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Winter FishFest March 14th, 2015
by Hawker 60 days ago
Steve, count me in. You need us to send you a list of names of who we are bringing? Do they need addresses and other info to do so ...
by TallManDan Yesterday

Free Shipping at Cabelas and Bass Pro
by falcon 19 days ago
by falcon 19 days ago

Fishing Notebook Store
by falcon 81 days ago
Welcome Bass Pro and Cabelas to the Fishing Notebook Many of us buy fishing and hunting supplies online. Why not help support the ...
by falcon 81 days ago

Have you been spooled before?
Here's how to turn that big fish.
by willcfish 23 hours ago
I've never been spooled, but while standing on the bank I have broke off a few fish as a last resort to not lose all my line. Sure ...
by Danny.Williams 7 hours ago

Good Line Counter Reels?
Want to buy new or used...
by TallManDan 3 days ago
Can't go wrong with the Daiwa. I use them all the time and very reliable.
by willcfish 23 hours ago

Anybody hear from Watkins lately?
by highwater sooner Yesterday
I seen him in Drumright a couple months ago ... said he was doin good but that's the last time I heard from him.
by tiny Yesterday

Jstfish Outdoors on Lake Sooner
Dave Clark and Dale York talk Sooner Lake
by Jstfish Yesterday
by Jstfish Yesterday

Lowrance Gen III
by rottie 3 days ago
It may be time for a little clarification. The main focus here has been on the Gen 3 announcement. On the same day Lowrance announ ...
by okiefishman Yesterday

Our daughter, the author.
by Rock Creek Calls 8 days ago
I echo everyone's sentiments. I huge congratulations goes out to her.
by highwater sooner 2 days ago

Need a bullet proof vest!
by Pops 6 days ago
On Tuesday Dec 16, 2014 at 7:39 AM Ol Slick said ... A fella is apt to get shot at for messin' with somebody's woman though. A w ...
by Pops 4 days ago

Pretty Much Sums It Up!!
by Hawker 13 days ago
"Okay, this is truly getting weird!"  Hey you started it.  If I knew I had a "Do-Over", I'd be doin a lot of stuff different ...
by R.W. 7 days ago

Hey Tiny, got a question for you
Big blues, where are they?
by wali 11 days ago
On Thursday Dec 11, 2014 at 7:22 PM tiny said ... Find the fish then catch them ... don't fish to find them. I like that statemen ...
by TallManDan 8 days ago

by central ok catfish 11 days ago
I've got a 9.9 evinrude that I would sell for 500.00 - runs like a top, its a 1978 model and in good shape for age/new prop. I've ...
by Tony_Hughes 10 days ago

Sooner Tomorrow - Thursday
by Sparky 10 days ago
Was there yesterday.  Looked around on the cold water/main lake portion of the lake to begin with, and while we marked some good f ...
by Hawker 10 days ago

Sooner discharge advice
by 4c75 11 days ago
Thanks Chris, that's what I got the 15 year old for is to carry everything. I will do good to get my old ass back there. lol
by 4c75 10 days ago

Planning first trip to sooner
by Trackerman 14 days ago
No offense taken - You guys put em back  I saw a few leave last couple of weeks that would be trophy fish in anyone's book -- ...
by Tony_Hughes 11 days ago

OSBA Lake Ouachita Tournament pics
by TallManDan 12 days ago
A few pics of the tournament anglers and the lake.
by TallManDan 12 days ago

Has anyone heard from TMJ
Have not heard from him for way too long....
by StriperEd 13 days ago
Hope he is doing ok! Does anyone know?
by StriperEd 13 days ago

Dec 6, 2014... 700 lbs bluecat trip
by tiny 13 days ago
Good job bro!!  Good job!!!
by Hawker 13 days ago

OK, I'll Get it started
by R.W. 14 days ago
Now that's what a BEDLAM game should be...   No Blowouts, just fighting till the end.  Danny, it will be OK, just as long as y ...
by R.W. 14 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Christmas Gift Show
Join us as we throw out some Christmas gift ideas for that special fisherperson
by Jstfish 14 days ago
Need some ideas on Christmas gifts for that fisherperson on your list...catch this weeks show as Bryan (my Brother) and I throw ou ...
by Jstfish 14 days ago

