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Fishing Notebook Store
by falcon 25 days ago
Welcome Bass Pro and Cabelas to the Fishing Notebook Many of us buy fishing and hunting supplies online. Why not help support the ...
by falcon 25 days ago

2014 Outdoor Expo
by falcon 27 days ago
Yes, it would be nice to see how the scoring went.  Guess those girls had it going on!
by falcon 27 days ago

Aluminum Angle
by Hawker 3 days ago
Those guys over at stillwater always cut mine to length like when I got some 1.5inch square aluminum tubing and sheet aluminum ... ...
by tiny 18 hours ago

YA gotta love October and November
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday
That's some nice looking water. Carla and I will be a little closer Saturday morn. I like to hear her squeal when a fish hits h ...
by Danny.Williams 20 hours ago

Winter Time FishFest
by Hawker 4 days ago
Set a time. If you wait till the middle of March, it's going to get pretty close to the spring event, but maybe just one a year wo ...
by Ol Slick Yesterday

Wanna fish Keystone this evening for a little bit?
by TallManDan 3 days ago
I thought that was you heading north on 97 Wednesday! Nice Fish!
by AllenOK Yesterday

Need Help with A Lure (Slab)
by butchc 6 days ago
On Thursday Oct 23, 2014 at 8:43 AM Hawker said ...Hey Dan, where did you find the freestyle hooks, or did you make them yourself? ...
by TallManDan Yesterday

Washington Irving Campground
Is it open?
by c dubya 2 days ago
Thanks for letting me know Hawker.
by c dubya 2 days ago

Tickets at the ramp on Keystone?
by Vlaude 5 days ago
Probably the best thing to do when you see the ohp lake ranger suv anywhere would be to turn around and leave instead of getting i ...
by tiny 3 days ago

OZ gets a biggun PINS
by Tony_Hughes 4 days ago
No it died on them, but it was donated to research - so wasn't wasted. Dave that big bulge WAS wade fisherman.
by Tony_Hughes 4 days ago

The joys of boat ownership
by TallManDan 5 days ago
Batteries are a cheep fix on a boat although most need three to operate both engine and T motor.
by chiefangler 4 days ago

Fort Cobb
by dan 5 days ago
Thanks tony. Looks like a lot of good points on the navionics Web app.
by dan 5 days ago

Party Boat?
Fishin Party
by R.W. 8 days ago
Fish Whisp - Nevermind - Just saw your sunday post.
by TallManDan 5 days ago

LOST- - - - - -
by Hawker 10 days ago
On Wednesday Oct 15, 2014 at 7:28 PM TallManDan said ... I'm just glad you guys didn't find it embedded in the front windshield o ...
by Hawker 5 days ago

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC)
Fishing Survey
by CHEVYDUDE 8 days ago
that's funny
by Tom Henley 8 days ago

ODWC Paddlefish Research Center is recruiting interns for spring 2015
by JDS 8 days ago
Jason, sorry for hijacking your thread. I couldn't help myself!!
by okiefishman 8 days ago

Bad Luck on Sooner
by Blaine 9 days ago
Blaine, I went to  your spot and that was brush. I viewed it with the structure scan. Yesterday we did pretty good on catching b ...
by Dave Clark 8 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show on Fall Crappie Fishing
Jstfish Outdoors talks with Pro Crappie Fisherman and Guide Barry Morrow
by Jstfish 9 days ago
Jstfish Outdoors talks Fall Transition Crappie with Pro Angler and Guide Barry Morrow. Dont forget to scroll down to the bottom of ...
by Jstfish 9 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Lowrance Tip
get quick access to Split Screens with this Lowrance Tip
by Jstfish 9 days ago
Jstfish Outdoors Lowrance Quick Menu Tip
by Jstfish 9 days ago

Kayak or Little Tin Boat?
by Tony_Hughes 13 days ago
I've been looking for a river skiff. I believe I've about settled on this one.
by okiefishman 11 days ago

Video of POC trip 2014
Reds, Sharks, Drum
by Dave Clark 11 days ago
Cool Video!
by Cash460 11 days ago

