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by kingdom 50 days ago
Welcome aboard!! with all the people from the FNB  there, we'll be able to get you in the correct spot(s). if you have any spec ...
by kingdom 14 days ago

Had fun last nite
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday
Glad you're not seriously injured, Tony..
by cbeam 11 hours ago

Wayeye Rodeo Canton Lake
by Senkoboy 16 hours ago
Waleye Rodeo / Oklahoman
by Senkoboy 16 hours ago

Texoma will start spilling by 3 PM Sunday
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday
Seven days before forecast spill -- its going up 3/4 foot each 24 hours - current elevation is at top of weir 639.30 - spilling st ...
by Tony_Hughes Yesterday

Eufaula Dam
Anyone fishing
by Sparky 5 days ago
I just saw a report that the CoE is shutting down the north bank below Eufala's dam.  It will reopen when conditions are safe.
by AllenOK Yesterday

Where are you fishing over Memorial Day weekend?
Hopefully weather men get it wrong on rain chances.
by 8LB 4 days ago
Finally a break. Wade, his Dad and I are headed within the hour to MN to find some toothy critters. Hoping for nice weather! Hu ...
by Danny.Williams 2 days ago

50 lb Guarantee is back!
by tiny 4 days ago
That's an awesome thing Tiny.  If you're considering a trip with this guy, you can't do any better.
by falcon 3 days ago

How to read lake levels
by Crankbait 4 days ago
Not sure what you're looking at. If you use this link and click on the lake you're interested in, it opens a nice graph of the lak ...
by TallManDan 3 days ago

Keystone Shad Fest
Go Get You Some
by bigjon 4 days ago
On Thursday May 21, 2015 at 1:07 PM toddrparr said ... nice video! What was the bigger fish in the video, just below your net in ...
by TallManDan 4 days ago

Brining Shad
I know! I know! Frozen shad sucks........But
by bigjon 6 days ago
I totally agree Tiny and use fresh Bluegill or Green Sunfish, Carp, Buffalo or large shiners when I can't get fresh shad.  I have ...
by bigjon 4 days ago

Keystone dam
by jlb-cfd 9 days ago
Shad are starting to show up on the south bank as well now.  Not seeing the sheer quantities that I'm used to seeing, but they are ...
by AllenOK 5 days ago

metal detector?????
by Ol Slick 10 days ago
If I was you , I wouldn't ignore anything - goin out the door right now to get some quarters around the local schools --
by Tony_Hughes 5 days ago

Texoma Circa 16 June 1987
by Tony_Hughes 5 days ago
HISTORY REPEATS Texoma Archived Article from 1987 Flood June 16th You can believe this or believe that about Lake Texoma. Des ...
by Tony_Hughes 5 days ago

Texoma expected to spill June 1st
by Tony_Hughes 6 days ago
Its been 17 years since Texoma had to spill due to downstream flooding - its expected to crest over the spillway by 1st of June, ( ...
by Tony_Hughes 6 days ago

GREAT offshore deal !!
by Tony_Hughes 8 days ago
And another available trip option: Blue Fin Customers, Hello! We are happy to have seen some of y'all so far this season. We ha ...
by Hawker 7 days ago

Jumping Saugeye
by Tony_Hughes 7 days ago
Fished with Justin yesterday on an orange mudhole - saugeye bite was on, two of the 4# fish we caught thought they were largemouth ...
by Tony_Hughes 7 days ago

Keystone lake Question
by Zac Goode 12 days ago
Thank you for the replys. Dave,Dan,Dan, and Hawker I will give what ya armed me with and see what u can do :) This place has a gre ...
by Zac Goode 9 days ago

fishing flooded lakes?
What opportunities will open up
by dan 10 days ago
I have caught large hybrids from under the picnic tables at Tall Chief Cove area but it has been a while. And likely not going to ...
by chiefangler 10 days ago

Skiatook Water Temperature?
by toddrparr 10 days ago
It was 68degs yesterday. It dropped  from around 71degs..
by Dave Clark 10 days ago

