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SoonerFest 2015 Sign-Up
by Hawker 54 days ago
Gotcha down Paul!    The list is growing "slowly", but it is growing so that's a good thing!!!  Should be a great time with some ...
by Hawker 9 hours ago

SoonerFest Deadline Getting Close
by Hawker 8 days ago
Hey Notebooker's!  March 8th at midnight is the deadline for getting your name on the list to get in, and it's coming up FAST!!  U ...
by Hawker 8 days ago

Free Shipping at Cabelas and Bass Pro
by falcon 89 days ago
by falcon 89 days ago

Fishing Notebook Store
by falcon over 5 months ago
Welcome Bass Pro and Cabelas to the Fishing Notebook Many of us buy fishing and hunting supplies online. Why not help support the ...
by falcon over 5 months ago

Fix Skiatook
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday
Yep, well that is a different Rogers then.  I attended Northeastern as well, met the wife there. She is originally from Broken A ...
by Briars 2 hours ago

Boat Windshield
Where to have one made
by Dave Clark 2 days ago
Dave you might call Plastic Supply and Fabricating in Tulsa. Don't know if they can help but I know they make bait tanks. They hav ...
by chiefangler 22 hours ago

I thought you put the Anchor Down
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday
Yep Slick, I saw that once on Granbury Lake in Texas, clamshell gates were open during a flood, couple of guys lost motor on upstr ...
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday

Skiatook Lake Announcement
Boat Ramps Closong
by Jstfish Yesterday
On Thursday Feb 26, 2015 at 3:44 PM Jstfish said ... Low lake levels are the result of drought conditions and below normal inflo ...
by Fish Whisperer Yesterday

Advice for onboard chargers
by highwater sooner 19 days ago
Crap wish I lived in Enid. Boss gave me a $100 Bass Pro card so looks like I'll be buying there.
by highwater sooner 2 days ago

Question for Hawker Steve
by Ol Slick 3 days ago
I've owned 4 abu rods and they all broke with the slightest use ... bend them over too far and they snap because the ones I had we ...
by tiny 3 days ago

Lowrance Sonic Hub
by butchc 4 days ago
The SonicHubs are pretty awesome and fairly easy to set up.  Gives you the ability to add music to the boat and less hassle, more ...
by rottie 4 days ago

Sooner Lake Topo Map Prior to Dam
Sooner Lake Topo
by Walleye Dan 9 days ago
Here is the Sooner map on the Wiki.  It's not a topo but a good start.
by falcon 4 days ago

That 5pm Friday feeling
by TallManDan 39 days ago
Great pic TallDan
by skyboat 5 days ago

Ark city sand bass question for Tony
I remember you fished there in past.
by 8LB 9 days ago
Thanks for responses, they wanted to fish March 7, I thought that a little early, specially with this cold weather were having but ...
by 8LB 8 days ago

Advise needed getting smoke odor out of a car
by Tony_Hughes 10 days ago
A couple of dozen dryer sheets stuck under the seats will pull the smoke smell out in about 24 hours
by CHEVYDUDE 9 days ago

Home made bait tank
Copy of TMD's design
by Blaine 13 days ago
The main thing to look for on the trash can lid is the edge. After its diameter gets cut to fit, it needs to seal against the bott ...
by TallManDan 12 days ago

Hey Falcon
by highwater sooner 17 days ago
OK, I'll get it fixed. Thank you.
by falcon 14 days ago

Advice on Lowrance
by Dave_Naasz 20 days ago
On Tuesday Feb 10, 2015 at 5:07 PM Dave_Naasz said ... The only thing I'm a little disappointed with is as much as this unit cost ...
by TallManDan 16 days ago

Sonar Question
Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch vsGarmin echomap 70dv, GCV 10 with Chirp
by Sparky 18 days ago
The Garmin unit does not include a transducer capable of CHRIP.  That cheapest Chirp transducer they have is the TM150M at $400.00 ...
by rottie 16 days ago

