Threadfin Stockings
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Posted on Saturday May 31, 2014 at 3:57 PM  

Has the ODWC increased it's threadfin shad stocking this year due to the harsh winter?  I know you have to deal with the concern of invasive species and all I'm just curious what can be done.  The threadfin population was doing very well in Texoma and now is almost nonexistent.  I heard that Ok an Tx both stocked some threadfins in Texoma.
Posted on Monday Jun 2, 2014 at 8:49 AM  
After going through a very cold winter with several prolonged periods of low temps (5-10 day cold snaps), ODWC managers know we will have some threadfin shad kill issues.  With Texoma being such an important fishery, we do go to other lakes and attempt to collect threadfins to stock into Texoma to help the threadfin shad recover.  Even in cold winters the threadfin population at Texoma will not be completely killed off...there are always some shad that manage to find warm enough water to survive.  But we add stockings of threadfin shad from a lake like Konawa (where we know they survive even in cold winters because of the warm water from the power plant) to jump-start shad spawning in Texoma and try to recover the forage base more quickly.

So yes, our ODWC regional management crew at Texoma did collect threadfin shad from Konawa and stock them into Texoma this year.  We do everything in our power to limit and reduce the chances of transferring unwanted species (zebra mussels, exotic fishes, etc.) during these stocking events.