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Fish Fest
by falcon over 32 months ago
We're having our Fish Fest on April 22nd at Mazie Landing on the Grand River.  The sand bass run should still be in full swing at ...
by falcon over 32 months ago

Fishing Pal
Pretty Water Lake
by luvslabfishin over 4 months ago
Retired and fish at Pretty Water Lake, seeing who would like to start fishing together at Pretty Water for panfish. Can use my boa ...
by luvslabfishin over 4 months ago

Oklahoma River Kayaking?
by Big Bass Boss over 31 months ago
Thanks Sparky, I was told that the river fishing is better below the dam in the N. Canadian river than before it runs into the lak ...
by Big Bass Boss over 30 months ago

Have They Made It To Mazie or Choteau Bend Yet?
by CrankB8 over 31 months ago
Made it to The Bend on 4-15-17.  Fished with my brother and his wife for about 6 or 7 hours with several hours of snagging without ...
by CrankB8 over 31 months ago

guided trip
fishing guides
by sparky405 over 31 months ago
Hawkers Guide Service is a website sponsor.  His link is on the home page.  Or call him at 918-261-6804. Weekend Duty is also a w ...
by falcon over 31 months ago

Trotline buddy
Keystone lake
by luvslabfishin over 31 months ago
Looking for catfishing buddy, I drift fish, trotline, jugline, and limbline. My son is in college and to much homework to fish.
by luvslabfishin over 31 months ago

by Senkoboy over 32 months ago
Yes, there is.  I'm still working on the Wiki page too.
by falcon over 32 months ago

American Horse
by dmacisu over 37 months ago
From Odwc: American Horse Lake Update! The boat ramp will be closed beginning February 27 while work is underway to repair and e ...
by Senkoboy over 32 months ago

Six Old Geezers Forum
Its shutting down
by OKWillie over 39 months ago
The goal when revamping the old board was to keep up with the times.  Much like time, things change.  The majority of users here h ...
by falcon over 33 months ago

seminar stripers on fly rod
Tulsa Fly Fishers siminar on stripers on a fly rod
by letsG.O.fishin over 34 months ago
Tulsa Fly Fishers, Meet at 6:30 at Hardesty Library January 12 - General TU/TFF meeting with guest speaker Zack Matthews "How To ...
by letsG.O.fishin over 34 months ago

John Wilson aka Treble Clef
by Hawker over 40 months ago
Sent Steve my info back when he posted this.  Just an update.  Car is SOLD now......
by Treble Clef over 39 months ago

Boat floor and transom
by c dubya over 39 months ago
Shoreline in Tulsa. No idea on pricing, good luck.
by StriperEd over 39 months ago

What to do when the wrong species is in your big tank....
or ya just want to get them all out quickly....
by StriperEd over 39 months ago
I did not do any figuring, just used 3' quarter inch threaded rod. surprised I did not burn that thin wire or trip a 20 amp breake ...
by StriperEd over 39 months ago

Goober - need a contact number
by Danny.Williams over 39 months ago
Ha.....Goober saw this post, but couldn't find a way to post! But he did email me and so I'm in contact. A month or so ago he wa ...
by Danny.Williams over 39 months ago

New boat opinions and help
by highwater sooner over 40 months ago
Anybody know about G3 or Crestliner bay boats?
by highwater sooner over 39 months ago

Another grand baby
by OKWillie over 40 months ago
Congrats! How wonderful
by TallManDan over 39 months ago

Check out my son's landscape company in Recommended section
by highwater sooner over 40 months ago
Ok guys and gals its called the Friends of the Notebook section, oops! And it is fishing related because the more business he get ...
by highwater sooner over 40 months ago

Evinrude E-tec
by highwater sooner over 40 months ago
Thanks Dave, may have to call you if we go further looking at that one. I appreciate it. I know Larry so I could talk to him too.
by highwater sooner over 40 months ago

