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FishFest--April 19th--Mazie Landing
by falcon 22 days ago
Not going to make it this year.  I'm headed out to western Oklahoma to chase some long beards!  You all have fun and don't eat to ...
by Pops 3 hours ago

Open seats Sooner 04/19/2014
by CHEVYDUDE 24 hours ago
The Boat Is Full !
by CHEVYDUDE 18 hours ago

For all the animal lovers on here
by Cash460 Yesterday
by Kansas Basser Yesterday

Kendall caught a biggun today
by Tony_Hughes 3 days ago
Way to go Kendall!!  Betcha wouldn't hold it like that if'n it was a big ole northern lol!!  Goo job buddy!!
by Hawker Yesterday

Broken Bow Lake
by firerook 5 days ago
Wayne you are the man! This is Cates...
by firerook Yesterday

Caught Danny Williams on the river today
by Tony_Hughes 7 days ago
To me it just looks like he had to go pee really bad and something is definitely wrong, Tony you been in the sun too long if you a ...
by highwater sooner 3 days ago

by Hawker 5 days ago
I can have the package at work for pickup anytime next week. we're right off I-40. might make the OKC connection easier.
by kingdom 3 days ago

New Striper Guide Boat
The next "Falcon"
by crosswinds 5 days ago
I know we are trying to plan on going next year, but could be 2016 at this rate. If that blankety boat gives me anymore trouble I ...
by highwater sooner 4 days ago

Fort Cobb
by striper30 4 days ago
Thanks for the info. It helps. I am still in research mode but likely will give the lake a shot within 2 weeks.
by striper30 4 days ago

Worst/Best Day
Fishing Report/Testimony
by Fishin 6 days ago
I got shivers reading that :-).  I've been struggling with the "trusting the providence of God" here lately. Your story was helpfu ...
by TallManDan 5 days ago

by Hawker 5 days ago
Hey all!  Just got off the phone with the folks up at Young's Wilderness Camp on Lake of the Woods, Ontario Canada (yeah, the plac ...
by Hawker 5 days ago

Arkansas River Shovelnose Sturgeon
by Slipknot 16 days ago
Been busy and not ont he computer for the past couple weeks... That def was an interesting trip wasnt it danny?  Amazing how man ...
by eric 5 days ago

by okiefishman 5 days ago
I just had a last minute cancellation for this Saturday April 19. I'd still like to fish that day and I'm willing to discount the ...
by okiefishman 5 days ago

Help to take kid fishing
Any one want to help me take a kid out for day
by Fishoholic 6 days ago
I will take you both anytime -- I don't charge -- all you will need is sunscreen, your refreshments and meet me at the designated ...
by Tony_Hughes 6 days ago

Proud PaPa
by Hawker 8 days ago
Hawker, you folks have got my hopes and prayers. I am sure it will all go well. I was born with a cleft lip and had one surgery as ...
by Briars 7 days ago

Leader/No Leader for Braid
by lkrizek25 17 days ago
Think I was wrong on my lines. The three with mono or floro were .015" and one was .010", I used a micrometer. I put mono in place ...
by StriperEd 8 days ago

Grass Carp
by bagster 14 days ago
Seriously Wade. 380 lb braid? We're to believe that? I've caught those big ones on 6 pound test using shelled turtles.
by Danny.Williams 9 days ago

Third time's a charm
by CHEVYDUDE over 4 months ago
Slick, To be honest about the cookin I cook 90% of the time. When she does cook It is not bad.
by CHEVYDUDE 9 days ago

Finally had a chance to get on
by quickset 9 days ago
Hey Quickie. Give me a call when you can. I need to tag the little two man i got from you. Thanks. Marty nine one 88 tree oh 737 ...
by birdsinhere2 9 days ago

Icybreeze units are ready for shipoment
by falcon 10 days ago
Awesome idea congrats guys!
by highwater sooner 9 days ago