St. Petersberg, Fl in mid March
Where to fish
by OkieBasser 23 days ago
Snook season opens MArch 1st - hit all the causeways at nite AFTER to crowd goes away on a hard incoming or outgoing tide - use bi ...
by Tony_Hughes 16 days ago

by Smitty81rc 24 days ago
Thanks E-mailing now.
by Smitty81rc 19 days ago

Weekend fishing?
beautiful weather
by Zac Goode 22 days ago
With this pretty weather we've had, I'm sure someone went.  I worked on deer lease all weekend. Cutting and trimming trees while s ...
by falcon 19 days ago

Advice on deep water Shad
by Dave_Naasz 23 days ago
I found two nets on the closeout link at and got a 7 ft tape and 8 ft tape net for $120 ... the commercial nets are t ...
by tiny 19 days ago

New Legislation Could Fix Renewable Fuel Standards
by butchc 21 days ago
Article on fixing renewable standard ...
by butchc 21 days ago

Gotta Say Thanks!
by Hawker 28 days ago
Thanks so much Cbeam!  Have had it since early July and it's been needing the window dressing, , , , ,  finally got'er done!   Jus ...
by Hawker 24 days ago

best place for batteries and trolling motor input for terrova ipilot
by cj 26 days ago
I bought a couple batteries from sams last year and never had a problem with them lasting all day.  I would also like to hear th ...
by JT 25 days ago

school visit
the grandkid is out of control...again.
by Ol Slick 33 days ago
My brother ain't that cute.
by Ol Slick 26 days ago

Several people have asked me about reg changes for Saugeye
by Tony_Hughes 31 days ago
Tony . . . I don't know the difference, other than knowing what's in a certain lake. I haven't caught enough of the different vari ...
by Danny.Williams 29 days ago

Finding Winter Shad
by Tony_Hughes 30 days ago
I had been going out early evening during the cold months since 1/2013 just as it was getting dark, now since my work schedule doe ...
by StriperEd 29 days ago

New Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor
Auto-Deploy & Auto-Stow
by TallManDan 32 days ago
On Thursday Jan 29, 2015 at 10:43 AM Danny.Williams said ... I had one I couldn't shake off the trailer, and I was up to my door ...
by TallManDan 30 days ago

New Home Shad Tank
New 200-gal home tank
by Tyler.Williams 32 days ago
Its currently filled to 145-ish gal.  It kinda hard to tell scale in the pics.  They came in a lot bigger than anticipated.
by Tyler.Williams 32 days ago

I think we're gonna have some fun...
nosey neighbor
by Ol Slick 39 days ago
No metal detector. Could use one for sure, there's a couple of places close to the poor farm where once a structure stood. I looke ...
by Ol Slick 32 days ago

What does the FOX say???
by Fish Whisperer 35 days ago
Ok.  Bag it and toss it in the freezer.
by AllenOK 33 days ago

Trolling motor advice
by highwater sooner 34 days ago
I will "spot lock" with an anchor and out fish you all  K.I.S.S.
by Tony_Hughes 33 days ago

NEW and Exclusive For Hawker's Guide Service
by Hawker 33 days ago
NEW!! A Hawker's Guide Service Exclusive Refer a Friend, Get Cash Back!! Beginning Feb 1, 2015 Hawker's Guide Service is offe ...
by Hawker 33 days ago

Mr. Tony
by Kansas Basser 37 days ago
Send me a E-Mail, Kansas Basser
by Kansas Basser 37 days ago

What fishing gloves do you recommend?
I wanna handle shad, bait hooks, & operate fish finder in warmth and comfort :-)
by TallManDan 47 days ago
On Tuesday Jan 20, 2015 at 9:55 AM fishdude said ... when the gloves get wet on the outside ....  It is just the coolness of evap ...
by TallManDan 39 days ago

What's in a Name?
Personal/Perfessional T-shirt
by R.W. 40 days ago
Dang copycatter.
by Fish Whisperer 39 days ago

Is Boomer frozen?
by sprinter 44 days ago
Thanks for the info Hawker. Keystone is just a little too far out of my way. Cody
by sprinter 43 days ago

Army Vet in OKC Needs assistance
Unable to work
by R.W. 47 days ago
I am posting this for a friend from work.  I do not personally know the veteran, (Robert "Shawn" Standifer) but my co-worker is hi ...
by R.W. 47 days ago