Lowrance Experts
Navionics Platinum Chip Doesn't seem to work
by boatracer242 19 days ago
Thanks for the offer but, I think I finally got it going. Partly my fault, or course. Upgraded the locators software to 3.0, then ...
by boatracer242 11 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show
Fall Transition Crappie Tactics With Pro and Guide Barry Morrow
by Jstfish 12 days ago
On the latest show, we discuss tactics and rigs for locating and catching fall transition Crappie. Jstfish Show
by Jstfish 12 days ago

Just Wonder - - - - - - ?
by Hawker 12 days ago
Corp website shows three inches of rain and very little increase in level.
by Pokinaround 12 days ago

POC this week
by Dave Clark 18 days ago
You got that right Tony, already trying to find a way to get back down to the coast, maybe Thanksgiving week.
by butchc 12 days ago

Me and Mrs. C Port O'Connor
by butchc 14 days ago
Good times!  Glad to see Mrs. C  representin' again this year!!
by Fish Whisperer 12 days ago

New Website
by okiefishman 14 days ago
I decided to upgrade and renew the Weekend Duty website. It's still at the same web address and it shows a new phone number. The n ...
by okiefishman 14 days ago

Scam Alert
by Tony_Hughes 15 days ago
How bright can these smuggish thieves actually be, if they work in-country from Rochester, NY? They probably aren't after acct n ...
by Danny.Williams 15 days ago

Mr. Tony
by Ol Slick 16 days ago
Not yet had several hazard guesses - looks like a whaler shark may be the winner.
by Tony_Hughes 16 days ago

WOW !!! Bad Ad for Chevy Today
by Tony_Hughes 17 days ago
All new car manufactures are blocking all warranty on any aftermarket downloads that effect the performance of the vehicle. Warran ...
by CHEVYDUDE 16 days ago

Anyone drive or own a Nissan Frontier V6?
by Tony_Hughes 22 days ago
My 03 was great.  Not 4WD, but a good truck all around. As mentioned previously, towing capacity was less than desirable. I lost ...
by R.W. 17 days ago

Mobil 1 synthetic testimony
by Tony_Hughes 17 days ago
I've been running Mobil 1 in my 2004 Kawasaki KLR since it was new. 44K miles on a 650 single and I've never touched the motor and ...
by Cash460 17 days ago

Wohali Fall Bass Classic
1st place guaranteed $10,000
by Fish Whisperer 17 days ago
One of my clients, Wohali Outdoors is having a bass tournament Sunday October 19th at Grand Lake.  You can register through Sat th ...
by Fish Whisperer 17 days ago

Where is a Good ramp at Keystone?
by trickworm 19 days ago
I'm thinkin' more like a "burr in the butt" would be what Slick would say.
by Ol Slick 17 days ago

Mr. Slick
Crawfish Pie Recipe
by c dubya 32 days ago
Just a follow up that this recipe was great.  If you like crawfish and you like pot pies you will love it.
by c dubya 18 days ago

Wer'e Bacccccckkkkkk!!
by Hawker 23 days ago
Great trip fellas!!  Thanks for posting the pics and reports, it looks like you guys had it going on. Lots of smiles!
by Briars 21 days ago

Lower Illinois River Striper Guide?
by Hawker 22 days ago
Thomas Guide service. There are a couple more listed on that s ...
by Dave Clark 22 days ago

Hey Tony
by Ol Slick 22 days ago
got three different shots, not a lot of detail, will be mailed this afternoon, hope they help.
by Ol Slick 22 days ago

Back in the day (Texoma circa 1979-1981)
by Tony_Hughes 54 days ago
Hey Tony thought about you the other day when I saw an ROW position open.  This politics is stealing my motivation!  Think I might ...
by Vlaude 24 days ago

Trout Fishing
Fly fishing
by R.W. 25 days ago
Next Thursday, 10/9 the Tulsa Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited have there monthly meeting at the Hardesty Library 6:30 PM. You wi ...
by glroologah 24 days ago

Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch Tip
Finding "Hidden Menus"
by Jstfish 25 days ago
Lowrance tip for finding "Hidden Menus" on the HDS Gen2 Touch Electronics ...
by Jstfish 25 days ago

