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2014 Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp August 9th Challenge
by Hawker 12 days ago
Hawker, I was always late to the weigh in and lunch as my kids and sponsor wanted to fish more than they wanted to go in and eat.. ...
by Ol Slick Yesterday

Lookin for outboard motor
by Tony_Hughes 24 hours ago
I almost hate to suggest this but you never know. I have seen some smoking deals on the US Gov. Liquidation site. A while back the ...
by Cash460 20 hours ago

Back to Louisiana - open seats
by Tony_Hughes 7 days ago
We would be in Grand Isle Louisiana - 12 hour drive from Stillwater - 10 from Tulsa - if you can't get offshore - hundreds of mile ...
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday

by Tony_Hughes Yesterday
John give me a shout -405-334-3954 - about gettin salty
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday

The New Ride
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday
Tony- That's a cool boat sir Hawker- Wow! Wow! Wow! Platinum no less
by Cash460 Yesterday

Video of my old '69 Camaro
by BassSER 3 days ago
I built that motor when I was 17 and still living at home. I bought it from a guy in Claremore out of a '72 station wagon. No bill ...
by BassSER Yesterday

Fort Myers/Naples Fishing Reccomendations
What to fish for? / Guide Reccomendations
by Tyler.Williams 2 days ago
I have been going to Florida for the last couple of years and recently my wife and I have taken a liking to the Naples/Sanibel Isl ...
by Tyler.Williams 2 days ago

My new project
by Cash460 41 days ago
Sorry guys. I have no idea why It did that. I tried to delete the picture but cant. I was able to delete it.
by Cash460 3 days ago

Anyone Fish'n?
by Vlaude 13 days ago
Yippee!  I'm back on the water!  Went to Pretty Water this morning.  Caught a couple Channel Cats.
by AllenOK 3 days ago

New shad tank "false" bottom working wonders
A benefit of OSBA membership
by TallManDan 4 days ago
I want to give a shout out to Jim Fangmeier, OSBA member from Bartlesville. Last year, Jim brought his boat to the June OSBA meeti ...
by TallManDan 3 days ago

Great Hybrid show with fellow Notebookers and Jstfish Outdoors
Steve Carroll, Dave Clark and Robin (Fish Whisperer) talk about Hybrid fishing
by Jstfish 7 days ago
On Friday Jul 18, 2014 at 5:13 PM TallManDan said ... I thought the show went really good. Informal but yet highly informative.   ...
by Tyler.Williams 3 days ago

Boy, this place just doesn't get any business like it used to!
by Kansas Basser 4 days ago
Fished Gibson all weekend.  Report in the fishing reports section. Fishing Report
by falcon 4 days ago

2014 Hybrid Striper Trip Raffle
by okiefishman 64 days ago
Hey Jason ole buddy ole pal.  Can I be your new friend?
by R.W. 4 days ago

HDS Gen2 and Xi-5 Linked
by okiefishman 8 days ago
The HDS and Trolling motor are available. The integration of the two should be available in Aug.- Sept. 2014 time frame.
by okiefishman 6 days ago

Lifes a beach
by Tony_Hughes 6 days ago
Man I hate going to saltwater fishing - it gets in yer blood - I am going back with two feet, some wading boots, and a box of arti ...
by Tony_Hughes 6 days ago

Seven Days Makes One Weak
by Tony_Hughes 10 days ago
Thanks, Tony.  It was fun to catch.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  Thanks for letting us tag along.
by Fun Fish 7 days ago

Gettin busy
by tiny 14 days ago
My friend was interested in some info on catfishing.  Yeah I like the simplicity.  I like this site too and the people, just a few ...
by Vlaude 9 days ago

July "Party Boat" Trip
by okiefishman 24 days ago
I filled out you Contact Form, see you Saturday.  Thanks
by OKWillie 9 days ago