Bait tank dimensions
by highwater sooner over 40 months ago
Did a little research and found dimensions online, don't know why I did not think of that first. Thanks I was looking for some exp ...
by highwater sooner over 40 months ago

Liberty Lake Saugeye
Are there Saugeye in Liberty Lake?
by Sarge over 41 months ago
Yes, they're in there and Guthrie lake also. It's been a couple of years since I've fished there but we caught them trolling chrom ...
by Double L over 40 months ago

Happy Bday to Robin
by OKWillie over 41 months ago
It would be great to fish with again, but there is not any party boat offers for this year
by OKWillie over 40 months ago

Happy Father's Day
by OKWillie over 41 months ago
Thank you sir!
by falcon over 41 months ago

by kingdom over 41 months ago
Paul can you sticky this plz? This year we will be having the 3rd Annual Fishing Tournament benefitting Cavett Kids Foundation ...
by kingdom over 41 months ago

Sad day for lower Illinois
Fishermen lose access
by birdsinhere2 over 41 months ago
Brian Stamps is the owner.
by Danny.Williams over 41 months ago

just a story to keep this place alive...
by Ol Slick over 41 months ago
Thanks for the story.  Dogs do what dogs will do.  Not much available to stop them.
by falcon over 41 months ago

What's your favorite catch of all time?
by highwater sooner over 41 months ago
One of my favorites is a 271 lb Swordfish I caught off the Texas Coast. Hooked up at midnight then it took 2.5hrs to land it.
by RIVER SKIMMER over 41 months ago

Keystone Shad
by bigjon over 41 months ago
The flood gates are open at Keystone and the shad are thick on the North sidewalk.  Lots of 1 to 3 Lb channel cats and some big dr ...
by bigjon over 41 months ago

What the hell????
by Ol Slick over 42 months ago
Slicky and all, I confess - I facebook a bit now.  Well mostly.  Don't post much on fishing-notebook page on facebook but I like ...
by fishdude over 42 months ago

by falcon over 117 months ago
62096 You will have to join Facebook to view.
by Danny.Williams over 42 months ago

simrad and lowrance
by Jon over 42 months ago
It will depend on which Lowrance unit you have, which transducer you have and which Simrad unit you are considering.
by rottie over 42 months ago

Fishing line recommendations
by highwater sooner over 42 months ago
I have been using a lot more braid lately, I like the lack of stretch and I was disappointed with some mono that I was using that ...
by Jon over 42 months ago

Fishing Tournament for a Good Cause
Please help South Community Church stock the pond for the kids.
by rottie over 42 months ago
South Community Church would like some help stocking the pond.  This helps the kids get a fun and easy introduction to the outdoor ...
by rottie over 42 months ago

Anybody know?
by highwater sooner over 42 months ago
Thank you both. I knew the one in BA was gone but didn't know if he had moved. In doing some research it looks like he might have ...
by highwater sooner over 42 months ago

Pumpback water level
by Chris Johnson over 43 months ago
I went last week, and it's back up to normal.
by firefish over 42 months ago

Fish Fest April 23rd
by falcon over 43 months ago
sand bass ans spoonbill snagging are the main attractions. some good catfish to be had along with crappie and bass around the smal ...
by kingdom over 43 months ago

Ok. Striped Bass Assoc. meeting
by J.C. over 43 months ago
April meeting tonight, 4/19/16.  welcoming new members and generally how we fish with live bait.
by J.C. over 43 months ago

by JWBROWN over 44 months ago
I did talk to a friend of mine who recently fished Skiatook I believe two weeks ago.  He caught a nice 3.5lbs smallmouth somewhere ...
by Chris Johnson over 43 months ago

Help Needed
Navigating Grand Tailwaters
by CrankB8 over 43 months ago
Yep, Bird Hollow, that is the place. Been several years since I fished the area, forgot the name of the place. Could be still reco ...
by Ol Slick over 43 months ago

