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by birdsinhere2 over 93 months ago
I have an original RPM Merrill with a 30 Merrill barrel and a 357 mag barrel  all in chrome and rose wood grip. brass and loading ...
by WormN over 45 months ago

Grand Lake fishing buddy
by Scooter over 48 months ago
New to the Grand lake fishing area and I am looking for someone to mainly Bass fish with and maybe some tournaments, I like to fis ...
by Scooter over 48 months ago

Looking for big Jon boat
2072 boat
by Dorkfish over 54 months ago
I'm looking for a used Jon boat in the 2072 size with center console.  May be interested in one a little smaller but not much.  Pm ...
by Dorkfish over 54 months ago

23-25' tandem axle boat trailer
by Tony_Hughes over 63 months ago
Wanted a  tandem trailer in good shape = prefer galvanized or aluminum - electric brakes  - deep V boat - 7' between fender wells ...
by Tony_Hughes over 63 months ago

WTB Remington 1100 or 870 wingmaster 12 ga.
For my 12Yr old Son
by Toothpick over 67 months ago
I am looking for a Remington 1100 or 870 wingmaster for my middle son. He just turned 12 and wants a shotgun, I am leary of the n ...
by Toothpick over 67 months ago

WTB Jackson Coosa or other quality sit-on-top fishing kayak
by Okie21 over 69 months ago
If you're in the tulsa area, go check out hook1 over in bixby, behind southerlands. They do not carry Jackson's, but they do carry ...
by Micneador over 69 months ago

Game Duck Legs
by AllenOK over 85 months ago
Will do. If you share it, I'll probably give it a try.
by okbucksnducks over 69 months ago

Goose Decoys and layout blinds
Shells, Silhouettes, etc.
by Toothpick over 71 months ago
My oldest son is ate up with waterfowl hunting and has gained permission to some prime goose fields. It has been ~ 12 years since ...
by Toothpick over 71 months ago

Youth Rifle
by Toothpick over 77 months ago
Outdoorsman, I'd like to fire the rifle with the scope before I sell it.  We have been too busy to get to the field to fire it y ...
by Toothpick over 75 months ago

Falcon Cara T7
by DaPfunk over 80 months ago
Thanks Buddy, I can mark the finesse jig
by DaPfunk over 79 months ago

Snagging Rod
by okfisher96 over 93 months ago
okfisher96, sent you an email on the las
by n/a over 80 months ago

Left hand crank Ambassadeur's
by grizlyadams over 82 months ago
Sent. Anybody have an idea what these
by NELLI over 82 months ago

Wanted 30-30
by boatracer242 over 87 months ago
Have AR50, will travel :). Would love to
by fishonn7 over 85 months ago

Lowrance LSS1
by trobass over 87 months ago
thanks okoutdoorsman Went to Basspro las
by trobass over 87 months ago

Bimini top
by grizlyadams over 90 months ago
I live in Guthrie. It's in good shape I
by jigsbydirk over 90 months ago

Looking for OLD Boston Whaler Hull
by Tony_Hughes over 90 months ago
Isnt that old hull I posted back like a
by dhopper7 over 90 months ago

by okiefishman over 93 months ago
Steve you still need one? May be able to
by highwater sooner over 92 months ago

fish finder
by badfish77 over 93 months ago
I'll put it in the sale forum as soon as
by dgeddings over 93 months ago

by AllenOK over 93 months ago
@Fishdude, I'll be at work then. My sch
by AllenOK over 93 months ago

.270 or .243
by badfish77 over 96 months ago
Got a Rem Mod 700 243 for sale on the Bu
by Hawker over 94 months ago

johnny stewart predator tapes wanted
by Toothpick over 95 months ago
PawPaw, I tried to e-mail you from home
by Toothpick over 95 months ago

17HMR Rifle
by CHEVYDUDE over 96 months ago
you can get a brand new savage 17 hmr pr
by dgeddings over 96 months ago

Look here...
by Bionic02 over 98 months ago
Whoa! How'd that happen!? Wierd! I guess
by Bionic02 over 97 months ago

Humminbird side inaging
by catfish king over 98 months ago
Trying looking on Bass Boat Central
by Bionic02 over 97 months ago

by boatracer242 over 102 months ago
Still for sale
by catfish king over 97 months ago

winning lottery ticket
by highwater sooner over 98 months ago
...but gentlemen, we wouldn't have it an
by falcon over 98 months ago

mussel shells
by musselman over 101 months ago
thanks for the welcome. from what i have
by musselman over 101 months ago

Mod V or Semi V hull All Welded Aluminum Boat
by okfisher96 over 101 months ago
Please reply if you have one!
by okfisher96 over 101 months ago