New Pond Stocking
by FlyFishinOK 12 days ago
I would include shell cracker perch.  Forgot  the common name for them, maybe you got 'em stocked.  They are vital in stopping the ...
by Tom Henley 10 days ago

Let talk about Catfing Equipment
by Kansas Basser 13 days ago
I catfish out of a boat quite a lot. Catch blues and channels for the most part. Tackle depends on how I'm gonna fish. Right now t ...
by Ol Slick 11 days ago

Keystone Dam Shad ???
by head4fish 15 days ago
I already called Paul (head4fish) on my way home from Keystone Dam today, but I'll share with all here my findings for the day!  I ...
by Hawker 11 days ago

Best place to get a 2-day fishing license?
by AllenOK 12 days ago
4103 2015 NR Fish 1-day 5/13/2015 to 12/31/2015 A one day fishing lice ...
by R.W. 12 days ago

Eufaula rising fast - top of flood control pool in hours
by TallManDan 14 days ago
I spent all day Sunday down there welding pencil extensions on a boat dock.  Nothing like trying to weld while it's raining and th ...
by Rock Creek Calls 13 days ago

Lady Falcon and the catfish
by falcon 14 days ago
by Cash460 14 days ago

Wow impressive
by Tony_Hughes 16 days ago
Wonder the chances of it running over are? The Red and Washita don't appear to be slowing down for a couple of days.
by hunter_fish 15 days ago

Suggestions for South Tulsa Area
by Dado 17 days ago
On Thursday May 7, 2015 at 8:24 PM Dado said ... Can anyone give me a suggestion on where i can try my hand at some LMB's. IF yo ...
by TallManDan 17 days ago

Suggestions for a guide.
by Cjames 20 days ago
This guy would probably help ya out getting those things out of his favorite striper lakes around the Stillwater area if he is not ...
by StriperEd 18 days ago

While I'm On The Subject Anyway
by jgod 21 days ago
yep, lot's of illegal fish netting, and snagging is an issue at the canal. local ODWC seems to have a personal issue snagging. you ...
by kingdom 19 days ago

Fresh chicken liver
Does anyone know
by jgod 21 days ago
Start driving the backroads, look for signs in front of houses that advertise "Farm Fresh Eggs".  Stop and ask the folks if they a ...
by AllenOK 21 days ago

Oologah dam
by Cjames 23 days ago
I actually drove past it today and it was still closed. i wonder if its alright to park across the road and walk down to the verdi ...
by Cjames 22 days ago

Carl Blackwell Hybrids spawning
by Tony_Hughes 24 days ago
I heard a report from last week that some friends did pretty well on Saugeye and Hybrids on CB.  Was gonna try this weekend but I ...
by Tyler.Williams 24 days ago

Shad - Keystone / New Mannford Ramp
by TallManDan 26 days ago
You to Hawker I'm sure I will see you all tomorrow. And yes that is a honeyhole.
by Dave_Naasz 24 days ago

Hybrid ?
by highwater sooner 26 days ago
By the way I will be on a red pontoon stop by and say hi and fish with us if we find em.
by highwater sooner 25 days ago

by Ol Slick 30 days ago
See there, you're getting better already. My Mom used to be a nurse, in MO.  That was one she shared with us... ?
by R.W. 27 days ago

A Great Way to Help Out Locally
by Hawker 46 days ago
No I don't John.  I've not had the chance to speak with Tom real recently to see where the donations stand.  If I get the time tod ...
by Hawker 27 days ago

Airboat info
by Duckman 28 days ago
Hey Duckman - Sparky with Sparky's Guide Service on Texoma currently has at least one airboat.  He could probably help you out wit ...
by Fish Whisperer 28 days ago

Danny ... taking your advise and "blending"
by tiny 28 days ago
Worked my crippled arse off today doing the blending in thing and got the river rack off the boat... removed the web address and p ...
by tiny 28 days ago

spy network
by tiny 31 days ago
ALready thought of that Danny ... remember when you told me something about that before ... I gotta disguise my boat and it won't ...
by tiny 29 days ago