Camp Cavett Pictures
by TMJ 10 days ago
Great pics Mitch!  Great event!
by Fish Whisperer 10 days ago

Tulsa to Stillwater 51?
by TMax27 10 days ago
Thanks 8lber! Wasn't sure, i've always taken 412 when going to football games, but Google said to take 51. Thanks again!
by TMax27 10 days ago

Why do you Fish
by Kansas Basser 11 days ago
by BassSER 10 days ago

Cash 460
by Ol Slick 14 days ago
Glad they made it, the PO clerk was a little worried about the package coming apart. If you need more give me a shout.
by Cash460 10 days ago

North side
by Kendall 13 days ago
Being in a boat you were not breaking any rule being where you were.  I would say it was an exception, hope he was just having a ...
by Pokinaround 12 days ago

New to keystone lake
by Cook 17 days ago
I have been there mornings and afternoons and have not seen any surface action.
by Dave Clark 13 days ago

Keystone - Walnut Creek to close
by Danny.Williams 13 days ago
but thats the only place I can catch a bass out there!
by Madwall88 13 days ago

Keystone Lake Lots
by striper30 17 days ago
See if these might have something you may want. I just did a google search for lake keystone oklahoma real estate and these came u ...
by tiny 13 days ago

River Fishing
by zhall 14 days ago
Seems like the actual fishing reports are way down this year.  Last year there were lots of reports from the low water dam and sou ...
by zhall 14 days ago

Camp Cavett at Texoma Needs Boat Captains July 10th & 12th
Volunteers Needed to Take Kids Fishing
by GeneG 33 days ago
MORE VOLUNTEER BOATERS STILL NEEDED!! Thank you to everyone that has signed up and/or is planning on helping out!  We have 200 ca ...
by Hawker 16 days ago

by Tony_Hughes 21 days ago
Have fun, be careful...cheeseburger in paradise.
by Ol Slick 17 days ago

by Ol Slick 18 days ago
Think shallow, fish deep...maybe the funk will lift. I'll try it.
by Ol Slick 17 days ago

daughter was a hero today
by Ol Slick 20 days ago
I used to have a few perch holes staked out when the kids were young. I'd get as much of my bass fishing in as possible before the ...
by Danny.Williams 19 days ago

by central ok catfish 23 days ago
I'll tell you right now, the trout fishing is TOUGH. A buddy and I are sitting in gore eating lunch with a total of 8 trout, 2 wer ...
by Micneador 19 days ago

Huge square blocks of concrete on Keystone Lake
by TallManDan 24 days ago
Got to be Keystonehenge!  They were left there by ancient space travelers.
by TMJ 20 days ago

by Cash460 20 days ago
I got your PM to work, and sent a reply....if that doesn't work, I'll give you a call. Thanks.
by Ol Slick 20 days ago

Tha bait ponds at work
by Cash460 21 days ago
Some folks put them in salt water to make them puke. That does seem to work, but I'm not sure it's necessary. Is the water where t ...
by Ol Slick 21 days ago

Keep Fishing Alive for our Grandkids
by Danny.Williams 21 days ago
Signed up thanks Danny for bringing it to our attention
by highwater sooner 21 days ago

Rod Repair Claremore Area
by BassSER 21 days ago
I know a guy that does a great job out west of Sapulpa, but haven't found anybody closer to Claremore. I asked this last year, b ...
by BassSER 21 days ago

Keystone question - what are the huge square concrete blocks?
by TallManDan 24 days ago
Here's a link to the thread when that question was asked a couple of years ago... Keystone Blocks
by BassSER 23 days ago

Who's going
by Dave Clark 51 days ago
We're leaving Tuesday October 7 and fishing Wed. Thur. Fri. Others may come down according to their schedules.
by okiefishman 23 days ago

June 28th Weekend FRENZY
by Hawker 46 days ago
Thanks again Hawker for the trip this past Saturday.  BTW I was able to get my phone working again.  Look forward to fishing with ...
by Chops 24 days ago