Shell lake
by -Dave- 11 days ago
i fished it this afternoon with a couple of buddies. the water is coming back up and theres enough to launch a good sized boat now ...
by mrp828 9 days ago

Ground cover plants for Oklahoma
by Tony_Hughes 10 days ago
Buffalo grass requires very if any cutting, very drought tolerant, but no go in any kind of shade.  What about a ground hugging, s ...
by Pokinaround 10 days ago

Red River above Texpoma
by Rockjawjohnny 11 days ago
Rickshaw sorry for the delayed response tried to respond three times over the last two days and the site locked up.  Sorry, but th ...
by Vlaude 10 days ago

snake killin'
by Ol Slick 13 days ago
I bought one springfield 1911 that was so hard to get the slide to pull back that I talked to a couple gunsmiths about it and they ...
by tiny 10 days ago

Robby's Trolling Motors
by okiefishman 11 days ago
On Tuesday Apr 8, 2014 at 9:55 PM StriperEd said ...  Long story short...if ya have any mechanical skills at all fix it yoursel ...
by Cash460 10 days ago

I wanna chase some sandies!!
by Jon 11 days ago
If I was in Tulsa looking to get in on a good sandbass run, I would be fishing the Arkansas river just above Webber Falls lake - y ...
by Tony_Hughes 11 days ago

May Striper Fishing Party Boat @ Texoma
by crosswinds 11 days ago
I typically don't do these often. They are a nightmare to coordinate and I (thankfully) don't really need to. BUT. One of my great ...
by crosswinds 11 days ago

A few fun Kayaking events this weekend
Fun Kayak Fishing Events at Green Leaf State Park April 12th and 13th
by DoubleDeltaOK 12 days ago
Want to get in on some fun Kayak Fishing tournament action? Maybe tournaments aren’t your scene, and you’d just like to get togeth ...
by DoubleDeltaOK 12 days ago

electric fence question
by Ol Slick 26 days ago
I've been thinking about gettin' one of those things.
by Ol Slick 12 days ago

Shaky town rockin and rollin this AM
by Tony_Hughes 13 days ago
Not to change the subject, but Wade and I fished your cimarron hole This morning. No sandies to be seen. Maybe the cooler weather ...
by Danny.Williams 13 days ago

New equipment for 2014
by okiefishman 15 days ago
If this works with the gen 1 I'll have to seriously work on the wife to let me get one.  Being able to follow a contour line while ...
by Blaine 13 days ago

Neosho river ,tulsa
Help with where to go for spoonbill
by Fishoholic 15 days ago
You would need to go to Miami, Oklahoma northeast of Tulsa for snagging spoonbill on the neosho.  Expect a crowd but entertaining ...
by FishStick 14 days ago

Comin' back to oklahoma...
by -Dave- 16 days ago
Thank you JC!! Boat was down all April last year so I am super anxious to get on some sandies there. Was not sure where to start s ...
by highwater sooner 15 days ago

Saw a lion on the Cimarron today
by Tony_Hughes 20 days ago
Gotta be a den near by.
by Ol Slick 16 days ago

Temporary Visitors
BassSER Zoo
by BassSER 18 days ago
That's really neat. Thanks for taking care of the babies.
by Cash460 16 days ago

Livin in Shaky Town
by Tony_Hughes 20 days ago
Too bad our secondary schools fail to teach geology  the North American Craton is an interesting study in itself, Oklahoma sits ju ...
by Tony_Hughes 17 days ago

Huge Sinkhole draining Cimarron River
by Tony_Hughes 18 days ago
Yew boyz is purty smaht - happy April Fools Day !!!
by Tony_Hughes 18 days ago

Bass Fishing 101
Texas Rigs
by BassSER 19 days ago
Great read! Well put together! Thanks, Sean!  The only reason BassSer has problems catching fish behind me, is because I point t ...
by JWBROWN 18 days ago

Sooner Lake Fishing
by striper30 22 days ago
I was there a week ago Saturday and there wasn't one but i was expecting there to be one. We caught all of the green perch that da ...
by Dave Clark 19 days ago