My new fishing partner
8 lb 11 oz
by OKWillie over 43 months ago
Awwww, Willie, that's SO sweet. Congratulations!!
by Fish Whisperer over 43 months ago

Big Vote Tuesday - Arkansas River Dams
by Danny.Williams over 43 months ago
I fought this tooth and nail when all the PIE in the Sky B.S. was going on eight years ago with "Vision" 2020 - unfortunately Tuls ...
by Tony_Hughes over 43 months ago

Shell Creek Lake
by rwhy over 43 months ago
Has anyone fished Shell Lake lately? I'm hoping to take my yak out there this weekend my wife is coming along so she's hoping to c ...
by rwhy over 43 months ago

Lake Ouachita
Where to stay
by Tyler.Williams over 44 months ago
Looks great! Congrats.
by highwater sooner over 43 months ago

Wise story-can't remember where I heard it
by highwater sooner over 43 months ago
A young man was at the lake fishing, when he noticed the richest, most successful man in the state. The old man was sitting at the ...
by highwater sooner over 43 months ago

Grand River Fishing
by falcon over 44 months ago
Thanks for the report. Got one more weekend to work on the toon, then will be on that river 31st through 3rd. Hope the sandie run ...
by highwater sooner over 44 months ago

I've been quiet for a reason
by falcon over 45 months ago
New throttle box installed on the ole Falcon.  Took her out to Mazie for a quick test run.  Hope to find some sand bass this weeke ...
by falcon over 44 months ago

Keystone Help
by Jon over 44 months ago
Was at Keystone today but had a lot of trolling motor trouble so only ended up with a few sand bass. Also, had terrible luck findi ...
by Jon over 44 months ago

Boat rebuild
by highwater sooner over 44 months ago
No problem.  I just bought a new-to-me Bluewave and am gearing it up.  I've spend so much time in the bargain cave this week I'm p ...
by Tyler.Williams over 44 months ago

About that Bass tournament...
by Ol Slick over 44 months ago
Here's what I was able to look up. Notice there is one "sporting goods" ...
by R.W. over 44 months ago

Sooner FishFest Mid March??
by Hawker over 46 months ago
Lookin for an official announcement.  Falcon says 23 April, which is fine with me. So, how far in advance do we need to know? ...
by R.W. over 44 months ago

Advice for a Tenkiller trip next week
by OKStateJones over 44 months ago
Posted from ODWC webpage: Tenkiller: February 29. Elevation normal, water c ...
by R.W. over 44 months ago

by central ok catfish over 44 months ago
Anybody catching spoonbill on keystone in the Arkansas river or know where abouts they might be at now
by central ok catfish over 44 months ago

Face Book
How do I access the forum FB page
by R.W. over 44 months ago
One of my cousins thought my withdrawal symptoms must have been really intense. I told him I was getting ready to retire, and a ...
by R.W. over 44 months ago

Who Is Fishing This Weekend??????
by Briars over 45 months ago
Agree with what Slick said. Bigger is more worth the effort. Tons of trimming. I'm home doing last bit of my chores before the ne ...
by falcon over 44 months ago

How to fish spoonbill anywhere.
by ryan darrow over 44 months ago
Rig a line clip on it and
by Fishin over 44 months ago

OKC Tackle Show
Backwoods hunting and Fishing Show
by R.W. over 44 months ago
2 belts today...      Seems like it used to be bigger...???      I didn't see any one I knew there.
by R.W. over 44 months ago

Sooner water temp?
by sprinter over 44 months ago
by sprinter over 44 months ago

by sparky405 over 45 months ago
Too early for fish up at Kaw, try bank areas at Feyodi Park -upper Keystone lake out of Cleveland.
by Tony_Hughes over 45 months ago

Lake Konawa
Konawa discharge
by OKWillie over 45 months ago
I thought every day was "Take Your Boat to Work Day".....
by rottie over 45 months ago