Deep Cycle Marine Battery
by Bionic02 over 101 months ago
by StriperJunkie over 101 months ago

Basstender or Bass Hunter
by birdsinhere2 over 101 months ago
Have you checked Craiglist? Found my Bas
by Bionic02 over 101 months ago

Contractor needed for...
by StriperJunkie over 102 months ago
or you can get into IT and sit in air co
by dgeddings over 102 months ago

small camper
by badfish77 over 102 months ago
Found one. Ebay, located in nebraska. $5
by badfish77 over 102 months ago

Wanted Bream traps
by luvslabfishin over 102 months ago
Yes,sent them a e-mail..... hope I get a
by luvslabfishin over 102 months ago

7mm 08
by Toothpick over 106 months ago
I bought a Weatherby Vanguard youth mode
by KukODWC over 103 months ago

Rifle in .257 Roberts
by KukODWC over 107 months ago
If I am not mistaken. The .257 Roberts w
by JWBROWN over 103 months ago

duck,goose,deer or turkey lease
by highwater sooner over 113 months ago
It is!!
by ndwoods over 104 months ago

15 hp outboard
by Bionic02 over 106 months ago
Thanks Lance! Looking forward to your ca
by Bionic02 over 105 months ago

Remington 870 Stock and Fore-end
by centralok over 107 months ago
I have one off of a 870 Express Pump. To
by tporter over 106 months ago

6 MM Remington
by WormN over 106 months ago
YEP..that's why....Actually it is for a
by WormN over 106 months ago

Bait Tank
by Hawker over 108 months ago
Thanks Rockjaw! It's actually the same
by Hawker over 106 months ago

Warm Weather!
by Popeye over 107 months ago
Has the sandbass run started yet.... [
by Shawn Watkins over 107 months ago

by dgeddings over 108 months ago
don't know if they know this stuff but t
by highwater sooner over 108 months ago

Wanted 8'X10' utility trailer
by Tony_Hughes over 109 months ago
There's a "boat trailer" listed on craig
by Goober over 109 months ago

Scrap Lumber
by falcon over 112 months ago
Paul you're too heavy to be sitting on a
by StriperJunkie over 111 months ago

Fiberglass Camper Shell for F-150
by FlyFishinOK over 112 months ago
I've got one from a 2004 f-150 supercrew
by dmacisu over 112 months ago

Family Law lawyer needed
by Clyde over 112 months ago
I might be able to help you out. Call m
by dmacisu over 112 months ago

I need dirt!!!!
by AllenOK over 112 months ago
Tulsa Cr'list dated 6 Aug... http://t
by n/a over 112 months ago

Sys admin
by dgeddings over 112 months ago
dgeddings@gmail.com the email on the fo
by dgeddings over 112 months ago

Lawnmower repair needed
by Clyde over 113 months ago
Red at kinnunen service center on 6th ju
by brian89 over 113 months ago

Home Grown Tomatoes
by bigfin over 113 months ago
I will let you know when I start picking
by biglugie over 113 months ago

Need something
by falcon over 113 months ago
Goober. You might consider posting your
by falcon over 113 months ago

by Toothpick over 88 months ago
I am looking for a good deal on a .243.
by Toothpick over 1458 months ago

3pt Spreader
by Toothpick over 100 months ago
I am interested in a reasonably priced 3
by Toothpick over 1458 months ago

Bass Tracker
by lancek over 93 months ago
Looking for a 16-17' Bass Tracker (been
by lancek over 1458 months ago

used tires
by highwater sooner over 96 months ago
need at least two tires for my work suv.
by highwater sooner over 1458 months ago

WANTED: fishing lures
by slab over 113 months ago
If you have any fishing lures (crankbait
by slab over 1458 months ago

Pflueger Trion 66
by Shamus over 78 months ago
I lost one overboard at Konawa Lake if a
by Shamus over 1458 months ago

looking for electric start 25 hp
by eyeman over 106 months ago
friend is looking for a 25 hp electric s
by eyeman over 1458 months ago

Big saltwater reels
by spoonbillz over 95 months ago
Looking for big reels like Penn 330 gti
by spoonbillz over 1458 months ago

Smith & Wesson 78g
by Turtle over 109 months ago
Might be a stretch, but somebody might h
by Turtle over 1458 months ago

by letsG.O.fishin over 104 months ago
115-150 25 inch shaft
by letsG.O.fishin over 1458 months ago

by okfisher96 over 96 months ago
Loking for a job around Edmond. I prefer
by okfisher96 over 1458 months ago

small outboard
by badfish77 over 106 months ago
Looking for really small 1.5-2 HP outboa
by badfish77 over 1458 months ago

