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Invitation to the new 3 Rivers Tackle
Opening Saturday 5/2/2015
by sinkerslingers over 51 months ago
We invite everyone to check out the new 3 Rivers Tackle in Muskogee! We will open our doors on Saturday 5/2/2015  at 7:00 AM.  W ...
by sinkerslingers over 51 months ago

Product review of The Rod Glove
by willcfish over 68 months ago
I don't work for them.  Just do reviews as part of my fishing tips and tricks.   Have a great year fishing. WillCFish   <"{{{}}>< ...
by willcfish over 68 months ago

We repair and offer aluminum welding on any project you might have.
by bird-n-buck over 72 months ago
We are located on Hwy 20 West of Skiatook near the lake. We repair any kind of aluminum boat problem you might have. We also custo ...
by bird-n-buck over 69 months ago

Sinker Slingers Bait & Tackle Now Open
by sinkerslingers over 75 months ago
These guys have some great products at t
by SMCEVER over 75 months ago

American Plant Products OKC,OK
by JustFishing82 over 79 months ago
Yes seriously! I believe it was in scien
by Pops over 79 months ago

by SMCEVER over 81 months ago
quote: Originally posted by SMCEVER I recently joined power team lures and would like to offer a p ...
by SMCEVER over 79 months ago

Lefty's Guide Service
by CalOkie over 85 months ago
Awesome!! Book me!!
by Shawn Watkins over 85 months ago

Hybrid lures
by hybee over 88 months ago
Here is a sample of the real deal! [IMG
by hybee over 88 months ago

SALE slabs FREE shipping
by luckys lures over 96 months ago
I have a new web page it is www.luckysl
by luckys lures over 90 months ago

9.5 lb largemouth on Flittebait 4
by Mean Morone over 92 months ago
Thanks JWBROWN! The Flitterbait is a bl
by Mean Morone over 92 months ago

Check us out
by Mean Morone over 93 months ago
We are running a contest on our Facebook
by Mean Morone over 92 months ago

Smack Tackle
by falcon over 113 months ago
Time is fast running out! The drawing i
by Mean Morone over 95 months ago

Homemade Flies
by okfisher96 over 98 months ago
E-mail me at t
by okfisher96 over 95 months ago

Topwater Poppers and Torpedoes
by okfisher96 over 98 months ago
Send me an e-mail at jonathan_dungan@yah
by okfisher96 over 98 months ago

Sunshine/Grayline Tanks..
by Shawn Watkins over 106 months ago
That's nice to know Shawn. Great busine
by StriperJunkie over 106 months ago

Video Editing, Graphics, Digital Photo Editing
by Turtle over 110 months ago
Turtle, when you have some extra time wo
by StriperJunkie over 107 months ago

Need your child's Senior Pictures done?
by michael over 107 months ago
Good Job Michael. I'm glad you're dabbl
by StriperJunkie over 107 months ago

SBT: Sale on Sassy Shad, Cranks and more...
by StriperWrangler over 113 months ago
Be watching for the Flitterbait 4 coming
by Mean Morone over 113 months ago

Stillwater Reel Repair
by n/a over 113 months ago
Tony does a great job, you won't be disa
by fishnfool over 113 months ago

Thanks to StriperJunkie
by BJames over 120 months ago
Hey Bill, Thanks for the nice testimonia
by StriperJunkie over 120 months ago

Falcons Kitchen Floor
by falcon over 121 months ago
Thanks so much for the kind words Paul a
by StriperJunkie over 121 months ago

Sponsor discount to Fishing-Notebook Board Members
by dragmaster over 128 months ago
Yes, I have the sponsors e-mail address.
by falcon over 128 months ago

Excellent service...
by Agitated88 over 75 months ago
Just wanted to mention the good folks at
by Agitated88 over 1456 months ago

Solarbat Eyeware Discount
by SMCEVER over 79 months ago
As a prostaff memberI have recently purc
by SMCEVER over 1456 months ago

Coupons - Cabelas - Bass Pro
by jmalmin over 104 months ago
Coupon Search Engine for Cabelas,Bass Pr
by jmalmin over 1456 months ago

Denali Rods
by SMCEVER over 81 months ago
I recently purchased this line of rods f
by SMCEVER over 1456 months ago

NEW! Bionic Custom Baits!
by Bionic02 over 96 months ago
Check out what's NEW on Bionic Custom Ba
by Bionic02 over 1456 months ago

Nutech lures jigs. Revolutionary design
by pro reel over 76 months ago
If you have not seen the Nutech lures ji
by pro reel over 1456 months ago

Stanley Jigs
by SMCEVER over 80 months ago
Stanley Jigs has a new line of tackle ou
by SMCEVER over 1456 months ago

Boat recovery/On the water help
by BassSER over 107 months ago
My brother-in-law is in the boat recover
by BassSER over 1456 months ago

Welcome Striped Bass Tackle
by falcon over 119 months ago
Welcome to our newest sponsor on the fis
by falcon over 1456 months ago

Automatic Buoy Markers !!
by dragmaster over 128 months ago
Automatic buoy markers, no more cold wet
by dragmaster over 1456 months ago

aluminum and steel welding
by Tiny over 112 months ago
918-352-2953 ... $50/hour with one hour
by Tiny over 1456 months ago

Reel Repairs and Upgrades
by Coast Tackle Service over 116 months ago
Get your reels in early!
by Coast Tackle Service over 1456 months ago

A little Smack Tackle family fun from last summer
by Mean Morone over 90 months ago
by Mean Morone over 1456 months ago

Mazie Landing Store Hours
by falcon over 101 months ago
Kim gave me an update on the Mazie Landi
by falcon over 1456 months ago

Computer Services
by Clyde over 112 months ago
I can fix and do anything related to hom
by Clyde over 1456 months ago

FREE SHIPPING, WayPoint Buoy Markers
by dragmaster over 127 months ago
We at WayPoint Markers are offering FREE
by dragmaster over 1456 months ago

Homemade Spinnerbaits
by Budman33 over 98 months ago
Hey everybody i make Homemade Spinnerbai
by Budman33 over 1456 months ago

Two Free Photo Sessions
by michael over 103 months ago
In order to build up my portfolio I am o
by michael over 1456 months ago

Baseball & Softball Academy
by Shawn Watkins over 102 months ago
My Brother inlaw has opened a DBAT in Tu
by Shawn Watkins over 1456 months ago

Sinkers For Sale
by sinkerslingers over 86 months ago
We have all kinds of sinkers for sale. W
by sinkerslingers over 1456 months ago

Reel repair
by SMCEVER over 80 months ago
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