Oklahoma Striped Bass Association February Meeting
Tuesday, February 16th Monthly Meeting 7:00 p.m. Zebco
by Mikekelly over 45 months ago
Come and join us for the Oklahoma Striped Bass Association (OSBA) meeting Tuesday, February 16th at 7:00 p.m. located in the Zebco ...
by Mikekelly over 45 months ago

MotorGuide handheld remote and warranty
by StriperEd over 47 months ago
Motorguide xi5
by StriperEd over 45 months ago

Fishing Tournament Schedule
by ryan darrow over 45 months ago
Ryan if you find out let us all know. Nothing more aggravating than to show up on a Saturday morning and the launch line be almost ...
by Dave Clark over 45 months ago

Anxious to get on the water this spring
New trolling motor
by chiefangler over 46 months ago
Congrats R.W. I highly recommend retirement.
by chiefangler over 45 months ago

Sooner Lake
by head4fish over 46 months ago
That's great to hear!!  I hope they keep on at least through the weekend!
by Fish Whisperer over 46 months ago

Rising Waters
by falcon over 46 months ago
maybe they should just move the don't build here line uphill 100'. seems like this occurring much more often.
by kingdom over 46 months ago

Man's Best Friend
Lab Rescue OK
by over 52 months ago
Wow. Time flies. Good to hear from fellow dog lovers. Lucy got adopted by a young lady in OKC.  From the follow up pictures it l ...
by  over 46 months ago

Catfish Record
by falcon over 46 months ago
Check this guy out! Record Cat
by falcon over 46 months ago

Small Mouth Sex Change
by falcon over 46 months ago
Small Mouth Sex Change
by falcon over 46 months ago

Proposed Rule Changes
by falcon over 46 months ago
See it here and have your voice heard! Rule Change Proposals
by falcon over 46 months ago

Merry Christmas
by cbeam over 46 months ago
Merry Chrismas to you guys too! Find some fish and catch them:-)
by StriperEd over 46 months ago

Saugeye size limit Sooner
by butchc over 47 months ago
The kiss principle will never be a part of government or the law.  Government and its laws are purposely complex and full of ambig ...
by Pokinaround over 47 months ago

by JWBROWN over 47 months ago
I have been missing my notebook peeps. Looks like you got a little meat for the freeze, falcon! Congrats!
by JWBROWN over 47 months ago

by OKWillie over 47 months ago
Thanks Willie!  Hope you had a good one!!
by Fish Whisperer over 47 months ago

Anybody here?
Awful quiet these days
by R.W. over 48 months ago
Too windy to fish where we wanted to, so still here...
by StriperEd over 48 months ago

Happy belated birthday Tony!
by FishStick over 48 months ago
Thanks Sam it was a good day at the Gou hole.
by Tony_Hughes over 48 months ago

11 November 2015
Thank you for Serving
by R.W. over 48 months ago
Don't forget the families of our veterans and active duty - they are the support system for our military -My beautiful Daughter in ...
by Tony_Hughes over 48 months ago

Back Online
by AllenOK over 48 months ago
Thanks all.  Steve, we're in my wife's hometown, Jackson.  South-central MI.  DON'T get me started on available water to fish.  Na ...
by AllenOK over 48 months ago

Civil War History
Battle of Honey Springs re-enactment Nov 7-8
by R.W. over 48 months ago
No, Robin I did not dress up.    One of my co-workers was in a Yankee er Union uniform though. I did get a few pics of him. I ...
by R.W. over 48 months ago

Fishing near dams by boat?
by sprinter over 48 months ago
Birds, the shallows don't scare me. Thanks for the info.
by sprinter over 48 months ago

Fish On Guide Service
by sprinter over 48 months ago
Sprinter I sent you a pm.
by Dave Clark over 48 months ago