Blues sand bass lMB
by Fishoholic 20 days ago
Where are you finding the LMB in Arcadia? How deep were they and do you mind giving some tips on what types of techniques you had ...
by lkrizek25 19 days ago

hahaha.... O.... M....G.....
by tiny 21 days ago
You'd never believe what's been going on with me ... ya know the deal bout the dude what I wrote about last time ... well that was ...
by tiny 21 days ago

Kaw dam
How is the fishing
by Fishoholic 22 days ago
by okiefishman 21 days ago

Another day at the office
by Cash460 22 days ago
BassSER- Thanks for the kind words. Micneador- Personally my Dad , Uncle and I have around 50, cow/calf pairs. At the GRL, Fort ...
by Cash460 21 days ago

Lower Hominy
by zhall 23 days ago
Bixhoma - need a fishing permit and a boating permit.  Slot limits, but lots of nice fish. New Beggs City Lake - no permit, smal ...
by AllenOK 22 days ago

by Hawker 25 days ago
That's why I do all my melting outside......
by AllenOK 22 days ago

Spring Fish Fest Mazie Landing
by falcon 37 days ago
We will be there, probably somewhere between 3-6 of us. Falcon should we start a thread for who is coming and what they are bringi ...
by highwater sooner 22 days ago

Gates closed
keystone WMA
by Madwall88 26 days ago
Tony that marker you put up is the new wire gate
by Madwall88 22 days ago

Its ON at Choteau
by Tony_Hughes 24 days ago
It's all good my friend.  Just like you, we all have our "secret spots".  Coarse with the barge I drive, I'm in plain view most of ...
by falcon 23 days ago

28 earthquakes 2.5 or greater in last seven days
by Tony_Hughes 24 days ago
lots of oilfield in langston area and it is probably all the fluids removed that's causing the earth quakes. it'll most likely set ...
by tiny 23 days ago

Kayaker hooks an 11 ft hammerhead
by Cash460 24 days ago
1128 ...
by Cash460 24 days ago

2014 Insight HD Maps now avilable (Discount)
by okiefishman 24 days ago
The new 2014 Insight HD Charts are now available at discounted prices online at the Insight Store. ...
by okiefishman 24 days ago

by Dave Clark 25 days ago
YEP!  Dat's cute!
by Hawker 24 days ago

Kansas Basser
by highwater sooner 24 days ago
Are you still out there and doing ok? Seems we have not heard from you in a while. Noticed you have not been posting in the joke s ...
by highwater sooner 24 days ago

boating accident on Cmore Lake
by Ol Slick 37 days ago
Kill switches and automatic inflating life vests for about 110$, especially if your out at night catching bait, drinking beer over ...
by StriperEd 25 days ago

The New Airforce
by Tony_Hughes 27 days ago
Yep - that rifle he is holding is 450FPS, fully automatic - dang that stings
by Tony_Hughes 25 days ago

Hey Kingdom
by highwater sooner 25 days ago
Thanks Basser!
by highwater sooner 25 days ago

Trailer bunks Grand Lake
by hunter_fish 29 days ago
I will be checking into more carpet to replace the other bunks soon. The Lowes in Grove had 2 versions of the outdoor carpet. One ...
by hunter_fish 25 days ago

Go Pro Camera
Go Pro Camera
by Dave Clark 27 days ago
My list is too long and unfortunately they are all good ones. You all know me you can imagine!
by highwater sooner 25 days ago

New to the group
by TulsaJavelin 29 days ago
Thank you all for the advice. I'm ready for the water to warm up and hit the lake again. I can't make it the 19th but look forward ...
by TulsaJavelin 25 days ago

Fun, Free Events - Kayaking and Fishing
Come join us for some Kayak Fishing Fun
by DoubleDeltaOK 26 days ago
Wanted to make everyone aware of the big NEOKA spring kick off event coming up here in a few weeks.  These things are always a gre ...
by DoubleDeltaOK 26 days ago