Best ramp at Hudson
by Jon 30 days ago
I've launched at Snowdale, and a ramp in town a few blocks north of the jet, and one south off 82 hwy a mile or so from ...
by Ol Slick 30 days ago

Lake Texoma Shooting
by bigjon 32 days ago
Drug deal gone wrong.
by sprinter 31 days ago

Striped Bass Tournament trail starting up again
by Tony_Hughes 32 days ago
Looks interesting.  I've never been into professional fishing but after just leaving Beaver I have been watching the FLW coverage. ...
by Tyler.Williams 32 days ago

Whirlwind Vacation
What a Week
by R.W. 34 days ago
What an adventure.  Vacations are always fun but it's always good to be home.  Welcome back.
by falcon 32 days ago

Lake Sunburn (New Member)
I need some advice and I have a question.
by Dado 34 days ago
Thank you for being so friendly everyone! I appreciate that!  I did notice a couple of guys out there with about 10 bass on strin ...
by Dado 33 days ago

Hey Highwater
Snail Mail
by R.W. 34 days ago
Oh, that one... We left on the 11th, for our "whirlwind", and the only internet we looked at was for directions, or weather info ...
by R.W. 33 days ago

Boat suggestions?
by Jon 41 days ago
I purchased an Excel 220 Bay Pro it is like the express aluminum boat. It is set up the exact same. I am not a huge fan because of ...
by firerook 34 days ago

Do you have "Snail Mail"?
by R.W. 45 days ago
Sorry Robin, I was outa town... I'll send it this week. My wife Betty and I just got back from a week off.    Note New Topic ...
by R.W. 34 days ago

Gamefish as bait?
by striper30 36 days ago
That is what I thought. Thanks Tony.
by striper30 35 days ago

by sprinter 38 days ago
Tony, would I do better from the bank or a boat?
by sprinter 37 days ago

New Cell Number Tony Hughes
by Tony_Hughes 37 days ago
DEAD CELL PHONE - SO I have a new phone and new number 4ROW5-Eight-8-Zero-7-SIX-2-ate - if ya can't figure that out you must not ...
by Tony_Hughes 37 days ago

Walnut Creek
by cbhopper28 62 days ago
On Monday Mar 23, 2015 at 11:40 PM StriperEd said ... Ya might try cowskin off of 412 for the upper end of the Arkansas arm...Hea ...
by TallManDan 38 days ago

Skiatook Saturday
by KentPoke 38 days ago
We'll probably use black dog.  Duck Duck likes peanut butter sammies.  Those pringles and doritos that TallMan gave him are very b ...
by Fish Whisperer 38 days ago

Headed to Beaver Lake Tomorrow
Newbie on Lake with High Hopes!
by Briars 44 days ago
On the east side of the island just north of Hwy 12 from what I hear....
by StriperEd 40 days ago

Spooling Reels
Gettin ready for Kayak Tournament
by R.W. 45 days ago
There is a lot of ways to fill a spool but what I have been doing for 30 years to fill both level wind reels and spinning reels is ...
by chiefangler 41 days ago

Funny (been used for lots of things but first time I have seen it for fishing)
by Briars 41 days ago
That was funny. I agree with DW. It's been used for many things - but this was a novel use of it.
by TallManDan 41 days ago

Do Sandies spawn on wind blown points?
by trickworm 45 days ago
Thanks guys.  I've found TMD's pattern about hitting the rock to be the ticket many days during the fall on Keystone.  Interesting ...
by trickworm 41 days ago

Fish Fest Mazie Landing
by falcon 64 days ago
I too was a little distracted Saturday but did manage to meet most everyone who attended.  The food was really good as usual.  The ...
by falcon 41 days ago

Broken bow lake
by Cjames 45 days ago
This was our second anniversary and I decided to do touristy things and put fishing off until next time. We drove around the lake ...
by Cjames 42 days ago

mazies food
whatcha bringing
by kingdom 51 days ago
I didn't do anything? You might have thought I was cooking because I did quite a bit of sampling! Huge thank you to Kingdom,JC an ...
by highwater sooner 42 days ago