Charge while towing?
by sprinter over 49 months ago
On Thursday Oct 22, 2015 at 9:33 PM fishonn7 said ... Well, hate to admit this, but I charge my batteries while towing all the ti ...
by TallManDan over 49 months ago

Gear question
by falcon over 49 months ago
You could also take the rod over to Falcon and have them fix or replace it.  Talk to Cody and he will take care of you.
by fishonn7 over 49 months ago

Grand Isle Report
by Tony_Hughes over 49 months ago
On Thursday Oct 22, 2015 at 7:35 AM Cash460 said ... Sure had a lot of fun down there and learned a lot too. I've got video as we ...
by Tony_Hughes over 49 months ago

Need bigger bait in saltwater
by Tony_Hughes over 49 months ago
That's a trip I need to take right there!
by sprinter over 49 months ago

POC Trip 2015
POC fishing
by Dave Clark over 49 months ago
Take 2
by highwater sooner over 49 months ago

Need a replacement locator for the front of my boat
by cloveless over 50 months ago
What unit (model etc) did you end up getting?
by Hawker over 49 months ago

Broken Bow Float Trip
Helping a Fisherman out
by R.W. over 49 months ago
Good kids are not good by accident!  Well done sir.
by falcon over 49 months ago

United Way and a Snagging Trip
by falcon over 49 months ago
Ladies and Gentlemen: Our company is having our United Way day today. We're having a silent auction for a complete fishing kit and ...
by falcon over 49 months ago

Ready to fly...
by Ol Slick over 49 months ago
Have fun gentlemen and be safe!
by falcon over 49 months ago

fishin grand lake tomorrow
by tiny over 49 months ago
i was in the back of Grays Hollow this last weekend and the shad were so thick you could walk on them.  Found some huge ones under ...
by TallManDan over 49 months ago

Poc group Oct. 3rd
by highwater sooner over 49 months ago
Good luck to all ya'll!  Stay safe and have a blast!!
by Fish Whisperer over 49 months ago

Officially Old
Semi/partially Retired
by R.W. over 49 months ago
I had to "explain' to a "friend" at work recently, that I might be feeling the age, but at least I don't look it yet. This was af ...
by R.W. over 49 months ago

Improve Low Light Boating Safety
LED Bow Lights
by Jstfish over 49 months ago
This is good information, but I have another problem, out here at Lake Hefner lately (after small boats are not required to get ta ...
by OKWillie over 49 months ago

Information needed
by Ol Slick over 49 months ago
Thanks, Tony. No stamping date on reel seat anywhere. The model number is almost gone, but looks to be 7779. I contacted a couple ...
by Ol Slick over 49 months ago

fish finder help
by Jon over 49 months ago
Look at the Lowrance Elite series. Chrip sonar and good mapping as well as the downscan feature for less than $1000.
by okiefishman over 49 months ago

Lake Ponca
by Senkoboy over 49 months ago
2 of the 3 fish brought in were caught by me. One of our teams caught 3 nice keepers the week before............
by Senkoboy over 49 months ago

Just gotta say....
by falcon over 49 months ago
Tony--you're absolute right brother.  Faith and prayer are the only way to make any sense of things....... threaded t ...
by falcon over 49 months ago

Sooner white perch population
by sprinter over 50 months ago
This is going to be a heck of a fall everywhere; and it's already started...........
by Danny.Williams over 49 months ago

OSBA Raffle
by okiefishman over 52 months ago
Thank you for your support Fish Finder!
by falcon over 49 months ago

Hey J.C.
by highwater sooner over 50 months ago
Ok thanks man. I was at a funeral and one of the riders looked a lot like you and I did not think to ask him at the time.
by highwater sooner over 50 months ago

Field Testing the NEW Lowrance Structure Scan 3D
by Hawker over 50 months ago
Steve, It was a good thing that you didn't bring the gen 3, because that would be another unit to think about. Rod and reel was wh ...
by OKWillie over 50 months ago
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