Anyone target channel cat
by FishStick 25 days ago
Took my neighbor, his son in law and grandson to thin out some more this morning - cleaned 60 channel cat and five hybrid - couple ...
by Tony_Hughes 24 days ago

Any good artist or tattoo artist on here?
by Clyde 29 days ago
I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  It's never easy to lose a loved one. I'll call my Mom today and tell her I love her!
by falcon 24 days ago

Fishing Notebook on the radio !
by falcon 26 days ago
Paul, I had a great time visiting with you and learning about Fishing Notebook, thank you for being a guest, and Paul,  you are ...
by Jstfish 25 days ago

Boat Value
by Dennis 27 days ago
And Boat Trader.
by okiefishman 27 days ago

snake bit.
by Ol Slick 27 days ago
One of the grandkids spent the night, Jake, he's pretty active, so when I noticed a snake crossing my drive I got the boy to go wi ...
by Ol Slick 27 days ago

keystone striper
by cobraman2002 28 days ago
anyone have a clue where a guy could catch some sandies on keystone right now.
by cobraman2002 28 days ago

prop work
by danceswithgars 31 days ago
thanks chief. called them up and they seem to be pretty nice folks, knowledgeable and honest
by danceswithgars 28 days ago

Help I'm Being Kidnap
by Kansas Basser 35 days ago
Yes Tony was going to say at Coffee Creek, But full up. catfish tournament this weekend, all of the room around fork has gone up t ...
by Kansas Basser 28 days ago

Lake Fork 2014
by Kansas Basser 28 days ago
I told Phyllis and David. We need to call Tony  ( with his hat full of Tricks ), he could help us. But I had a new phone, No numbe ...
by Kansas Basser 28 days ago

Took My Girlfriend fishing this morning
by Tony_Hughes 33 days ago
Yours.  I will give the CLR a try on mine soon.
by FishStick 30 days ago

Sooner Lake Boat Dock
Who to Contact
by Tyler.Williams 79 days ago
That is horrible news! I guess I will have to find a new way to celebrate, Cash. I really wish they would get on the ball with ...
by JWBROWN 30 days ago

Kaw Lake this weekend
by striper30 38 days ago
Nice.  Our largest a few weeks ago was 8.5 lbs.
by cbeam 30 days ago

Tough time keeping shad lately?
by TallManDan 38 days ago
On Thursday Jun 19, 2014 at 10:08 AM 8LB said ... Shameless plug...Home Health Warehouse sells canes, crutches, Wheel chairs, Oxy ...
by Fish Whisperer 31 days ago

Its about that time
by Tony_Hughes 66 days ago
by Fun Fish 31 days ago

Killing our outboards
by Tony_Hughes 34 days ago
Need a quick easy way to check for water, clear bowl or sensor. Never know when a station might overload your filter.
by StriperEd 34 days ago

Brown Recluse
by Ol Slick 47 days ago
Update from myself. Looking at my original post here I'd guess I got bit around the end of May, as I thought I had a tick bite for ...
by Ol Slick 35 days ago

Extinct Paddlefish
by Tony_Hughes 36 days ago
That's neat!
by Cash460 35 days ago

Squirrel Saga
by Tony_Hughes 36 days ago
Good work!!
by okiefishman 35 days ago

To catch a thief
by Tony_Hughes 38 days ago
Well Danny the card was workin when I bought two new tiger lite rods - the reel screwed up the deal and the shoes were too tight a ...
by Tony_Hughes 37 days ago

Asking for help
This is a weird and frustrating one
by AllenOK 38 days ago
General Motors Has a attachment package that includes the wrench.   19166248 ATTACHMENT KIT, LUGG CARR CR RL (INCLS CVRS, BRKTS, ...
by CHEVYDUDE 37 days ago