October "Party Boat"
by okiefishman 30 days ago
All right RW. That makes a full boat. Not sure of the start time yet. Text or email me your cell phone number.
by okiefishman 28 days ago

Need an extra Notebooker
by falcon 33 days ago
Where's the pictures?  Channel 9's Lacie L. has already got hers on her FB page.
by R.W. 28 days ago

Sniff, , , , Sniff, , , , , Is that Salt I'm Smellin??
by Hawker 31 days ago
Here you fellas go!! Good luck out there. Grand Isle Tuna Fishing
by dhopper7 28 days ago

Shaky Town
by Tony_Hughes 33 days ago
From what I remember everything below the mississippi is a lot softer ... always enjoyed those nights and days drilling the missis ...
by tiny 29 days ago

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC)
by CHEVYDUDE 30 days ago
Attention northeast Oklahoma anglers, we need your help! Our biologists are conducting research on sturgeon and need to tag 25 by ...
by CHEVYDUDE 30 days ago

by okiefishman 30 days ago
Weekend Duty has a Facebook page. I just launched it about a week ago and I'm in the process of getting used to posting reports th ...
by okiefishman 30 days ago

New Humminbird Onix Digital side imaging
by tiny 31 days ago
Seen where Humminbird has come out with a brand new type of side imaging ... works off digital signal chirp and is really amazing ...
by tiny 31 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors New Wrap Design
New Vehicle Wrap
by Jstfish 31 days ago
That's just pretty cool Dale!  Definitely an attention getter!  Glad there's not any danged ol catfish on there!
by Fish Whisperer 31 days ago

by Tony_Hughes 37 days ago
400 hours of community service would take all my outdoor time. Hmmmmm.....send me to prison and hope they have a pond.
by Danny.Williams 35 days ago

Lowrance-motorguide Xi5 interface?
Is it out yet
by Bird Watcher 36 days ago
Right now there is no official release date for the interface.
by okiefishman 36 days ago

Fishin Checking In
The Saga
by Fishin 87 days ago
Substitute teaching today so I have internet and time to post.  Job at American Castings hasn't killed me yet.  The hand injury I ...
by Fishin 36 days ago

Best settings for the best Insight Genesis custom maps
Tips for dialing in your settings
by Jstfish 43 days ago
Tyler you are correct. You can upload and view tour map for free. What you pay for is the downloaded map to use in your unit.
by okiefishman 38 days ago

Hey Bass Fishermen!!
by Hawker 40 days ago
Thought I'd pass this along for y'all to spread the word (if'n ya will) about a benefit Bass Tourney coming up on Lake Eufaula, Oc ...
by Hawker 40 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors show discussing college bass fishing
by Jstfish 42 days ago
Great show this week as we talk to Jay Powers who is on the NSU Bass Fishing Team and learn about College Bass fishing Jstfish O ...
by Jstfish 42 days ago

Boat McGuyver
by Tony_Hughes 44 days ago
Chased enough problems to know exactly how that happens. LOL
by Danny.Williams 42 days ago

September "Party Boat"
by okiefishman 53 days ago
We're full again.
by okiefishman 43 days ago

Insight Genesis is Now Mac-Upload Compatible in Free Accounts
Insight / Genesis updates for MAC users
by Jstfish 43 days ago
A new Insight Genesis web-upload tool enables both PC and Mac upload of sonar data.  This feature is now available to both Premium ...
by Jstfish 43 days ago

Two (2) Evening Striper Trips
by Hawker 45 days ago
Both trips are booked! Thanks guys, we'll have FUN!!!
by Hawker 43 days ago

Who knows where this is located?
by okiefishman 45 days ago
Hmm, used to fish that area quite a bit back in the day!  Took more than a few largemouth out of that structure when it still had ...
by Hawker 44 days ago

by kingdom 46 days ago
fished that a few times with some luck. it's got a few more houses and businesses now. looking to rent a kayak and working that ar ...
by kingdom 44 days ago

Tall Man Dan
Please call me
by 8LB 45 days ago
TADA! ringing ya
by TallManDan 45 days ago

