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Posted on Thursday May 12, 2011 at 8:39 PM  
It kinda started yesterday when my brother was going to fly from St. louis to DFW to help me pull my 5th wheel back home today, go fishng tmr and back home on Saturday. The storms in Dallas canceled 3 flights from St Louis to DFW so he couldn't make it. Everything was still back up this morning. So I came on with out him. No problems from Fort Worth to Owasso. I have had a new truck on order for 3 months and it came in, so I need to go it tmr. No 5th wheel hitch in it so I needed to put the trailer where I want it for awhile. So as I am turning pretty tight to turn around, I hear a loud pop. I look around and don't see anything wrong. So I continue to turn. Then it pops and bang, my back window schatters. So now I have a truck with no back window that Im trading in tmr with a price already set. Called the dealer and they said they would fix it, no problem. So I go to car wash to clean the truck alittle bit, The car wash hose explodes and guess where the water is going, right where my back window should be. Me and the back seat get wet. I take off my glasses to continue with what I could. get finished get in truck and set on my glasses and break them in half. Could of been alot worse day. The not really is, I'm home, have a new job, pay raise, and a new truck. A very good week. Just a not so good afternoon.
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Posted on Thursday May 12, 2011 at 8:56 PM  
Enjoy the new ram, I love my 2011 2500 4x4 esspecially with the new ECM update they just did on it, I'm back to getting 17 on the hwy and 12 in town
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