Striper Club Meeting tonight
by J.C. 37 days ago
Join us tonight, June 17th, as a few of our members bring their boats to show us what they like and dislike about their boats.  Se ...
by J.C. 37 days ago

Finally took the plastic boat out
by Ol Slick 40 days ago
I caught a guy in a Cobra boat that had obviously been doing something to one of my lines as I came around that point one afternoo ...
by Ol Slick 37 days ago

Hook Experiment
by butchc 37 days ago
I've been using Owner Mutu Light circle hooks for quite a while and even though they're circle hooks still get a few gut hooked fi ...
by butchc 37 days ago

Keep it simple stupid !
by Tony_Hughes 48 days ago
I  know City water supply ads more cloramines as the algal cell count goes up in summer - I always use lake water where I get my s ...
by Tony_Hughes 38 days ago

Lowrance Elite Question
by striper30 39 days ago
Silly me,  Thanks for the reply.
by striper30 38 days ago

For the gift...
by BassSER 45 days ago
What years? I have most from early '90s to early '00s.
by BassSER 38 days ago

Father's Day
by OKWillie 39 days ago
Happy Father's Day to all
by OKWillie 39 days ago

Sea Chaser....
by JWBROWN 43 days ago
HAHA  - back in the day we built our own pontoon single platforms out of 30" PVC that little flat float reminded me of our boats - ...
by Tony_Hughes 39 days ago

OK who owns this???
by R.W. 41 days ago
by R.W. 41 days ago

Best anchor style
by hunter_fish 42 days ago
Beyond a shadow of a doubt it is a box anchor!!!! We have a 22' pontoon that I have tried every kind of anchor/rig to hold in curr ...
by highwater sooner 41 days ago

How to secure bait tank?
by hunter_fish 49 days ago
I had four elevated "stops" glassed in year before last when I had the floor redone on my boat.  Holds the tank from doing any sli ...
by Hawker 42 days ago

Keystone Lake?
Searching for hybrid in Keystone
by Sparky 44 days ago
On Thursday Jun 12, 2014 at 12:09 PM cj said ... just curious as to what you would consider perfect size? 4-5 inch shad, just ...
by Hawker 42 days ago

New to the forum
by cj 45 days ago
Do they ever have the meetings here in the OKC area?....... BTW welcome to the Notebook cj!
by Pops 44 days ago

Grow up, move out, get a job
by Tony_Hughes 48 days ago
On Monday Jun 9, 2014 at 10:18 AM BassSER said ... She must have a good-lookin' momma, because I've seen her dad... I married up ...
by Tony_Hughes 44 days ago

Sooner lake?
by 93reefnotch 45 days ago
Thanks for the reply Paul:) Sounds like I might just hit cobb. :)
by 93reefnotch 44 days ago

Major rain for Texoma
by TMJ 45 days ago
As dry as the upper watersheds are likely it will take a six inch or more rain to get any significant  run-off as in rain in Wichi ...
by Tony_Hughes 45 days ago

Anyone fishing the Arkansas River?
by zhall 51 days ago
Ha, that sounds about right.
by zhall 45 days ago

Is this great weather or what?
by Tony_Hughes 46 days ago
I was in the rain yesterday morning. Striper were bouncing that topwater lure like there was no tomorrow - then the rain stopped f ...
by Danny.Williams 45 days ago

Old Advertising
by Cash460 48 days ago
On Friday Jun 6, 2014 at 7:34 PM Fish Whisperer said ... On Friday Jun 6, 2014 at 6:50 PM Cash460 said ... I wish I knew how to ...
by Cash460 47 days ago

by Fish Whisperer 48 days ago
Ok, thanks! I had told Ed there was no hurry since the weather is going to be crappy this weekend. I may try for next weekend.  ...
by Briars 48 days ago

