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by OKWillie 2 days ago
It was a very nice day to visit with family!  The rain didn't dampen our spirits.
by falcon 3 hours ago

Anybody here?
Awful quiet these days
by R.W. 8 days ago
Too windy to fish where we wanted to, so still here...
by StriperEd 6 days ago

Happy belated birthday Tony!
by FishStick 11 days ago
Thanks Sam it was a good day at the Gou hole.
by Tony_Hughes 10 days ago

11 November 2015
Thank you for Serving
by R.W. 17 days ago
Don't forget the families of our veterans and active duty - they are the support system for our military -My beautiful Daughter in ...
by Tony_Hughes 14 days ago

Back Online
by AllenOK 16 days ago
Thanks all.  Steve, we're in my wife's hometown, Jackson.  South-central MI.  DON'T get me started on available water to fish.  Na ...
by AllenOK 15 days ago

Civil War History
Battle of Honey Springs re-enactment Nov 7-8
by R.W. 18 days ago
No, Robin I did not dress up.    One of my co-workers was in a Yankee er Union uniform though. I did get a few pics of him. I ...
by R.W. 17 days ago

Fishing near dams by boat?
by sprinter 23 days ago
Birds, the shallows don't scare me. Thanks for the info.
by sprinter 18 days ago

Fish On Guide Service
by sprinter 30 days ago
Sprinter I sent you a pm.
by Dave Clark 27 days ago

Charge while towing?
by sprinter 44 days ago
On Thursday Oct 22, 2015 at 9:33 PM fishonn7 said ... Well, hate to admit this, but I charge my batteries while towing all the ti ...
by TallManDan 35 days ago

Gear question
by falcon 37 days ago
You could also take the rod over to Falcon and have them fix or replace it.  Talk to Cody and he will take care of you.
by fishonn7 36 days ago

Grand Isle Report
by Tony_Hughes 39 days ago
On Thursday Oct 22, 2015 at 7:35 AM Cash460 said ... Sure had a lot of fun down there and learned a lot too. I've got video as we ...
by Tony_Hughes 36 days ago

Need bigger bait in saltwater
by Tony_Hughes 37 days ago
That's a trip I need to take right there!
by sprinter 37 days ago

POC Trip 2015
POC fishing
by Dave Clark 50 days ago
Take 2
by highwater sooner 37 days ago

Need a replacement locator for the front of my boat
by cloveless 65 days ago
What unit (model etc) did you end up getting?
by Hawker 38 days ago

Broken Bow Float Trip
Helping a Fisherman out
by R.W. 46 days ago
Good kids are not good by accident!  Well done sir.
by falcon 44 days ago

United Way and a Snagging Trip
by falcon 50 days ago
Ladies and Gentlemen: Our company is having our United Way day today. We're having a silent auction for a complete fishing kit and ...
by falcon 50 days ago

Ready to fly...
by Ol Slick 51 days ago
Have fun gentlemen and be safe!
by falcon 50 days ago

fishin grand lake tomorrow
by tiny 59 days ago
i was in the back of Grays Hollow this last weekend and the shad were so thick you could walk on them.  Found some huge ones under ...
by TallManDan 52 days ago

Poc group Oct. 3rd
by highwater sooner 56 days ago
Good luck to all ya'll!  Stay safe and have a blast!!
by Fish Whisperer 53 days ago

Officially Old
Semi/partially Retired
by R.W. 56 days ago
I had to "explain' to a "friend" at work recently, that I might be feeling the age, but at least I don't look it yet. This was af ...
by R.W. 54 days ago

Improve Low Light Boating Safety
LED Bow Lights
by Jstfish 57 days ago
This is good information, but I have another problem, out here at Lake Hefner lately (after small boats are not required to get ta ...
by OKWillie 57 days ago

Information needed
by Ol Slick 58 days ago
Thanks, Tony. No stamping date on reel seat anywhere. The model number is almost gone, but looks to be 7779. I contacted a couple ...
by Ol Slick 58 days ago

fish finder help
by Jon 60 days ago
Look at the Lowrance Elite series. Chrip sonar and good mapping as well as the downscan feature for less than $1000.
by okiefishman 59 days ago

Lake Ponca
by Senkoboy 60 days ago
2 of the 3 fish brought in were caught by me. One of our teams caught 3 nice keepers the week before............
by Senkoboy 59 days ago

Just gotta say....
by falcon 60 days ago
Tony--you're absolute right brother.  Faith and prayer are the only way to make any sense of things....... threaded t ...
by falcon 59 days ago

Sooner white perch population
by sprinter 67 days ago
This is going to be a heck of a fall everywhere; and it's already started...........
by Danny.Williams 63 days ago

OSBA Raffle
by okiefishman over 4 months ago
Thank you for your support Fish Finder!
by falcon 63 days ago

