can be compared to ODWC hatcheries. I do know that it is completely negligent to try and compare numbers of FRY stocked versus number of FINGERLINGS stocked. We do not stock hybrid fry in OK so you cannot include another state's fry stocking in any fair comparison. ODWC averages about 600,000 to 700,000 hybrid fingerlings stocked annually, which is more than the number you provided from Kansas. But if you think Kansas is doing better than ODWC, then by all means go fish in Kansas. I am not going to make any comments beyond that given the history you have of trying to enflame any controversial (or not in this case) issue. You are welcome to your opinions, but I will not indulge in another fruitless online debate with you. Happy fishing.
Posted on Wednesday Jul 10, 2013 at 11:15 PM  
KUK I mentioned the fry but also mentioned the fingerlings. If we talk apples to apples they stocked 486,000 + fingerlings in 2012 and ODWC stocked 147,000 + fingerlings in 2013(rounding #'s). They also stocked 43,000+ trained fingerlings (define that if you please) and intermediates(assume those are even larger size). Wasn't trying to make an unfair comparision. If you guys totally quit stocking hybrid around here, I will have to go to KS. It almost seems strange that last years stocking reports were not made public, or were they late and I missed them? Again thanks for stocking such an awesome fish in the first place. I remember catching them in the early 80's at Sooner while attending OSU and that was awesome and sold me on them right there. Broken lines and bent hooks :)
Posted on Thursday Jul 11, 2013 at 8:17 AM  
We have no plans to stop producing and stocking hybrids. In fact in an average year, we produce more than Kansas did in 2013. I have no idea what a trained fingerling is or an intermediate...you can call the Pratt, Kansas fish hatchery for answers to those questions: 620-672-5911 The 2012 ODWC stocking report was made public (although the web link is not working for some reason). Here is what I just copied from the 2012 report: HYBRID STRIPED BASS SWR Altus Lugert 13,760 1.50 Greer SWR Altus Lugert 50,560 2.00 Greer NCR Birch 11,400 1.25 Osage NWR Chambers 200 1.50 Beaver SWR Ft. Cobb 41,000 1.50 Caddo NER Grand Lake 10,500 1.50 Delaware Central Overholser 41,650 1.25 Oklahoma Central Overholser 70,560 1.50 Oklahoma NCR Skiatook 18,960 1.25 Osage NCR Skiatook 62,444 2.00 Osage NCR Sooner 34,000 2.00 Noble SWR Tom Steed 10,800 2.00 Kiowa SWR Tom Steed 44,080 2.50 Kiowa SWR Waurika 106,024 1.50 Jefferson Total Fish Stocked 515,938
Posted on Thursday Jul 11, 2013 at 10:16 AM  
Thanks for update. They said the trained fingerling is 2" and eats hatchery food and the intermediate is same size. A little discouraged if I read it right, no hybrids for Kaw or Ponca City lake for last year or this year. Missing one year, I've seen that before, but two will matter in fishing. Even better reason to release the healthy fish, especially the smaller fish for the future. I think we kept less than 5 out of Ponca last year and caught 'em up to 9 pounds, thanks to your stocking efforts. Always ate the sandies and kentuckies. I appreciate what ODWC was able to get in the water and willingness to share info.
Posted on Thursday Jul 11, 2013 at 8:04 PM  
NCat- I believe that many of our lakes are on an every-other-year cycle for stocking certain species. Also, to get fish during that year, the management biologist has to complete an application worksheet and all lakes receive scores which qualify them for fish. One of the main requirements for this worksheet is a recent fisheries survey targeting this species in question. As sometimes our management priorities have to shift for various reasons, we can't collect samples at every lake every year. Therefore, sometimes we can't justify stocking a lake we want to stock vs one that has a demonstrated need (with data to back up that assertion). Limited number of fish (which can vary annually due to hatchery successes rates) dedicated for quite a few reservoirs. Make sense? I'm not saying that is exactly what happened for those lakes in the NC Region, but it is certainly plausible. I don't do much with stocking aside from paddlefish, so I could be wrong.
Jason ODWC Paddlefish Biologist
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Posted on Thursday Jul 11, 2013 at 8:45 PM  
I think you guys and the department do a great job with all the lakes in NE Ok. that I have been able to fish over the years and really enjoy the hybrid fishing on Skiatook. Mother nature will always have the upper hand on things beyond our control but but when it comes to fishing around here life is good. I have fished Ft. Gibson all my life and still believe it is a very good fishery for most species even after the LMB virus it bounced back. There appears to be a very large population of shad in the lake and I am curious if there is some reason it is not a candidate for hybrid stockings? Not that I am advocating stocking it, but reports show Grand and Hudson receive a small stocking occasionally but not Ft. Gibson. Just wondering what the criteria is to make those decisions and would it have an adverse effect on the other species.