Lower Illinois River
by AllenOK 32 days ago
Slick, yes, I'm familiar with them.  Didn't have any.  Caught a couple Trout, and managed to leave my tackle bag on the river bank ...
by AllenOK 27 days ago

MotorGuide Xi5 wireless trolling motor - bracket mounting options
by TallManDan 40 days ago
I've had mine out once and I was force to learn the remote since my pedal is not working(bass Pro has ordered me a new one btw). B ...
by CliffL 27 days ago

Verdigris sandbass?
by Trackerman 32 days ago
We caught nine between two of us in the Cimarron yesterday, nice chunky fish, water was in mid fifties --
by Tony_Hughes 28 days ago

Georgia Fishing Spots
by striper30 31 days ago
On Wednesday Mar 19, 2014 at 7:53 PM Tony_Hughes said ... Fish below the river locks from West Point Lake on down past Lake Hardi ...
by striper30 29 days ago

Fishing Charter in Tijuana
Don't wanna lose my head!
by Fish Whisperer 31 days ago
Thanks guys!  Tony, I've actually used Cortez Yacht Charters before.  Did a charter with them in Cabo San Lucas a few years ago.   ...
by Fish Whisperer 30 days ago

Stomach Virus?
by Tony_Hughes 32 days ago
If I had known, I would have said hi... We caught a few small bass along the rip-rap, but nothing to brag about.
by BassSER 31 days ago

OSBA March Meeting- Sandbass
by J.C. 32 days ago
Club meets tonight at 7PM at Zebco. See ya there!!
by J.C. 32 days ago

by R.W. 35 days ago
Thanks Ed, got some today, try it tomorrow...
by R.W. 33 days ago

Hey Grandpa what's fer Sunday Dinner?
by Tony_Hughes 34 days ago
I hope he used the pan he fried the chicken in to make the gravy in as well......
by AllenOK 34 days ago

Need help with a story
Spring blooms mean what fish are biting
by R.W. 35 days ago
It didn't come from any publication, just observation around here.
by Ol Slick 34 days ago

Keystone spillway access
by 4c75 36 days ago
Nope nothing has changed, they wont be done till at leats november. I would caution you going saturday... no generating=tough fi ...
by Micneador 35 days ago

The forge will be fired...maybe.
by Ol Slick 39 days ago
I have two knives that an Uncle in Eastern KY. made. One is a nice Bowie knife, and the other one is a "kitchen" knife I guess.  ...
by R.W. 36 days ago

by firerook 37 days ago
Slick I will most definitely hit you up! I have to finish the break in on the new motor and then finish the rest of my boat fiasco ...
by firerook 36 days ago

Anyone going snagging tomorrow? 3-15-14
by falcon 36 days ago
Plans changed for tomorrow.  Little grandson has a fever and can't come to Tulsa. :( Anyone going snagging tomorrow and have an e ...
by falcon 36 days ago

If you have a dog and a Gopro® camera
by falcon 37 days ago
Never thought of that.  Wow, that would be awesome.  Watching the squirrel run for it's life.
by falcon 36 days ago

Big sigh of relief
by Ol Slick 43 days ago
That is EXCELLENT news!!
by cbhopper28 37 days ago

Almost snapped today.
by tiny 40 days ago
On Wednesday Mar 12, 2014 at 9:02 PM okiefishman said ... I like that! Does it come in XXL-Tall.
by chiefangler 38 days ago

Suggestions for a bank beater?
by DARIN DAVIS 49 days ago
Thanks for the replies fellas!  Most of the pits I know of up in the Collinsville area are all now privately owned. Skiatook is ab ...
by DARIN DAVIS 38 days ago

New World Record Spot??
by JWBROWN 38 days ago
It's all in how much and where you fish...... sometimes. LOL
by Danny.Williams 38 days ago

Two handfulls
by Tony_Hughes 39 days ago
No tallmandan, a GM dealership, where people think there overworked and under paid. but it's usually the other way around.
by 4c75 38 days ago