Ft. Smith Hunting and Tackle Show
Jan. 16 thru the 18
by Jstfish 47 days ago
Follow the link to find out just some of the folks that will be providing seminars and information at the Ft. Smith Hunting and Ta ...
by Jstfish 47 days ago

Chiefangler's Great-nieces
New Puppy
by Fish Whisperer 49 days ago
Heartwarming. Thanks...
by TallManDan 47 days ago

The Cone of Shame!
by Fish Whisperer 50 days ago
I've lived in the country among the critters for many years, had a dog or two around for most of those years, always had the shots ...
by Ol Slick 48 days ago

Need lots of Barbecue sauce
by Tony_Hughes 51 days ago
I think anyone of these suggestions is worth doing! ?
by Pops 50 days ago

Carl Blackwell ???
by Zac Goode 54 days ago
Thanks for the response:)
by Zac Goode 50 days ago

50 gal Bait Tank from 55 gal plastic drum
TallManDan's latest workshop creation
by TallManDan 52 days ago
Nice job Dan.
by Dave_Naasz 51 days ago

Lowrance Gen III
by rottie 73 days ago
Looking at those two answers, looks like they will be shipping between now and then.
by Dave Clark 52 days ago

Trouble posting
Reply Icons
by chiefangler 58 days ago
I apologize for any issues.  We're constantly updating code and sometimes there are side effects.  I hope everything is working we ...
by falcon 53 days ago

by R.W. 58 days ago
I found some in Norman. Blacksmith Supply place, $14.00 for a 50# bag. Wish me luck, I am about to set this rig up.
by R.W. 54 days ago

Cabelas Oklahoma City
by butchc 55 days ago
while visiting our son in Oklahoma City today noticed that they've started construction on a new Cabelas, location is just off of ...
by butchc 55 days ago

Kayak fishing video
right here in the sooner state
by Madwall88 58 days ago
Link don't work on my end... Never mind, I used too much "link"... Brent, I am interested in your kayak tourneys this year. Ca ...
by R.W. 55 days ago

Any kayakers still on here?
Might be in the market for a starter this next year
by R.W. 64 days ago
Sorry, I've had computer/internet issues the past couple of weeks, not to mention a custom jig order to tie up for a friend in NC. ...
by AllenOK 56 days ago

Can We Help??
by Hawker 57 days ago
Glad you could make it. Some of my kin and neighbors think I should get in the bar-b-que business, those that have had some of my ...
by Ol Slick 56 days ago

Lower Illinois Fishing
Striper fishing in the lower Illinois
by Cook 61 days ago
I used to fish it a couple times a year, but only during the summer. Haven't been down there in several years. Folks used to fish ...
by Ol Slick 57 days ago

Bob Stoops going to Atlanta Falcons
by Tony_Hughes 61 days ago
I gave up on the Sooners' season when they got smashed by Baylor... Anyone who expected them to do well in their bowl game must ...
by BassSER 57 days ago

Happy New Year
by OKWillie 59 days ago
On Wednesday Dec 31, 2014 at 8:35 PM OKWillie said ... Wish everyone a safe and happy New Year ......what he said, AND right bac ...
by Fish Whisperer 58 days ago

Hawker's Guide Service 2015
by Hawker 59 days ago
First, I want to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to everyone who utilized my services in 2014! 2014 was a good year, and while it ha ...
by Hawker 59 days ago

2014 Stocking Report?
by Tony_Hughes 62 days ago
Got an e-mail from ODWC today which says the report will be online after the first of the year -
by Tony_Hughes 61 days ago

Sardis question
by badfish77 61 days ago
I went with  friend once about a mile walk in from Savage road, we were about five miles above the lake, and we did real good - in ...
by Tony_Hughes 61 days ago

Excerpt from ODWC Sooner Lake management plan 2008
by Tony_Hughes 61 days ago
Lets see - Gene has now gone on to a better paying job with B.A.S.S. where he can more efficiently lobby ODWC and get more of the ...
by Tony_Hughes 61 days ago