Pressure Canner
by wesb over 92 months ago
Looking for a decent pressure canner wit
by wesb over 1458 months ago

predator fishing boat wanted
by Nate_d over 98 months ago
ndozier02@student.se.edu many thanks,
by Nate_d over 1458 months ago

Ament or Palmer lure molds
by pondhopper over 104 months ago
I like to make older styles of tackle .
by pondhopper over 1458 months ago

Light weight camper trailer
by Tony_Hughes over 84 months ago
Looking for something to take on project
by Tony_Hughes over 1458 months ago

Humming Bird Transduser and power cable
by boatracer242 over 99 months ago
Got a buddy whose girl friend bought him
by boatracer242 over 1458 months ago

Over Under Shotgun
by Ripinlips over 110 months ago
I am looking for 1-2 12 or 20 gauge over
by Ripinlips over 1458 months ago

2 man boat
by fishdude over 102 months ago
One of my employees is interested in fin
by fishdude over 1458 months ago

by Tony_Hughes over 96 months ago
For a good used Japanese import sedan or
by Tony_Hughes over 1458 months ago

decent rods/reels
by dgeddings over 106 months ago
If anyone is moving some out, I need to
by dgeddings over 1458 months ago

by okfisher96 over 96 months ago
Looking for a good pair of cowboy boots,
by okfisher96 over 1458 months ago

by letsG.O.fishin over 110 months ago
got a 30 and a 50 call me 6361648
by letsG.O.fishin over 1458 months ago

by dgeddings over 108 months ago
I need a utility or flatbed trailer that
by dgeddings over 1458 months ago

In Dash Flashers
by jigsbydirk over 93 months ago
Hey Guys & Gals, I'm looking for a flas
by jigsbydirk over 1458 months ago

Life Sized Animal Mounts
by Paw-Paw over 81 months ago
Ray Harral Nature Center in Broken Arrow
by Paw-Paw over 1458 months ago

used work truck
by highwater sooner over 97 months ago
looking for a good work truck. prefer ki
by highwater sooner over 1458 months ago

College Car
by falcon over 102 months ago
Looking for a car for my college bound s
by falcon over 1458 months ago

In need of some spent brass cartridges!
by AllenOK over 87 months ago
I've got a project in mind where I'm goi
by AllenOK over 1458 months ago

fishing rod ends, broken or old
by badfish77 over 102 months ago
looking for the end piece of two piece r
by badfish77 over 1458 months ago

looking for a small box anchor
by Nate_d over 106 months ago
i'm loooking for a small box anchor, ndo
by Nate_d over 1458 months ago

Bait Tank
by dhopper7 over 87 months ago
Looking for a pretty good sized bait tan
by dhopper7 over 1458 months ago

2 Man
by Micneador over 88 months ago
Looking for a sturdy two man boat to tak
by Micneador over 1458 months ago

50 gallon grayline
by dgeddings over 102 months ago
Subject says it all
by dgeddings over 1458 months ago

Pump 12 GA
by centralok over 98 months ago
Hey guys I am looking for a pump 12 gaug
by centralok over 1458 months ago

Martin Hatfield Limbs 45#
by one_more_cast over 93 months ago
Looking for 45 lb limbs for a hatfield (
by one_more_cast over 1458 months ago

Pontoon or deck boat
by d170700 over 102 months ago
Have a 99 Yamaha Grizzly 600 4x4 ATV tha
by d170700 over 1458 months ago

Late model 35-50hp outboard
by Okie21 over 102 months ago
I'm looking for a late model (last 15 ye
by Okie21 over 1458 months ago

Bass Boat
by Turtle over 113 months ago
My dad sold his today, so he's in the ma
by Turtle over 1458 months ago

50cc kids atv
by fireruk over 106 months ago
I am looking for a atv for my 4 yr old.
by fireruk over 1458 months ago

Fenwick HMG
by TNT over 85 months ago
I need some Fenwick HMG rods with the pi
by TNT over 1458 months ago

30 Gal Barrels
by Paw-Paw over 79 months ago
Need couple clean 30 gal barrels to make
by Paw-Paw over 1458 months ago

by lancek over 102 months ago
I'll probably catch some heat for this,
by lancek over 1458 months ago

outboard - 15hp
by Hoglaw over 98 months ago
Looking for an outboard for my new river
by Hoglaw over 1458 months ago

A good cooking job....
by AllenOK over 78 months ago
Where I'm not the grunt that has to fill
by AllenOK over 1458 months ago

Grayline bait tank
by Ripinlips over 93 months ago
Looking for a used Grayline bait tank fo
by Ripinlips over 1458 months ago

Nav light cover lost
by S. Rod over 62 months ago
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