Eufala 3/11/14
by tiny 39 days ago
A friend and  i went there Monday. We got a real late start(11:30). I try to go there during the winter quite a bit. Did not make ...
by Dave Clark 38 days ago

Fishing Report , Selected popular lakes
by Tony_Hughes 39 days ago
The river itself looks great in spots but don't really hear too many good things about it in the area. Guess only one way to know ...
by striper30 38 days ago

Best hook for Tarpon?
by 8LB 39 days ago
I'm no expert, but the biggest one I caught(175lbs) was on a 6 ought double barb catfish hook. The other ones I have caught have b ...
by Dave Clark 39 days ago

Website Facelift
by Hawker 41 days ago
Well I allus allowed that your customers are the best advertising you can have -- OR recommendations from friends --
by Tony_Hughes 39 days ago

Humminbird 998c SI Combo
Great Price
by ktoom 41 days ago
The $300 mail in rebate is for the Keypad units.
by okiefishman 39 days ago

3/09 Ft. Gibson HDS Screen Shots
Thoughts, Opinons
by Pops 40 days ago
way too small to be sandies or spoonies ... picture this ... take your hash marks for instance as they're 5 ft and figure up how m ...
by tiny 39 days ago

motor repair
by rogefowler 40 days ago
Thanks Tony.  Just picked up a little 9 Hp Mercury.  Looks like new and I know there's hardly any hours on it.  Just hasn't been r ...
by rogefowler 40 days ago

To the Veterans
Military History Museum Broken Arrow
by R.W. 41 days ago
A special thank you to the Vets and especially VNV. This is going on most of the day on the 20th, a Thursday. Thus, I will proba ...
by R.W. 41 days ago

by okiefishman over 3 months ago
On Saturday Mar 8, 2014 at 3:22 PM Danny.Williams said ... Not only THAT! Tony will turn off his LOCATOR, FISH WITH ONLY ONE R ...
by Tony_Hughes 42 days ago

Another New Software Revision
by okiefishman 52 days ago
Hey Steve. I downloaded and installed v 2.5 on my two HDS units. It went like a breeze. Took maybe four minutes to download from t ...
by TallManDan 43 days ago

Where In The World Is.........................
by Hawker 50 days ago
I'm running Chrome on my Mac OS 10.9  and my iPhone 5, its available in the app store for free and way better than safari on mobil ...
by dgeddings 44 days ago

New Deck Coating in the Falcon
Safe Floor non-skid
by crosswinds 48 days ago
Thnx Cash. Gonna try it out here as soon as the moisture lets up.
by crosswinds 44 days ago

Sooner Discharge - Walk In
by striper30 45 days ago
Go look up Out of Work Outdoors on youtube,  they'll pretty much tell you where, when and what lure casted to which rock.
by Micneador 45 days ago

Keystone Dam
Construction of road and generator fishing
by Shannon 45 days ago
by Shannon 45 days ago

Sooner plant maintenence
by rogefowler 49 days ago
Thanks for the update.
by Cash460 45 days ago

Hey Falcon
RE: E-mail received
by R.W. 46 days ago
No message sent from me.  Spam e-mails are running amuck these days.  I apologize for any intrusion.
by falcon 45 days ago

Holdenville Lake
by Micneador 54 days ago
Not to dismiss some of the other guys running some of the big lowrance locators on their yak, but I for one am not looking to put ...
by Micneador 46 days ago

Let's hope this works
by falcon 47 days ago
The article states that the product killed more than 90% of zebra mussels in test tanks. I wonder about the surviving mussels? How ...
by Cash460 46 days ago

OKC Hunting and "tackle" Show
by R.W. 49 days ago
You got that right!
by Fish Whisperer 47 days ago

March roared in like a Lion
by Tony_Hughes 48 days ago
On Monday Mar 3, 2014 at 10:46 AM Tony_Hughes said ... I tried it once about four years ago in six inch deep snow - I REMEMBER ...
by Cash460 47 days ago
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