Hey J.C.
by highwater sooner 70 days ago
Ok thanks man. I was at a funeral and one of the riders looked a lot like you and I did not think to ask him at the time.
by highwater sooner 67 days ago

Field Testing the NEW Lowrance Structure Scan 3D
by Hawker over 3 months ago
Steve, It was a good thing that you didn't bring the gen 3, because that would be another unit to think about. Rod and reel was wh ...
by OKWillie 71 days ago

ODWC Wildlife Expo Media Challenge
by dhopper7 74 days ago
For the past few years we have been invited to compete in the Media challenge at the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo event. This event is a ...
by dhopper7 74 days ago

Ft. Gibson Dam
Park still closed
by chiefangler 76 days ago
Darn. And we had a trip planned for there... Darn.
by TallManDan 75 days ago

POC Texas
Who's going this year????
by Dave Clark over 5 months ago
THANK YOU for the report and pics guys. I needed that been a rough patch lately, for various reasons. Now all I can think about is ...
by highwater sooner 78 days ago

Wildlife Expo on Sept. 26-27
Media Challenge?
by R.W. 81 days ago
Ha, yeah and I wasn't able to make it last time. I should be able to this year. Let me check my schedule and double check.
by dhopper7 79 days ago

Catfishing trip Raffle
by tiny over 4 months ago
Blaine Wilson and Mark Smith won the two trip drawings. Thanks everyone who donated .. we got all the funeral expenses taken care ...
by tiny 82 days ago

Waterfowl hunters!
by JT 87 days ago
Ducks Unlimited is having their yearly waterfowl hunting party in cleveland this Saturday night. Doors will open at 5 and a catere ...
by JT 87 days ago

Beans Question
by Slipknot over 3 months ago
Thank you all.  I appreciate the info.
by Slipknot 87 days ago

Keystone Access
by Danny.Williams 89 days ago
It 's a shame that money may also be the motivating factor here too.  People and trash have always been a problem.
by falcon 88 days ago

bait tank pumps?
Is there a better pump for the Grayline tank?
by sprinter over 3 months ago
My experience has been that Rule pumps last longer than Tsunami. I went through two or three Tsunami pumps before I went to Rule t ...
by TallManDan over 3 months ago

Sooner's BIG shad?
by sprinter over 3 months ago
Thank you Tony. That gives me a place to start. Cody
by sprinter over 3 months ago

Biting anywhere?
by Jon over 3 months ago
I finally have a day off this week and would really like to catch some fish, is there any action anywhere near Tulsa? The good rep ...
by Jon over 3 months ago

conversations in a bait shop
by Ol Slick over 4 months ago
I do. It was actually Morgan I was talking of who had all the tall stories, was always drinking, had a tank full of big cats and ...
by Danny.Williams over 3 months ago

Leave of absence
by AllenOK over 4 months ago
You will be missed. I wish the best for you.
by TallManDan over 3 months ago

Fishing-Notebook and Facebook
where to post
by OKWillie over 3 months ago
Hey fishdude!  Man, you've had a rough few months!  Glad to hear you're on the mend.  You have my phone number.  Drop me a line an ...
by falcon over 3 months ago

Huge Rogers Point Rattlesnake
We Ol Slick'd em!!
by 8LB over 4 months ago
"OL 8lber on the news."   VIDEO - Warning....very graphic.
by Danny.Williams over 3 months ago

Been a little while folks
by JWBROWN over 3 months ago
Great to hear from you.  Hope someone claims of finds their equipment.
by falcon over 3 months ago

Hydrogen Sulfide Warning
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago
Young John, I'm glad I made it this far.
by Ol Slick over 4 months ago

What I've been doing lately....
by AllenOK over 4 months ago
Pretty!  Looks like candy.  YUM!
by Fish Whisperer over 4 months ago

Lowrance Elite Question(Steve Carroll)???
by Zac Goode over 4 months ago
The 4.0 revision is for CHIRP and non CHIRP units including the HDI.
by okiefishman over 4 months ago

Lake Carl Blackwell level and ramps???
by Zac Goode over 4 months ago
Thanks for the reply!
by Zac Goode over 4 months ago

Fiscal year license
by ryan darrow over 4 months ago
I remember years past where I'd end up not fishing until later in the year and purchase a license in the 3rd or 4th quarter. I alw ...
by bassman92681 over 4 months ago

Grand Cayman report
by 8LB over 4 months ago
Thank you for sharing a very cool story!  Nice fish.
by falcon over 4 months ago

Man's Best Friend
Lab Rescue OK
by jpjohnson over 5 months ago
I got my german shepherd from the German shepherd rescue of tulsa. Poor girl was in a puppy mill situation and in a crate for the ...
by Dado over 4 months ago

Smallmouth creek fishing in NE Oklahoma?
by dhousley over 65 months ago
Last time I was on the Kings was in April a few years back. I don't recall seeing anyone on the river but our group...I think we h ...
by Ol Slick over 4 months ago