55 years in pastures, woods, river bottoms
by Tony_Hughes 44 days ago
Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.
by TallManDan 42 days ago

Canton Lake
by Senkoboy 43 days ago
Longdale Boat Ramp.  If the lake ever gets full someone will have to do a little dirt work before this ramp can be used........... ...
by Senkoboy 43 days ago

Unusual find
No rabbits were harmed
by Cash460 62 days ago
R.W., I'm about ready to plant them one way or another Forgot to mention both trucks have had the ABS sensor wires chewed in two a ...
by Cash460 45 days ago

You've got Mail
by R.W. 45 days ago
Thank you so very much R.W. I know she will really appreciate it.
by highwater sooner 45 days ago

Paddlefish Article
by zhall 60 days ago
On Sunday Mar 29, 2015 at 12:02 PM OKWillie said ... I like your picture on the Sunday Oklahoman Pops.Thanks Okwillie! We had a ...
by Pops 45 days ago

MarVal Trout Camp
by falcon 47 days ago
April 8, 2015 Trout Stocking to End at Illinois River Resort Area    The owner of Marval Resort on the Lower Illinois River near ...
by JDS 47 days ago

Ford folks heads up
by Ol Slick 48 days ago
My 79 used to spit back at me.
by Ol Slick 47 days ago

Best combo largemouth & Crappie lure?
Pond lure
by 8LB 52 days ago
Actually, that's a Buffalo nickle!  The Head's side had an Indian bust on it.  I wish I had pulled that out of my pocket.  One of ...
by AllenOK 47 days ago

OHP question
Loaning boat
by 8LB 48 days ago
Whomever is in possession and use/operating the boat!  Would be the same as if borrowing a car/truck and getting stopped.
by Hawker 47 days ago

Paddlefish and water current on Grand River
by trickworm 54 days ago
My paddlefish has been different than Dave's.  I've had better luck snagging against the current.  Maybe it's my old boat but by g ...
by falcon 52 days ago

Keystone/Arkansas River Paddlefish
by Okie21 56 days ago
The Spoonies are "thick" up around Feyodi Creek right now!  Did I say "THICK"
by Hawker 52 days ago

Paddlefish permit
by falcon 66 days ago
The game warden cell numbers are posted in the regulations.
by falcon 53 days ago

Older Post
PVC Rod Holder "Transport" set up
by R.W. 56 days ago
Really appreciate that no hurry at all here! We are recovering from the flu, cold, long hours and a truck breakdown, so sorry I di ...
by highwater sooner 54 days ago

St. Petersberg, Fl in mid March
Where to fish
by OkieBasser over 4 months ago
Yes, Bjames that is the one.
by OkieBasser 54 days ago

If you see a wheel and tire along hwy 412
by highwater sooner 57 days ago
Thanks Dave and Hawker, My son found it Sunday afternoon over in a pasture beside the road. Tire blown but rim ok. Just gotta fi ...
by highwater sooner 56 days ago

New Lake Record Striper on Sooner
by Hawker 61 days ago
According to the Oklahoman article last stockings were   -- Stripers were stocked in Sooner in 2012, 2009 and 2007. - I do not bel ...
by Tony_Hughes 56 days ago

Johnson outboard value
by Fishhooker 57 days ago
by Fishhooker 57 days ago

Breaking News!!
by okiefishman 58 days ago
The spring and summer of 2014 was by far the best Hybrid Striper fishing I’ve seen in over 20 years of guiding on Skiatook Lake. D ...
by okiefishman 58 days ago

Carl Blackwell ramps?
by dan 58 days ago
Thanks. Haven't decided if I will hit that or sooner in the morning.
by dan 58 days ago

Snagging Video
Rejoice Church Pastors 3-19-15
by Dave Clark 59 days ago
WAY cool video!  I agree with Briars, the music was TOTALLY apropos!!
by Fish Whisperer 58 days ago