Winter Project
Lookin for Coal
by R.W. 26 days ago
" I'm thinking if we can ever get him motivated, that he'll make some nice stuff." Here's an interesting site for ya Slick. htt ...
by R.W. 14 days ago

Jamaica Fishing Questions
by firerook 16 days ago
Thanks Wayne! We are flying into Montego Bay and everywhere I have looked it says that is a pretty good port to fish out of. Have ...
by firerook 14 days ago

Scott Hand
by falcon 15 days ago
If you like country music or like to listen to young new entertainers, give this guy a good listen.  He's a down home guy trying t ...
by falcon 15 days ago

Lee winkler
by okiefishman 17 days ago
A sad story Steve. Thank you for sharing.
by falcon 15 days ago

Lowrance New Software Update for Gen2 Touch Units
Lowrance 3.5 Software Update Now Available
by Jstfish 16 days ago
Lowrance Just Released HDS Gen2 Touch Version 3.5 Software Update ...
by Jstfish 16 days ago

Let talk cast nets
by Kansas Basser 17 days ago
I love this webpage. So much experience & wisdom, openly shared. Thank you guys.
by TallManDan 17 days ago

Shad on Ft Gibson
when sonar thinks the shad are the lake bottom...
by TallManDan 18 days ago
Tony & Shawn, thanks for the advice. I'm learning...
by TallManDan 17 days ago

In-Fisherman Magazine Article
Winter Night Time fishing for Big Bass on Lake Fork
by Jstfish 17 days ago
In-Fisherman Article  Folks might want to pick one of these up and read the Winter Night Time fishing article....great article and ...
by Jstfish 17 days ago

Fishing Guide for disabled person
by Fishhooker 21 days ago
All excellent choices above. But just in case you're closer to the southern part of the state. No problem here either. Plenty of w ...
by crosswinds 17 days ago

Berkley Trilene Sensation
by Cash460 19 days ago
On Tuesday Dec 2, 2014 at 7:39 AM Cash460 said ... Well that's good news. I thought it was weird but the lady called me after I'd ...
by Hawker 18 days ago

No shad at Mazie Landing
Water was 47F
by TallManDan 22 days ago
Thanks Dave & Steve. I went to Dry Lake and found a billion quarter sized shad, but I could not find any magnum sized. I saw what ...
by TallManDan 21 days ago

Castnet conditioning
by Beagler 21 days ago
Fabric softener will make a "springy" net supple again - add frbric softener to hot water and immerse the net - will cast like new ...
by Tony_Hughes 21 days ago

Black Friday special!!!!
by spoonbillz 23 days ago
O that is so tempting.  I asked the boss if she wanted to try it, but she says staying on the water that long is difficult, and ...
by R.W. 22 days ago

Been awhile since I've posted on here!
by spoonbillz 23 days ago
Hi everyone! Been awhile since I've been on here! Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still guiding on Grand Lake and Ft. Gibson ...
by spoonbillz 23 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving Notebookers
by butchc 23 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Tight lines
by Dave_Naasz 23 days ago

Winter project - installing larger livewell drain hoses
Asking for advice
by TallManDan 24 days ago
If you can you might want to try putting screens over the drains inside the live wells before you go to the trouble of redoing the ...
by chiefangler 24 days ago

New opportunities
by Tony_Hughes 24 days ago
That sounds a lot better than Fargo!!
by okiefishman 24 days ago

Sooner Lake
New boat dock
by Dave Clark 25 days ago
I was, but they canceled, and then 20minutes later the Saturday trip canceled. Yes fishing was good.
by Dave Clark 25 days ago

Sooner Lake, Boat Dock
by head4fish 25 days ago
Driving past the lake today on my way to go deer hunting, I see a truck at the entrance leaving with boat dock floats. I look over ...
by head4fish 25 days ago