Gator proof boots
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago
In the water, part of food chain,   in a boat, on top of food chain and no mud in shorts.
by Dave Clark over 4 months ago

Getting closer at Arbuckle
Guy Sandy is now opon but, . . . .
by Tinman over 4 months ago
. . . . the rest of the docks/marinas are still closed. It shouldn't be much longer until we can enjoy Arbuckle Lake again. Fair ...
by Tinman over 4 months ago

Heads up on Keystone Dam bait...
They have been really hit and miss. Have not tried the south side
by StriperEd over 4 months ago
Kayak time! Thanks Ed.
by Danny.Williams over 4 months ago

by kingdom over 5 months ago
I actually have two friends that have been drawn for Oklahoma elk. One guy was drawn the first year he applied, the other one trie ...
by Cash460 over 4 months ago

Summer Striper Wanton Waste
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago
Yep Danny its just plain old greed -- but to me its about education for those who really don't know about the biology of Striped B ...
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago

Red Slough WMA Oklahoma Chopique action
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago
Well so much for my fishin hole - ODWC let the gate control open today and lowered the water by foot and a half - its just a three ...
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago

by duke over 4 months ago
they finally opened chicken creek boat launch yesterday after 9 and half weeks yea ?
by duke over 4 months ago

outboard titles
boat engine title
by sparky405 over 4 months ago
The DMV will have a "Abandon vehicle" package. It tells you what to do. I did it on a car. Very simple to do, just takes a little ...
by Dave Clark over 4 months ago

"Muddy Mile"
by R.W. over 4 months ago
Thanks guys. I might just have to drag him up there, and we both walk it. After it cools down.  Did you see next week's temps?
by R.W. over 4 months ago

On-board Charger Issue ?
by BassSER over 4 months ago
Thats darn odd. I'm an electronics engineer and my big guess is that there was a component near that opening that smoked and came ...
by TallManDan over 4 months ago

OK Willie
by okiefishman over 4 months ago
I sent you an Email with the Fishing Notebook system.
by okiefishman over 4 months ago

Quite a show Thursday evening
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago
I dunno if sad news or not - that Red River drainage sure holds a lot of catfish - I was wantin to try some big cut bait in the cu ...
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago

EPA Wants Comments About New Ethanol Mandates
by hunter_fish over 4 months ago
Farm subsidies for corn ethanol expired in early 2014 with the now disastrous farm bill passed by Congress. Corn ethanol used as f ...
by Tony_Hughes over 4 months ago

Mr No Shoulders
by KentPoke over 4 months ago
Yes - I am thinking blotched water snake.  He pretty much gorged him/herself on toads.  Easy pickens!!
by KentPoke over 4 months ago

Bulk Plastics
by Hawker over 5 months ago
Glad to have you over, Steve. Jack is a real fisherman, anything that swims. I remember when we were pups we made rods with a stem ...
by Ol Slick over 4 months ago

The rest of the story
Why I need a "Swedish" Reel
by R.W. over 5 months ago
Slick, I appreciate the offer, but I got one "in the works", already.    I guess I should have done a shout out to Steve C. and ...
by R.W. over 5 months ago

Recommended set up for Tarpon?
50-100 lb fish from the dock & rocks
by 8LB over 5 months ago
Spool up with 50# braid and 40# mono or fluro top shots - use the easy to tie Crazy Alberto knot between fluro/braid - this is the ...
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago

Oologah shad?
by Trackerman over 5 months ago
Thanks for the help guys
by Trackerman over 5 months ago

Boat trailer
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago
Found a nice BRAND NEW Haul Rite Aluminum 3200GVWR for 1500.00 with brakes !!! Had to drive six hours to Sedgewick Ark. to get it, ...
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago

Good new and bad news . . . .
I' ready to go fishing
by Tinman over 5 months ago
The good news is, Longmire is full again and looking good. Went there yesterday and was amazed how it looks now as opposed to the ...
by Tinman over 5 months ago

Skiatook Lake
Normal Level
by chiefangler over 5 months ago
Looks like Skiatook is slightly above the posted normal level for first time in about 5 years. Will have to search the archives of ...
by chiefangler over 5 months ago

Hot Sauce
by Ol Slick over 5 months ago
Good one Justin, Ol' Rodney was more honest about the source....Frank got his off the toilet seat.
by Ol Slick over 5 months ago

Anyone going to be on 412 E. of Keystone
Needing some help
by Tyler.Williams over 5 months ago
I really appreciate everyones help.  We made it over yesterday after work and got the trailer back to Enid.  I just have to rebuil ...
by Tyler.Williams over 5 months ago