Sooner Lake
by Smitty81rc 60 days ago
Thanks Guys
by Smitty81rc 59 days ago

hope everyone is OK today
by Ol Slick 60 days ago
I'm assuming a new roof is in your future Fishwhisperer? We had the roof scammers at our door today. He said the neighbor sent hi ...
by Danny.Williams 59 days ago

Vehicles for sale
by falcon 61 days ago
If you're interested: Bank Repo's
by falcon 61 days ago

Parcord Bracelets
Extreme Knot Tying
by R.W. 63 days ago
Cool!  Can't wait to see it!  I'll email you.  I sure appreciate it!
by Fish Whisperer 62 days ago

Bell Cow Lake Elevation
by Senkoboy 63 days ago
Was by there a week ago - at least 8' low or more - clear in lower 2/3 - lot of wood out of the water and pretty bare banks.
by Tony_Hughes 63 days ago

Chouteau bend
March 30?
by Redneck fisher 64 days ago
A few factors to consider:  1. Water flow: when the flow is non existent, the fish move to the middle of the river.  If the flow i ...
by falcon 63 days ago

Tall Dan
by Ol Slick 65 days ago
Dan, if you read this....I'm broke down. I thought there was water in my fuel, motor would quit at random times, but would restart ...
by Ol Slick 64 days ago

Identity Crisis
Pink REMINGTON Hat girl.
by R.W. 68 days ago
Those look good, RW. If you REALLY want to put your retirement time to use, I can tech you how to tie trout flies and crappie ji ...
by AllenOK 66 days ago

short night
by Ol Slick 68 days ago
Congrats on the new family addition! I reckon your going to be needing a bigger deer blind real soon!
by Pops 67 days ago

What's the verdict?
by jpjohnson 69 days ago
Didn't have any problems with Chevy turbo either, don't have any Ford with turbo, but I don't think our 2013 F150 is as tough as F ...
by OKWillie 67 days ago

Shad sightings @ Verdigris river oxbow above Newt Graham Lock&Dam?
by TallManDan 68 days ago
I have gotten a lot of shad in the adams creek arm that dead ends. Only gone there in later summer. Tons of small sand bass sized ...
by 8LB 67 days ago

SoonerFest Today
Fishin, Food, Friends and a few pics
by R.W. 71 days ago
Sure hated that I missed all the fun, food & catching! But it was the wife and I's 30th anniversary so needless to say I had to ta ...
by Pops 67 days ago

by Ol Slick 68 days ago
sure, lets just hope for little to no rain in the shed for now, so we can have one.
by Ol Slick 68 days ago

SoonerFest Donation
Thank You from Loaves and Fishes
by R.W. 69 days ago
Now that's what life on this Earth is all about!  Love one another.
by falcon 68 days ago

Maybe another brat.....
by Ol Slick 74 days ago
Good Luck tomorrow morning. Thots and prayers for the "nother brat", and mom too. And for your own health...
by R.W. 68 days ago

Keystone shad sightings 16Mar15
by TallManDan 69 days ago
Launched on Keystone, at New Manford ramp this afternoon, and found nice sized shad all throughout the cove.  Water temps (F) were ...
by TallManDan 69 days ago

just a family story...
by Ol Slick 70 days ago
Now when we was kids we got along just fine with Buckwheat, heck he fished better than we did - the racial divide just seems to ge ...
by Tony_Hughes 70 days ago

Crap, dang, shoot, poop, darn it, crapolla and other words you can figure out
by highwater sooner 72 days ago
I've heard it said, "A poor excuse is better than none." But to use the wife like that, that's really LOW.  I mean if you didn' ...
by R.W. 71 days ago

Bassmaster Classic 2016
by zhall 77 days ago
Love it!
by Pops 72 days ago

5 Gulf States Propose Red Snapper Management
by butchc 72 days ago
Hopfully a better management plan for Red Snapper in Gulf. ...
by butchc 72 days ago

What are ya bringin' to fishfest?
by highwater sooner 81 days ago
HS & SK, I'm bringing another table and some tea. And an appetite for some OS beans :-)
by TallManDan 72 days ago
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