Thanksgiving Day Lunch
by ascbuddy 25 days ago
Bixby Outreach Center is hosting it's Free Thanksgiving Day luncheon to all that needs a place this Thanksgiving Day for a hot mea ...
by ascbuddy 25 days ago

Black Coyotes
by Cash460 26 days ago
I don't know Slick, I don't have a call and I've never tried to hunt them. I had great plans to become a varmint hunter years ago, ...
by Cash460 25 days ago

Lowrance HDS and Motorguide Xi-5 Interface
by okiefishman 46 days ago
The MotorGuide Pinpoint Gateway will be available from MotorGuide for $249.00
by rottie 25 days ago

Class Act
by Hawker 26 days ago
That was great!
by Cash460 25 days ago

by okiefishman 26 days ago
The U. S. S.. Constitution (Old Ironsides), as a combat vessel, carried 48,600 gallons of fresh water for her crew of 475 officers ...
by okiefishman 26 days ago

Video of Lake Ouachita last weekend
With Ed aand Robin
by Dave Clark 31 days ago
Super nice video Dave. Lots of action. As I remember it, it was in the 40's on Saturday, and it sleeted on us on Sunday. Cold, col ...
by TallManDan 26 days ago

260 lbs of cats today, 11/9/2014
by tiny 40 days ago
As always, thanks for the generous tips. Maybe if you could disguise yourself as a game warden boat, they'd leave you alone :-)
by TallManDan 26 days ago

Over 500 lbs 11/22/2014
by tiny 27 days ago
You da man Mr. Tiny...
by Ol Slick 26 days ago

Thanks Hawker!
by Vlaude 27 days ago
No problem buddy, glad I could be of assistance!!  Always happy to help a friend!!!
by Hawker 27 days ago

Anyone Fish'n?
by Vlaude 27 days ago
Hard to fish when I'm working two jobs.  About the only fishing I've been doing that past several weeks is when I'm testing out a ...
by AllenOK 27 days ago

Makes for good photo ops
by R.W. 34 days ago
Nice pics!  This weather can be beautiful but dangerous too.  Thanks for sharing.
by falcon 32 days ago

Sooner discharge
by OKWillie 34 days ago
The colder the weather, the better the fishing there. I hear early morning is the best time, so that's what I did but I have never ...
by jgod 34 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show
Oolagah Lake
by Jstfish 35 days ago
This weeks show focuses on health of Oolagah Lake game fish populations with Chris Whisenhunt who is a Biologist for the Oklahoma ...
by Jstfish 35 days ago

The Dam Road at Keystone Now Open
by Danny.Williams 36 days ago
Channel 8 mentioned it as well.  I stayed home this morning.  I guess I'm starting to get a little long in the tooth.  Spending a ...
by AllenOK 36 days ago

Best Mono Lines?
Could Use Some Opinion
by jgod 40 days ago
I have had good luck recently with the Berkley spinning solutions and Suffix Elite mono both are reasonably priced the Berley is a ...
by jleflore 37 days ago

Anyone use lake insight hd v14 for their elite series units?
by Trackerman 38 days ago
I've been using Insight HD maps since they first came out. The v14 has all 48 states covered. I especially like the shaded relief ...
by okiefishman 37 days ago

30 years straight
by Tony_Hughes 38 days ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!!  As I said sounds a lot better than sitting on your butt like I did!   Ready for some good fall fishing onc ...
by Vlaude 38 days ago

by Danny.Williams 38 days ago
Aw geez just 4.8 and it skeered ya ! We didn't feel it at all while keeping ice off our rod guides - brrrrr what happened to fall?
by Tony_Hughes 38 days ago

Do you hunt, or just like to shoot?
Federal's ATK Trailer will be at Sportsworld in Tulsa!
by Fish Whisperer 38 days ago
If you hunt or like to shoot, you should check out Federal's ATK Trailer at Sportsworld this Friday and Saturday.  There will be i ...
by Fish Whisperer 38 days ago

