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Well, Tony ain't the only one.....
Got rear-ended today....
by AllenOK over 50 months ago
Just glad you weren't hurt!
by highwater sooner over 50 months ago

Washed my wallet, baptised my phone ,forgot my liscense all in 24 hours
by Cash460 over 64 months ago
Oh man, what a day!  At least you made it home in one piece.  Should be better next time.
by falcon over 64 months ago

What went wrong
by highwater sooner over 64 months ago
Thanks for making me feel a little better about my "troubles"...  It's easy to get frustrated when we're not able to do what we ...
by BassSER over 64 months ago

Snow Blower
Slow start Good Finnish
by chiefangler over 68 months ago
Those puppies are pretty smart!  All three of mine won't go out unless I go with them.  I like the cold and snow so it's not so ba ...
by Fish Whisperer over 68 months ago

Bad start good finish
by Dave Clark over 82 months ago
Our optimax was cutting out just after t
by StriperEd over 82 months ago

Campsite Follies
by bigjon over 87 months ago
by CalOkie over 87 months ago

by bigjon over 95 months ago
Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with Dawn dish w
by Lurker over 95 months ago

Ripped Off
by wildbill4fun over 98 months ago
Sure hate to hear about your loss. Nothi
by falcon over 98 months ago

Laid off today
by Clyde over 99 months ago
I hope you've been studying for that dru
by BassSER over 99 months ago

Lost a good friend.
by mattwheaton over 100 months ago
Sorry Matt, First day is the toughest
by fishdude over 100 months ago

Not really
by Dave Clark over 100 months ago
Enjoy the new ram, I love my 2011 2500 4
by dgeddings over 100 months ago

Another witness gone...
by Ol Slick over 104 months ago
Sorry for your loss.
by michael over 104 months ago

by Ol Slick over 104 months ago
Sounds like he left a lot of loved ones.
by Dave Clark over 104 months ago

My little buddy Beavis
by Clyde over 105 months ago
I hate to hear about pets that are suffe
by BassSER over 105 months ago

I've been both the bug and the windshield....
by AllenOK over 106 months ago
My kids weren't allowed to play in the v
by Ol Slick over 105 months ago

Ouch !
by bigjon over 107 months ago
I recently broke a BPS Carbonlite ($80
by Bionic02 over 107 months ago

I finally caught a Human Arm
by Tooperfect over 107 months ago
[:D][:D][:D][:D]I wasn't expecting that.
by StriperJunkie over 107 months ago

Atheists have erected a billboard
by ones-and-zeros over 108 months ago
I know God is going to have some questio
by Goober over 108 months ago

More bad news for mom
by Clyde over 111 months ago
Ditto the comments, glad to hear she is
by Vlaude over 109 months ago

by Clyde over 110 months ago
I've got a new 22" toro self pace Recycl
by dgeddings over 109 months ago

Bad Days are Scriptural
by n/a over 110 months ago
Being as that it's your page RW, I'd say
by StriperJunkie over 110 months ago

Fire in the wall
by biglugie over 110 months ago
What happened Lugie is you started a fir
by StriperJunkie over 110 months ago

Computer virus never had one
by Tooperfect over 111 months ago
I am virus free Hoooray for today tks fo
by Tooperfect over 110 months ago

Cough ...
by WormN over 113 months ago
Never been Goob, but I wouldn't complain
by StriperJunkie over 110 months ago

And now the fun begins
by upDUHcreek over 113 months ago
Crazy computers. My puter wouldn't start
by upDUHcreek over 113 months ago

Expanded metal fell out of truck 4'x8'
by bassfisher74133 over 113 months ago
That's a pretty bunk day bassfisher. I
by StriperJunkie over 113 months ago

New boat - cold water - hard ground.
by STLBLUES over 113 months ago
I haven't forgotten my plug in at least
by BassSER over 113 months ago

gotta vent about the CAT
by Bafisherman over 114 months ago
Next time take the stuff out of bag when
by blufloyd over 114 months ago

When all else fails read the directions
by bigjon over 114 months ago
After it dries up a bit I recommend goin
by StriperJunkie over 114 months ago

Bad day on the River
by FlyFishinOK over 114 months ago
If you haven't already give Steve a call
by n/a over 114 months ago

aaahhh it just gets better
by drumman123 over 114 months ago
I would have never made it this far if I
by drumman123 over 114 months ago