Posted on Thursday Jul 11, 2013 at 8:55 PM  
Thanks for the kudos. I'll pass this on to those that deserve it. Short answer- not every lake can support every fishery. We have to simply set priorities on what species we aim to manage and/or enhance in which lakes. If they were all managed the same way, things would probably be unsuccessful and frustrating.
Jason ODWC Paddlefish Biologist
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Posted on Thursday Jul 11, 2013 at 11:41 PM  
Well Jason, I heard from the guys up here several years back when they started the reciprical hybrid research in Kaw and they mentioned similiar explanations about scoring lakes for stocking allotment. The current big problem: ODWC stocked 22% of the 650,000 "average annual hybrid fingerling stocking number" KUK referred to. That's 22% or only 147,000 hybrid fingerlings stocked this year. Obviously the highest scores for allotment, received this years fingerlings. Last years number stocked was below that stated average,too, down 20% as 650,000 stated average/516,000 stocked in 2012= 80% of a average normal year. All I know is two years in a row without hybrids will hurt in two lakes up here. You guys stocked great numbers in Waurika the last two years, which is in a drought and at 44% capacity. Not to mention they're within reasonable driving distance of the greatest striper quanity lake in the nation. None for Sooner, Kaw, Ponca City and Birch---- this year stinks up here. I can go to Sooner, at least 34k were dropped in there last year. Of course these classes matter 2-4 years down the road and a lot of good things can happen between now and then. I like what Tony is saying about thinking outside the box and updating, restructuring and/or building new facilities or whatever is necessary, to improve an awesome sportfish's availability. I have looked at what the state of Kansas stocks consistently in munciple lakes and haven't seen the crash in their program, not saying I know a lot about it, or have time to do so, but the numbers don't lie. Of course they are responsible for the infamous white perch introduction, so no, I don't assume them to be without flaw. It's pretty obvious we are blessed with many acres of open reserviors with shad filled water that fits well with the hybrid nitch. We have tons of potential for growing the fisherman and fisherwomen population with Morones. Texoma is a good model in terms of you build it and they will come. Maybe we need a hybrid license stamp. Again ODWC, don't be defensive, but please don't skip us again and hopefully a long term solution is in the works.
Posted on Friday Jul 12, 2013 at 11:59 AM  
Is Sooner not full of hybrid? I haven't looked at the sampling surveys from that lake. It seems like every fishing report I read from up there indicates there are plenty to be had at that lake. I don't target morones, so I don't really have a dog in this hunt. I love it when I do randomly catch one because the fight is fantastic. I like your idea of a hybrid stamp if it would increase opportunity for people that target those species. Like Tony has mentioned they seem to do very well in our sterile Okie lakes. Can we also get a Coosa Spotted Bass Stamp? Ha! Ha! I would love to see those fish in our Okie lakes. I am sure other Green Perch chasers would agree. I am not a biologist, but it seems that our lakes have no trouble supporting spots, so let's get the ones that grow big here in Okie land!! :)
Posted on Friday Jul 12, 2013 at 11:20 PM  
Yea from what's posted on here, and a great evening we had down there after Christmas throwing crankbaits, appears no hybrid shortage in Sooner and looks to me like the hybrids are bigger and some good mid-sized stripers too. Can't keep more than 5 over 20", thats a sorta new regulation. I think that helps, too. Ponca lake is for me about like Boomer is for you guys in Stillwater. Nice for short trips if thats all the time you got and going elsewhere is not an option. I got a teenager that likes to fish too and I can see these days won't last forever. When they first started hybrids in Kaw I was thinking of him, he was a pup then. Yea hybrid stamp or hybrid/striper stamp, worth looking at. If that helps stock more fish, why not? I'm with you, I used to throw my .02 cents at Bill and ask him to get us some Alabama (Coosa) spots and get the tribes to help fund a nursery pond up one of the creeks or drainages. Kaw has good rocky spotted bass areas and no shortage of forage. Heck the tribes, cities and county have worked together to put in roads and bridges, why not a kaw nursery pond. Understand there's a nursery pond at Skiatook and we should know who to pat on the back for that, great job. I am very appreciatative of what Bill, Tom, KUK and the rest of the hard working folks have done, they need help up the ladder IMO. Just wish we could enhance some resources, maybe get T Boone involved with some $ and ideas or get some fisherman excited and that might be enough if the movers and shakers were awoken. Innovation is rarely a bad thing and thinking outside the box is what keeps the business leading companies in the world, in business. The way I see it ODWC is a business funded by outdoors generated funds(licenses and mathcing federal taxes for projects) with fish and game opportunities their product. I'm not happy about ODWC missing two years hybrid stocking at Lake Ponca---- no product hitting the shelf. :(
Posted on Saturday Jul 13, 2013 at 12:44 PM  
I don't see how anyone can really complain about the hybrid program. Those lakes ares stuffed full to the gills. We see pics of guides boats with limits constantly. Very generous limits. So ODWC had an off season! Chase bass, cats or sandbass. We're very lucky on the hybrid stockings. Turn more of them loose.