Pier/Bank Fishing Suggestions
Need some locations from anyone willing to share
by jgod 38 days ago
It's year round at Oologah...just depends on the day, flow, baitfish.
by Ol Slick 38 days ago

Ice Auger
by Dave Clark 40 days ago
Ha! Who's kidding who. Tony's walking the Sooner mile today!
by Danny.Williams 38 days ago

To All Veterans
by Pokinaround 39 days ago
Thank you for your sacrifice, and service.
by Pokinaround 39 days ago

Power Pole or Talon
by OkieBasser 53 days ago
Unless it's in use to anchor up, it stays in the "up" position.  Has only kinda gotten in the way one time thus far when fighting ...
by Hawker 40 days ago

Spavinaw permit question
by Fishhooker 41 days ago
Can anyone tell me what time the permit office opens? Don't want to show up too early. Thanks.
by Fishhooker 41 days ago

Saugeye Poison
by Tony_Hughes 43 days ago
Tony,  you tried the am in there yet?  How was the Friday night bite?
by FishStick 42 days ago

Elite series 4.0 update help
by Trackerman 44 days ago
That was the problem. Thank you
by Trackerman 42 days ago

Its whuts fer supper
by Tony_Hughes 45 days ago
Got those rattlesnake fish dialed in - did a nice bunch again tonite - only fish I know of that likes full moons and north winds -
by Tony_Hughes 44 days ago

Wiggle it wiggle it !!!
by Tony_Hughes 46 days ago
If you wiggle it, they will come.....
by Cash460 45 days ago

Best settings for the best Insight Genesis custom maps
Tips for dialing in your settings
by Jstfish over 3 months ago
?The majority of the time, I keep my logs to about 500 mb.  That gives you plenty of logging time and good coverage.  You can log ...
by rottie 46 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show
Jstfish Outdoors Show Celebrating One Year..with special guest
by Jstfish 49 days ago
Here are some pics of Saturday's anniversary, Randy (Lake Fork Texas Spots App) and Steve (Weekend Duty Guide Service). ...
by Jstfish 47 days ago

Happy Halloween
by OKWillie 50 days ago
Have a fun and safe one!!!!!!!
by OKWillie 50 days ago

Best Laid Plans
by Tony_Hughes 53 days ago
I went there with Jake Laflore yesterday (Thur afternoon). The wind was blowing from NNW pretty hard. We found maybe nine or ten s ...
by TallManDan 50 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show
Great Fishing App for your Smart Phone
by Jstfish 56 days ago
Fish Whisperer, Thats right...special 1 hour show with special guest...tune in for a great show....will be a lot of fun.
by Jstfish 51 days ago

Tickets at the ramp on Keystone?
by Vlaude 61 days ago
On Tuesday Oct 28, 2014 at 8:59 PM Vlaude said ... My thoughts too Tiny, in that I'll be back.  Hawker it is OHP, not Lake Patrol ...
by Hawker 53 days ago

Mr. Hopper
Penn Reels
by R.W. 54 days ago
So, have you been able to look at those reels yet? I didn't quite forget about them, but they came to mind recently so I thought ...
by R.W. 54 days ago

Aluminum Angle
by Hawker 60 days ago
Those guys over at stillwater always cut mine to length like when I got some 1.5inch square aluminum tubing and sheet aluminum ... ...
by tiny 57 days ago

YA gotta love October and November
by Tony_Hughes 57 days ago
That's some nice looking water. Carla and I will be a little closer Saturday morn. I like to hear her squeal when a fish hits h ...
by Danny.Williams 57 days ago

Wanna fish Keystone this evening for a little bit?
by TallManDan 59 days ago
I thought that was you heading north on 97 Wednesday! Nice Fish!
by AllenOK 58 days ago

Need Help with A Lure (Slab)
by butchc 62 days ago
On Thursday Oct 23, 2014 at 8:43 AM Hawker said ...Hey Dan, where did you find the freestyle hooks, or did you make them yourself? ...
by TallManDan 58 days ago