Do Bad Things Come in Three's?
by bigjon over 115 months ago
I don't mean to sound like a whiner and
by bigjon over 115 months ago

Worst news I've ever received.... :(
by Clyde over 115 months ago
Clyde lost my dad last year I really don
by endlessriver over 115 months ago

Nothin's Ever Easy
by bigjon over 115 months ago
Life was so much more simple when we all
by Ol Slick over 115 months ago

Another bad day...but nothing serious
by Clyde over 115 months ago
I know Shawn, I got a 6 month temp tag a
by dgeddings over 115 months ago

And you thought your job was bad
by Senkoboy over 115 months ago
It really sucks to be the marijuana. OOO
by StriperJunkie over 115 months ago

What a day
by n/a over 116 months ago
Ain't never been stopped twice in one da
by n/a over 116 months ago

sick of bad parents
by dgeddings over 118 months ago
Now my buddy, Jimmy, his trailer's cool,
by Ol Slick over 117 months ago

Elephant vs. Car
by Senkoboy over 118 months ago
I heard the call come in on the scanner,
by Senkoboy over 118 months ago

We've all done it...........
by over 121 months ago
And then there's the fool that ran his r
by Ol Slick over 118 months ago

bad day well bad month
by drumman123 over 118 months ago
oh yes I took everything in my room exce
by drumman123 over 118 months ago

Mowing woes
by AllenOK over 121 months ago
That mower looks like a Yazoo. Anybody
by falcon over 121 months ago

My turn for the bad day thing.
by StriperJunkie over 121 months ago
Yup but I wasn't in the mood for sight s
by StriperJunkie over 121 months ago

Well I get to join the bad day club
by Tony_Hughes over 123 months ago
When Birds flies into my truck and start
by Roger over 122 months ago

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men....
by AllenOK over 122 months ago
The only period in life that should give
by StriperJunkie over 122 months ago

One of Those Days
by bigjon over 122 months ago
Thanks Slick. Yeah, It's still there.
by bigjon over 122 months ago

Not a bad day, a bad WEEK
by Dave Clark over 124 months ago
Well, had to fire a guy and had trouble
by Vlaude over 123 months ago

toocool classified add
by n/a over 123 months ago
OMG Danny you need a trip on the water a
by quickset over 123 months ago

by Senkoboy over 123 months ago
Like BassSer said...just wait...it's gon
by falcon over 123 months ago

Good place for Vlaude to post.....
by Danny.Williams over 127 months ago
You can tell that Vlaude works way too c
by BassSER over 124 months ago

Grass Mowin blues
by n/a over 125 months ago
A true electric fence story -- me and my
by n/a over 124 months ago

Any you jailbirds ever have this happen?
by Danny.Williams over 127 months ago
Not nearly as fun as Goober's story.
by Danny.Williams over 124 months ago

Sat the hook!
by BassSER over 125 months ago
Just now read this, wow! Ouch, ohh, ah,
by michael over 125 months ago

by dgeddings over 125 months ago
Those floating markers are also handy to
by Ol Slick over 125 months ago

Flying Tent
by FlyFishinOK over 125 months ago
That didn't happen to me last week, but
by Dave Clark over 125 months ago

So, saturday night I go out........
by Gonefishin78 over 127 months ago
I'm not right on the lake, I'm about a q
by Ol Slick over 127 months ago

by Turtle over 127 months ago
Well, looks like I ran over a nail or so
by Turtle over 127 months ago

Not sure where to put this
by Dave Clark over 127 months ago
Danny that was good I am heading back
by molefeeder over 127 months ago

by AllenOK over 115 months ago
Took the van in to a shop today. Though
by AllenOK over 1456 months ago

gas in the bilge
by n/a over 125 months ago
put the boat in the water yester day at
by n/a over 1456 months ago

Had a bad day?
by falcon over 127 months ago
I've read some interesting stories about
by falcon over 1456 months ago

SJ insert your fishing reports here.....
by mp24 over 125 months ago
by mp24 over 1456 months ago

couldn't resist
by Ol Slick over 127 months ago
Well, my dog died yesterday, and left me
by Ol Slick over 1456 months ago

I will get even!!!
by Ripinlips over 124 months ago
Started off Fishing Skiatook on Saturday
by Ripinlips over 1456 months ago

T. Boone invests in bass fishing
by egodfrey over 109 months ago
by egodfrey over 1456 months ago
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