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Solo Fishing Trip
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Posted on Thursday Jan 1, 2015 at 12:44 PM  
In March(2015) my significant other is cruising the Bahamas and Virgins. As a retired sailor, I've seen enough of seas,ships, and tropical isles. I head to the high lonesome for solitude and trout. This year finds me somewhat disabled. I'm going to McAlister Ammunition depot, rent a bass boat and fish McGee or something similar. Then I'm going trade the boat for a travel trailer and head to the Blue or Beavers Bend to fish for trout. I want to go to the northeast region and fish, basically north of Poteau. Need some places to visit and fish that I can walk the bank for trout or bass safely. Still looking for scenery,greenery,and solitude for reflection. Thanks

Posted on Friday Jan 2, 2015 at 8:17 AM  
Donavon, I like the fishing vacation plans you have laid out for yourself.  McGee Creek bass is a good start.  For the trout/bass fishing from the bank after you leave the boat, I would suggest some time at Blue River or Beavers Bend.  Both areas have pretty good/safe bank access and provide some quality fishing from those access areas.  If you are looking to go further north and want some trout/bass bank angling, I would suggest the Lower Illinois River below Lake Tenkiller.  This trout stream has good access in the basin directly below the dam, and continuing downstream to Marval Trout Camp and beyond.  In addition to the trout you have a pretty good chance of hooking up with bass, stripers, and other species as well.  It might be worth a phone call to our Porter ODWC office to get some current fishing info from the guys who are on the ground in that area: 918-683-1031.  The staff at this office might also interest you in some other angling opportunities in that area that I am not familiar with.

Thank you for your service as a sailor, and I hope you are able to really enjoy our angling in retirement.
Posted on Monday Jan 5, 2015 at 1:05 PM  
Great info Kurt. I know a couple of spots on the Blue north of Tishomingo, but what about over toward Milburn, do the trout find their way toward the delta area so to speak? I will visit the Illinois River area, I like the sound of the fish camp there. I always enjoy Oklahoma fishing, my sister lives at Alberta Creek on Texhoma. So with my brother in law we've fished about everywhere south from Quartz to Broken Bow and a few in western Ok. I take the kids to Waurika for the sand bass. Lots of action 
for them, and the greatest volume of people there are family oriented. I am so ready to get there.