2015 Guide prices
No Roll Back
by Dave Clark 62 days ago
In 2012 when diesel prices where 4.00$ a gal it was real temping to raise prices. Larry Wine(of Hook Line and Sinker) and I discus ...
by Dave Clark 62 days ago

Winter FishFest March 14th, 2015
by Hawker over 4 months ago
All those exotic foods, and the tall man is looking forward to more of my beans. What can I say? The tall man has spoken. Sounds l ...
by Ol Slick 62 days ago

In the spring or fall 2000+ years ago
by Tony_Hughes 66 days ago
Amen, Can you even imagine what it was like for the "shepherds in their fields"? Oh, What a Holy Night... Thanks for the testim ...
by R.W. 64 days ago

ODWC Survey / Rule Changes
by Senkoboy 68 days ago
I think part of the rule is to keep folks from keeping undersized fish. You can't measure a fish with no tail.
by Danny.Williams 64 days ago

Fishing Trip Price Rollback
by okiefishman 64 days ago
In 2012 I made the tough decision to raise prices due to the cost of fuel. I’m glad to announce as of today I’m rescinding that in ...
by okiefishman 64 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show on Fishing Line Tips
Fishing lIne types and their advantages and disadvantages
by Jstfish 65 days ago
Listen to my latest show as we discuss fishing line types and their different applications ...
by Jstfish 65 days ago

Merry Christmas
by OKWillie 66 days ago
Merry Christmas to you too Willie. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Notebookers.
by okiefishman 65 days ago

Don't go to Church?
by Tony_Hughes 66 days ago
Can't say as I blame you - church pews are full of sick people, murderers, slanderers, liars, gossips, deviants, haters, cheaters, ...
by Tony_Hughes 66 days ago

Latest Update on Life
Checking in.
by Fishin 68 days ago
God will use you brother - your testimony and ministry through this trial will help heal broken people - God refines us through ou ...
by Tony_Hughes 66 days ago

Good Line Counter Reels?
Want to buy new or used...
by TallManDan 73 days ago
On Friday Dec 19, 2014 at 8:04 PM Blaine said ... ...Okuma Magda Pros for a long time with no troubles.  I'll sell them to you fo ...
by TallManDan 68 days ago

Anybody hear from Watkins lately?
by highwater sooner 71 days ago
He's a legally married man now. Tied down, chasing kids, going to plays! Seriously.....he's got a good one. He's busy posting ...
by Danny.Williams 68 days ago

Have you been spooled before?
Here's how to turn that big fish.
by willcfish 71 days ago
I lost about 50$ worth of braid on that fish and, the reel was never the same.
by Dave Clark 69 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors on Lake Sooner
Dave Clark and Dale York talk Sooner Lake
by Jstfish 71 days ago
by Jstfish 71 days ago

Our daughter, the author.
by Rock Creek Calls 77 days ago
I echo everyone's sentiments. I huge congratulations goes out to her.
by highwater sooner 72 days ago

Need a bullet proof vest!
by Pops 76 days ago
On Tuesday Dec 16, 2014 at 7:39 AM Ol Slick said ... A fella is apt to get shot at for messin' with somebody's woman though. A w ...
by Pops 74 days ago

Hey Tiny, got a question for you
Big blues, where are they?
by wali 81 days ago
On Thursday Dec 11, 2014 at 7:22 PM tiny said ... Find the fish then catch them ... don't fish to find them. I like that statemen ...
by TallManDan 78 days ago

by central ok catfish 81 days ago
I've got a 9.9 evinrude that I would sell for 500.00 - runs like a top, its a 1978 model and in good shape for age/new prop. I've ...
by Tony_Hughes 80 days ago

Sooner Tomorrow - Thursday
by Sparky 80 days ago
Was there yesterday.  Looked around on the cold water/main lake portion of the lake to begin with, and while we marked some good f ...
by Hawker 80 days ago

Sooner discharge advice
by 4c75 81 days ago
Thanks Chris, that's what I got the 15 year old for is to carry everything. I will do good to get my old ass back there. lol
by 4c75 80 days ago

Planning first trip to sooner
by Trackerman 84 days ago
No offense taken - You guys put em back  I saw a few leave last couple of weeks that would be trophy fish in anyone's book -- ...
by Tony_Hughes 81 days ago