Swimming in a bass lake . . . .
by Danny.Williams 49 days ago
I noticed that he said, "The bass is still there." before he asked if you were okay.  That's where my priorities would have been ...
by BassSER 48 days ago

looking for a shad tank
by danceswithgars 49 days ago
anybody got one they want to sell. Tulsa area
by danceswithgars 49 days ago

anyone fishing lower illinois river for Stipers
by Dave_Naasz 50 days ago
You bet Dave. As for the hook size I like to match my bait size. We prefer Kahles and use anything from a 4 to a 7. On the trout ...
by Briars 49 days ago

Job Search
I've called on you for prayers, and still need them. Now there is this.
by Fishin 56 days ago
Our warehouse is in east Tulsa, but they are going to get someone through Key... We just had a group that was brought in through ...
by BassSER 49 days ago

Skiatook fillin' on up tonight
by bassman92681 52 days ago
The lake is a measly 1/2 foot higher since Monday. And that's despite little to no water release during these 3 days. I don't know ...
by bassman92681 49 days ago

POC Trip
by Ol Slick 50 days ago
OK, when you get my age long term firm plans are always in doubt. I'm always happy to meet a new day. I'll hang loose and be avail ...
by Ol Slick 49 days ago

Spoonbill Update
by falcon 50 days ago
June 4, 2013 A service of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation PADDLEFISH HARVEST LOWER IN 2014, WILDLIFE COMMISSION ...
by falcon 50 days ago

Tony Hughes
by Cash460 56 days ago
On Thursday May 29, 2014 at 7:41 PM Dave Clark said ... Need to put those in the pond with the Blue Gill. That will thin them out ...
by Cash460 53 days ago

Keystone sandbass?
by wesb 55 days ago
Thanks Danny, i'll let you know if I find anything else.
by wesb 54 days ago

Pond Hopping
Looking for ponds to fish
by R.W. 54 days ago
I am looking for ponds (Preferably around OKC)  But I am open to othe local spots as well. And speaking of ponds aound OKC, has a ...
by R.W. 54 days ago

Claremore Lake
by SMILEY 59 days ago
I didn't think they could get that many boats on your "pond"... Maybe some of these...
by R.W. 55 days ago

Thank you R.W.
by scottt 57 days ago
Basser I'm still looking for My "Good Pond". I think I found another one not too far from this one. I just hope they will give m ...
by R.W. 56 days ago

Bought a batch of bad gas
by Cash460 58 days ago
Ok thanks. I told them to avoid Morgan road to be safe. They purchased gas at the Oncue at Reno and MacArthur.
by hunter_fish 57 days ago

Sticker Shock
by Senkoboy 59 days ago
On Wednesday May 28, 2014 at 11:58 AM Ol Slick said ... I do not recall how many miles my old 74 Blazer had on it when I sold it, ...
by Cash460 57 days ago

Don't miss your chance!
by BassSER 58 days ago
At buying one of the bass-catchingest boats on the Notebook. This boat is 4 for 11 at winning Turnpike Challenges! Link
by BassSER 58 days ago

School's Out Special
by okiefishman 58 days ago
I'm running my "School's Out Special" pricing again this year. It's a discounted price to entice parents, or others with kids to g ...
by okiefishman 58 days ago

Shad Keystone???????
by KentPoke 61 days ago
Thanks Ed.  We ended up not going to keystone because the bait tank we were going to use leaked badly around the bottom seal (it i ...
by KentPoke 58 days ago

Perch near OKC
by scottt 61 days ago
Kids Lake at the end of Wilshire just west of May Ave in OKC has history of nice bluegill.  ODWC Close-to-Home Fishing Program (CT ...
by GeneG 60 days ago

Walleye or saugeye?!?!
by Jon 60 days ago
Thanks guys!!
by Jon 60 days ago

Question for the regular Keystoners....
by JWBROWN 65 days ago
On Friday May 23, 2014 at 12:55 PM Danny.Williams said ... I think JW just wants to get around the mud shallows at pawnee to fis ...
by JWBROWN 62 days ago
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