Looking for 20 gallon plastic barrel
by trickworm over 5 months ago
Fishdude, I'll give you a ring.  10 years ago you got me hooked up on a couple of 55's I used for shad tanks in my old boat.  Tha ...
by trickworm over 5 months ago

Thats what we do
Col Oliver North
by Dave Clark over 5 months ago
Good Video, thanks. Hawker I got one that might cheer you up a little. ...
by R.W. over 5 months ago

Golden Doodle Puppies
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago
Best dog I ever had - will have finished pups by middle September 3 are party colored black and white, four are white or champagne ...
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago

Anyone fishing the rivers?
by zhall over 5 months ago
Most of my river spots are impossible to get to with this high water.  Wondering if anybody is having any luck in the rivers? I im ...
by zhall over 5 months ago

4th of July
by OKWillie over 5 months ago
Thank you Robin, I will try.
by OKWillie over 5 months ago

Phyllis and The Galaxy Hitchhiker
by Kansas Basser over 5 months ago
Nice fish!
by Cash460 over 5 months ago

Frenzy Fish
Dinner Tonight/Good Stuff
by R.W. over 5 months ago
On Monday Jun 29, 2015 at 3:17 PM danceswithgars said ... looks to me like u had 1 stripper 2 cats and 1 croppie. I didn't look a ...
by R.W. over 5 months ago

Father's Day
by OKWillie over 5 months ago
Back at ya... Happy Father's Day to you too. I have a new title for the 2 man, let me know when and where you want to pick it u ...
by R.W. over 5 months ago

Hunting Lease
by falcon over 5 months ago
I have a co-worker that's looking for a year round lease for hunting and fishing.  Young man and his son.  Okmulgee, Henryetta are ...
by falcon over 5 months ago

by kingdom over 8 months ago
By far one of the most rewarding events to help kids I've ever been a small part of!  I "WILL" be there again this year for the Th ...
by kingdom over 5 months ago

Camp Cavett 2015
Fishing Days Cancelled
by crosswinds over 5 months ago
I was informed  today that Camp Cavett will not take place this year due to the extreme flooding. The Camp is scheduled for 2016 a ...
by crosswinds over 5 months ago

Lucky Bracelet/s and or Key-Chains
Paracord Stuff (Made in OK/USA)
by R.W. over 5 months ago
These aren't Jewelry,  if they were, I could charge "more".   So far, I haven't really charged anybody.   Well at least my frien ...
by R.W. over 5 months ago

First Weekend FRENZY for 2015 on Skiatook Lake
by Hawker over 6 months ago
OK guys, Wife is grocery shoppin tonight so I get to feed myself. Somehow we decided that I would cook the fish from the "Frenzy ...
by R.W. over 5 months ago

Attitudes on Fish conservation can change
Interesting photo attached
by Danny.Williams over 5 months ago
On Thursday Jun 25, 2015 at 3:28 PM Danny.Williams said ... How many here have traveled to another state, told them where you're ...
by TallManDan over 5 months ago

Fathers Day gift that made TallManDan tear up
by TallManDan over 5 months ago
Awesome gift!  You are truly blessed!
by falcon over 5 months ago

Minnow ID
by FlyFishinOK over 5 months ago
Wild minnows and farm raised fatheads should do well together - only issue being is that farm raised are likely not as resistant t ...
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago

Oklahoma needs better creel regulations
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago
Haha.... Wade and I were fishing with Tony below Texoma. The Regulars were casting wayyyyyy out in the heavy current, catching n ...
by Danny.Williams over 5 months ago

Cherokee fishing licenses
by ryan darrow over 6 months ago
There is a solution here - 20% of the tribes gross proceeds from Indian Gaming be given to ODWC as a fishing and hunting fund - th ...
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago

You know you shouldn't advertise sometimes
by Tony_Hughes over 5 months ago
Tony, I fixed your link.  Thanks for the heads up.
by falcon over 5 months ago

Long distance hybrid rod recomendation?
by sprinter over 5 months ago
Thx Hawker
by Tom Henley over 5 months ago

Where would you call home?
by sprinter over 5 months ago
The Chattanooga area would be ideal for me, but to keep the other half happy, I'd need to be closer to a beach. I've been looking ...
by BassSER over 5 months ago

lost at osage park
by eyeman over 5 months ago
a box of walleye spinners fell off my boat as i was leaving osage park ramp a couple of weeks ago if anyone found them please let ...
by eyeman over 5 months ago

Keeping shad alive when power goes off
(How a 12vdc bubbler can be connected to automatically turn on & save the day)
by TallManDan over 5 months ago
Tallman, this is a very good idea and a nice setup, the bubbles will keep fish alive.  I don't keep any shad but I have a lot of K ...
by OKWillie over 5 months ago

Had to share
by highwater sooner over 5 months ago
Came across two sayings in the last two days that were too good to not share, I believe in both of them greatly. "If you aren't ...
by highwater sooner over 5 months ago
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