Washington Irving Campground
Is it open?
by c dubya 58 days ago
Thanks for letting me know Hawker.
by c dubya 58 days ago

OZ gets a biggun PINS
by Tony_Hughes 60 days ago
No it died on them, but it was donated to research - so wasn't wasted. Dave that big bulge WAS wade fisherman.
by Tony_Hughes 60 days ago

The joys of boat ownership
by TallManDan 61 days ago
Batteries are a cheep fix on a boat although most need three to operate both engine and T motor.
by chiefangler 60 days ago

Fort Cobb
by dan 61 days ago
Thanks tony. Looks like a lot of good points on the navionics Web app.
by dan 61 days ago

Party Boat?
Fishin Party
by R.W. 64 days ago
Fish Whisp - Nevermind - Just saw your sunday post.
by TallManDan 61 days ago

LOST- - - - - -
by Hawker 67 days ago
On Wednesday Oct 15, 2014 at 7:28 PM TallManDan said ... I'm just glad you guys didn't find it embedded in the front windshield o ...
by Hawker 61 days ago

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC)
Fishing Survey
by CHEVYDUDE 64 days ago
that's funny
by Tom Henley 64 days ago

ODWC Paddlefish Research Center is recruiting interns for spring 2015
by JDS 64 days ago
Jason, sorry for hijacking your thread. I couldn't help myself!!
by okiefishman 64 days ago

Bad Luck on Sooner
by Blaine 65 days ago
Blaine, I went to  your spot and that was brush. I viewed it with the structure scan. Yesterday we did pretty good on catching b ...
by Dave Clark 64 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show on Fall Crappie Fishing
Jstfish Outdoors talks with Pro Crappie Fisherman and Guide Barry Morrow
by Jstfish 65 days ago
Jstfish Outdoors talks Fall Transition Crappie with Pro Angler and Guide Barry Morrow. Dont forget to scroll down to the bottom of ...
by Jstfish 65 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Lowrance Tip
get quick access to Split Screens with this Lowrance Tip
by Jstfish 65 days ago
Jstfish Outdoors Lowrance Quick Menu Tip
by Jstfish 65 days ago

Kayak or Little Tin Boat?
by Tony_Hughes 69 days ago
I've been looking for a river skiff. I believe I've about settled on this one.
by okiefishman 67 days ago

Video of POC trip 2014
Reds, Sharks, Drum
by Dave Clark 67 days ago
Cool Video!
by Cash460 67 days ago

Lowrance Experts
Navionics Platinum Chip Doesn't seem to work
by boatracer242 75 days ago
Thanks for the offer but, I think I finally got it going. Partly my fault, or course. Upgraded the locators software to 3.0, then ...
by boatracer242 67 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show
Fall Transition Crappie Tactics With Pro and Guide Barry Morrow
by Jstfish 68 days ago
On the latest show, we discuss tactics and rigs for locating and catching fall transition Crappie. Jstfish Show
by Jstfish 68 days ago

Just Wonder - - - - - - ?
by Hawker 68 days ago
Corp website shows three inches of rain and very little increase in level.
by Pokinaround 68 days ago

POC this week
by Dave Clark 74 days ago
You got that right Tony, already trying to find a way to get back down to the coast, maybe Thanksgiving week.
by butchc 68 days ago

Me and Mrs. C Port O'Connor
by butchc 70 days ago
Good times!  Glad to see Mrs. C  representin' again this year!!
by Fish Whisperer 68 days ago

New Website
by okiefishman 70 days ago
I decided to upgrade and renew the Weekend Duty website. It's still at the same web address and it shows a new phone number. The n ...
by okiefishman 70 days ago

Scam Alert
by Tony_Hughes 71 days ago
How bright can these smuggish thieves actually be, if they work in-country from Rochester, NY? They probably aren't after acct n ...
by Danny.Williams 71 days ago

Mr. Tony
by Ol Slick 72 days ago
Not yet had several hazard guesses - looks like a whaler shark may be the winner.
by Tony_Hughes 72 days ago
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