Grand Isle
by dhopper7 49 days ago
Here are just a few of the million pics we took. I've got a video going together now. I'll post when it's done.
by dhopper7 45 days ago

R-12 Recovery System
by Cash460 46 days ago
I am hoping to get lucky. If all else fails I'll convert it but I would rather stay with the r-12 if for no other reason than it w ...
by Cash460 45 days ago

Weekend FRENZY
by Hawker 47 days ago
Sorry Wade, ya snooze, ya lose buddy!
by Hawker 46 days ago

Offshore wind and waves forecast
by Tony_Hughes 46 days ago
Grand Isle La - but you can type in any location Come ...
by Tony_Hughes 46 days ago

Offshore Louisiana
by Tony_Hughes 46 days ago
NOAA maps If ya get bored
by Tony_Hughes 46 days ago

What's up with our water release schedule?
by Danny.Williams 48 days ago
"The closest thing to eternity is a government program" Ron Reagan
by TallManDan 47 days ago

Buzzing us
by Dave Clark 52 days ago
On Sunday Sep 7, 2014 at 12:03 PM Blaine said ... .. I may have been there Tuesday. ...Dave, Now I've got Blaine figured out. ...
by TallManDan 47 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Latest Show
Lake Keystone overall health of the sport fish populations
by Jstfish 47 days ago
Thanks Robin....excuse me ......Fish can also listen on my Facebook Page....Jstfish Outdoors...
by Jstfish 47 days ago

The end of the rainbow
by OKWillie 50 days ago
The pot at the end of the rainbow
by OKWillie 50 days ago

New Tackle STore in Claremore
JD's Tackle Box, 123 N. Owalla, Claremore
by glroologah 56 days ago
I did miss that on the first post, first mistake I made this week, but I had to pass right by there on the way to the lumber yard ...
by Ol Slick 50 days ago

Need Sumpin!!
by Hawker 52 days ago
Picked one up today at Danny's!!  Thanks y'all, helped a bunch!!
by Hawker 51 days ago

More ODWC Outdoor Expo News
by falcon 51 days ago
Sept. 4, 2014 2014 Wildlife Expo Promises Plenty of Outdoor Fun    Have you ever tried tossing an atlatl? How about goose-knocki ...
by falcon 51 days ago

Jstfish Outdoors Show
Lowrance Insight Genesis Program
by Jstfish 53 days ago
You asked for it... brainstorming: - "on the water" interviews with random anglers on what they are catching and how - "on the w ...
by TallManDan 52 days ago

I have an opening EARLY Saturday morning
by okiefishman 53 days ago
This trip is booked.
by okiefishman 53 days ago

The Sorry Fish that Ruined an upcoming Pro Largemouth Fisherman
by Tony_Hughes 54 days ago
Thanks for sharing. That's neat.
by Cash460 53 days ago

Scanning old pics
by Tony_Hughes 54 days ago
Just havin some fun !! Carl Blackwell Saugeye - 2002 - three person limit !!! Heck hadn't even registered boat in Okie land. D ...
by Tony_Hughes 54 days ago

Slighty irratating
by jgod 56 days ago
friend of mine down below keystone dam showed me a trick .... he announced ... "I'M WILLING TO FIGHT FOR MY SPOT ... ARE YOU!!!!!! ...
by tiny 54 days ago

Get Rid of them boats and yaks, ya just don't need'em!!
by Hawker 61 days ago
How bout carp aka sewer bass? Reminds me of a story, fella was catching carp out of the river, some bigguns, havin' some fun. I as ...
by Ol Slick 56 days ago

Sooner access
by jleflore 57 days ago
Thanks Ryan
by jleflore 56 days ago

Looking for a guide in LA, or TX
by Dave_Naasz 85 days ago
TitleI need some good bottom numbers away from the platforms I'm not sure which charts you're running, but if they show the un ...
by ryan darrow 57 days ago

Loving life
by Goober 58 days ago
Great to hear you both are doing well.  Keep cool until it's time to venture back to God's country. Hug that pretty girl you hang ...
by falcon 57 days ago