OSBA Lake Ouachita Tournament pics
by TallManDan 82 days ago
A few pics of the tournament anglers and the lake.
by TallManDan 82 days ago

Has anyone heard from TMJ
Have not heard from him for way too long....
by StriperEd 83 days ago
Hope he is doing ok! Does anyone know?
by StriperEd 83 days ago

Dec 6, 2014... 700 lbs bluecat trip
by tiny 83 days ago
Good job bro!!  Good job!!!
by Hawker 83 days ago

OK, I'll Get it started
by R.W. 84 days ago
Now that's what a BEDLAM game should be...   No Blowouts, just fighting till the end.  Danny, it will be OK, just as long as y ...
by R.W. 84 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Christmas Gift Show
Join us as we throw out some Christmas gift ideas for that special fisherperson
by Jstfish 84 days ago
Need some ideas on Christmas gifts for that fisherperson on your list...catch this weeks show as Bryan (my Brother) and I throw ou ...
by Jstfish 84 days ago

Winter Project
Lookin for Coal
by R.W. over 3 months ago
" I'm thinking if we can ever get him motivated, that he'll make some nice stuff." Here's an interesting site for ya Slick. htt ...
by R.W. 84 days ago

Jamaica Fishing Questions
by firerook 86 days ago
Thanks Wayne! We are flying into Montego Bay and everywhere I have looked it says that is a pretty good port to fish out of. Have ...
by firerook 84 days ago

Scott Hand
by falcon 85 days ago
If you like country music or like to listen to young new entertainers, give this guy a good listen.  He's a down home guy trying t ...
by falcon 85 days ago

Lee winkler
by okiefishman 87 days ago
A sad story Steve. Thank you for sharing.
by falcon 85 days ago

Lowrance New Software Update for Gen2 Touch Units
Lowrance 3.5 Software Update Now Available
by Jstfish 86 days ago
Lowrance Just Released HDS Gen2 Touch Version 3.5 Software Update ...
by Jstfish 86 days ago

Let talk cast nets
by Kansas Basser 87 days ago
I love this webpage. So much experience & wisdom, openly shared. Thank you guys.
by TallManDan 87 days ago

Shad on Ft Gibson
when sonar thinks the shad are the lake bottom...
by TallManDan 88 days ago
Tony & Shawn, thanks for the advice. I'm learning...
by TallManDan 87 days ago

In-Fisherman Magazine Article
Winter Night Time fishing for Big Bass on Lake Fork
by Jstfish 87 days ago
In-Fisherman Article  Folks might want to pick one of these up and read the Winter Night Time fishing article....great article and ...
by Jstfish 87 days ago

Fishing Guide for disabled person
by Fishhooker over 3 months ago
All excellent choices above. But just in case you're closer to the southern part of the state. No problem here either. Plenty of w ...
by crosswinds 87 days ago

Berkley Trilene Sensation
by Cash460 89 days ago
On Tuesday Dec 2, 2014 at 7:39 AM Cash460 said ... Well that's good news. I thought it was weird but the lady called me after I'd ...
by Hawker 88 days ago

No shad at Mazie Landing
Water was 47F
by TallManDan over 3 months ago
Thanks Dave & Steve. I went to Dry Lake and found a billion quarter sized shad, but I could not find any magnum sized. I saw what ...
by TallManDan over 3 months ago

Castnet conditioning
by Beagler over 3 months ago
Fabric softener will make a "springy" net supple again - add frbric softener to hot water and immerse the net - will cast like new ...
by Tony_Hughes over 3 months ago

Black Friday special!!!!
by spoonbillz over 3 months ago
O that is so tempting.  I asked the boss if she wanted to try it, but she says staying on the water that long is difficult, and ...
by R.W. over 3 months ago

Been awhile since I've posted on here!
by spoonbillz over 3 months ago
Hi everyone! Been awhile since I've been on here! Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still guiding on Grand Lake and Ft. Gibson ...
by spoonbillz over 3 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving Notebookers
by butchc over 3 months ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Tight lines
by Dave_Naasz over 3 months ago
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