Posted on Saturday Jul 13, 2013 at 2:11 PM  
Yea about like arguing how deep the pie is. Skipping the closest lakes two consecutive years around here affects a lot more folks than me and my son. The boatless folks/bank fishermen below Kaw for example. By the way, that summer zara spook on ponds at daylight pattern still works for largemouth. Son caught a 22" fish Thursday and a 5 lber this morning. Will be a great time to hit some ponds with this cool snap, and spooks the lure from our experience. OWDC needs some hybrid visionaries in management with all the open water we have and hatchery enhancement. Lots of untapped fishing potential there.
Posted on Saturday Jul 13, 2013 at 2:32 PM  
I've heard a number of good bass being caught on topwater this past week.
Posted on Tuesday Jul 16, 2013 at 2:42 PM  
T-Boone's contributions have been going towards improving scholarships and increasing prize money at the Forrest Wood Cup. He is obviously interested in the fishing community. http://www.flwoutdoors.com/bassfishing/flw/tournament/2010/6362/forrest-wood-cup-pre-tournament/151421/t-boone-pickens-becomes-partner-in-flw-outdoors/
Posted on Wednesday Jul 17, 2013 at 12:01 AM  
Here it is for a quick read: Chairman of BP Capital Management brings ‘excitement, incredible business acumen’ to FLW Outdoors MINNEAPOLIS – FLW Outdoors announced T. Boone Pickens has become an equity holder and partner in the FLW Outdoors. Irwin L. Jacobs, Chairman of FLW Outdoors, stated, “Boone and I have been friends and business associates for more than 25 years. We recently were discussing what we could do together to create a significant positive impact on the incredible outdoor resources our country has to offer. As we discussed my involvement with FLW Outdoors, Boone didn’t hesitate to recognize that fishing and the outdoors clearly represent the largest opportunity for all walks of life to enjoy one of nature’s best and most important wonders – the outdoors. Boone’s love and passion for the outdoors, along with his incredible business acumen, will surely bring a great deal of excitement and growth to FLW Outdoors and to the many constituencies we serve.” “I’m supporting Irwin in this initiative because it presents a unique opportunity to develop an appreciation and respect for the outdoors in a new and unique manner. I think it has a great future,” Pickens said. FLW Outdoors Chairman Irwin Jacobs (right) officially announces that T. Boone Pickens will be joining FLW Outdoors as an equity partner.“I feel privileged and honored to be a part of this as fishing, hunting and the outdoors have been an important part of my life. With partners like the National Guard and Walmart, plus many more great American companies and organizations supporting this common goal, I want and hope to see more young people and their families participating and enjoying the outdoors,” Pickens said. FLW Outdoors is committed to having a positive impact on every community we visit in and promoting the development and well-being of children and families. Fishing goes beyond the water, and through our socially responsible activities, FLW Outdoors understand the positive impact giving back has on the public, our fans and communities. Jacobs continued, “I don’t believe there is a more committed and/or stronger advocate for promoting America’s incredible natural resources than Boone Pickens. He truly is one of America’s greatest citizens and everyone at FLW Outdoors is humbled and proud to have him on board as a partner and confidante.” .
Posted on Wednesday Jul 17, 2013 at 11:31 AM  
Personally I feel ODWC does a great job with managing hybrids, if you look at the difference in Skiatook from 5 years ago the average fish is 3x as big and the hardest part of limiting out is catching fish under 20". That is a very positive "problem" if you will. Kuk we appreciate your responses and I don't feel you should have to defend the processes of others in the government or answer for them either, if anyone has a problem with the numbers call your political representatives and complain to them since their the ones that in the end decide where the funds go, If anyone else decides to try to instigate a fight on this I will start suspending accounts. P.S. Can we get some redfish in sooner already? lol
Resident forum pirate... YARRR
Posted on Wednesday Jul 17, 2013 at 11:59 AM  
Speaking of Sooner....What are the Sooner fans going to think if T-Boone does start donating to ODWC? Would ODWC staff have to start wearing orange to to work... :) Ha! Ha! Just trying to keep it light. Don't suspend me D!!!
Posted on Wednesday Jul 17, 2013 at 1:27 PM  
it's cool man, I just dont think he needs to have to defend processes that aren't under his control anyway. I went a little to far with that but my beliefs remain the same on it, defamation of someone on a public forum doesn't need to occur.
Resident forum pirate... YARRR
Posted on Wednesday Jul 17, 2013 at 1:51 PM  
I agree. I don't like getting my chopps busted about how I do my job either. I don't think anyone does.
Posted on Wednesday Jul 17, 2013 at 2:46 PM  
I guess I missed the defamation and the personal attacks. I have seen equal tit for tat between adult men having a discussion. If one does not have skin thick enough to handle that, well maybe they should rethink their participation. To my knowledge there has been no forced participation. But with the state of current affairs, I guess anything is possible. Just my opinion, and no worse or less stinky than any other.
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