Gaunder Mountain instead of Cabelas
New Store in Tulsa Hillls
by glroologah 60 days ago
Very disappointing to me.  Cabelas is alot better than Gander.  Gander, from my experience is always alot higher in cost and has l ...
by grizlyadams 58 days ago

Wildlife Department Expo 9/27 -- 9/28
by falcon 67 days ago
Careful down there on da  bayou Crosswinds dem Cajuns may mistake you and Hopper for real Coon asses and just keep ya -
by Tony_Hughes 60 days ago

You gotta see this
by falcon 61 days ago
That fish is in bad need of companionship.
by Danny.Williams 61 days ago

So you wanna six figure income?
by Tony_Hughes 62 days ago
Tony, let's put those same fellers to work in a nursing home, cleaning pans and see what kind of music they play to their video.   ...
by Danny.Williams 62 days ago

Fishery Health of Lake Skiatook
Jstfish Outdoors Show with ODWC's Mr. Bill Wentroth
by Jstfish 63 days ago
Listen to Jstfish Outdoors show as we discuss the overall health of Lake Skiatook with Mr. Bill Wentroth of the ODWC Jstfish Outd ...
by Jstfish 63 days ago

Great Hybrid show with fellow Notebookers and Jstfish Outdoors
Steve Carroll, Dave Clark and Robin (Fish Whisperer) talk about Hybrid fishing
by Jstfish over 3 months ago
Steve, Mr. Bill Wentroth supervisor Biologist for ODWC will be on and we will discuss Skiatook Lake and several topics from Hybr ...
by Jstfish 64 days ago

DO in my Grayline
by okiefishman 64 days ago
20, no, 1. We had two boats up there today and the other boat was not using O2 in the bait tank. At the end of the day he had a lo ...
by okiefishman 64 days ago

Hunting and Fishing Expo in Enid
This weekend
by Dave Clark 64 days ago
I'll have to drag my little ones out there to look around.  I've been building a fence the last couple of days, kind of looking fo ...
by Blaine 64 days ago

by okiefishman 66 days ago
On Thursday Aug 21, 2014 at 3:58 PM Ol Slick said ... Back when I had some SCUBA gear you could be comfortable in just a pair of ...
by StriperEd 65 days ago

New thread
by Dave Clark 65 days ago
$100 surcharge to "Look at them in their native environment"  $150 surcharge to "Swim with the fish and become one with them" $0 ...
by TallManDan 65 days ago

Where are the Skiatook fish in the early morning hours?
Nearly skunked at night fishing
by TallManDan 66 days ago
We caught 53 Hybrids yesterday in 26 to 33fow. They didn't show up til I started chumming. We started at 06:30 had their two perso ...
by Dave Clark 66 days ago

Hey Tiny... what other kind of fish do you love going for?
by TallManDan 74 days ago
Oh, my...I called the little redhead in here to see those pictures, and she almost cried. She was carryin' on so about how she mis ...
by Ol Slick 66 days ago

Updated State Record Sandbass
by Tony_Hughes 68 days ago
Many years ago, NABATAK and Blue Fox lures had a sandbass contest that I won with a 3lb 14oz. was weighed on the scales ...
by Ol Slick 67 days ago

Steve Carroll
by Ol Slick 73 days ago
Thank you, I appreciate your concern and help. Looks like a good unit. I bought Hawkers old X-65 and put it on the nose of my old ...
by Ol Slick 67 days ago

This really choked me up
by okiefishman 68 days ago
Next ones on me!!!!!
by Wayne Long 67 days ago

Oklahoma Striped Bass Meeting
by falcon 67 days ago
The club meeting is tonight at Zebco at 7:00 p.m. Tonight we'll be talking about keeping shad at home.  If you like fishing for st ...
by falcon 67 days ago

Are there shad in Beggs, Okmulgee, or Bixby?
by TallManDan 72 days ago
On Thursday Aug 14, 2014 at 9:09 PM AllenOK said ... I was on New Beggs City Lake Saturday in my yak.  Yes, I was seeing some sha ...
by TallManDan 68 days ago
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