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1970's ish Johnson 9.5
I am looking for a rubber replacement shut off button
by Dandy over 38 months ago
Look up OMC part #0379638
by jlb-cfd over 38 months ago

Tohatsu Question
by Slipknot over 43 months ago
Same as a Nissan, parts are high, only dealer around is Larry's Marine in Coweta.
by jlb-cfd over 43 months ago

Mercury 50 HP bogging down
by BassSER over 84 months ago
Did you ever get to the bottom of the problem with your motor??   Mine, same motor, is doing the exact same and I've gone through ...
by Jay over 44 months ago

Johnson 115hp won't start
by minman over 48 months ago
Possibly the Power Pack
by rottie over 48 months ago

Boat Leak causing you to sink?
Where to find help
by Tetrasi over 57 months ago
I created this thread in a means to help myself and others find a place where we can get our boats repaired. Selfish means yes, bu ...
by Tetrasi over 57 months ago

200 hp yamaha "Low Oil" light and horn
by fishdude over 67 months ago
Crazy thing about boats.  It's Always Something!  No matter how large or small.  My RV has caught the same disease. Always somethi ...
by falcon over 59 months ago

Dual on-board Battery Charger
by grizlyadams over 69 months ago
Thanks Dan, I will give it a try.  I did pry on it a little yesterday with a Screwdriver and found out the cover is Plastic (it cr ...
by grizlyadams over 69 months ago

Boat Trailer Wheel Locks
Anybody use one?
by bigjon over 69 months ago
If you make the trailer too hard to steal you will tempt them to take the truck and trailer together.
by BJames over 69 months ago

Old Ranger
by Ol Slick over 70 months ago
He took that rig over to Beaver Lake yesterday, I'll mention about the prop to him when he gets back in a few days. He seems to be ...
by Ol Slick over 69 months ago

motor is running but wont engage propeller urgent!!!
by fishman479 over 70 months ago
Good deal.  Could have been worse, I know.
by falcon over 70 months ago

How to Grease Wheel Bearing with Needle Fitting
Are the Needle Fittings Universal
by grizlyadams over 70 months ago
Kansas Basser,  Funny you asked about a picture.  I had 2 Pics on my phone and just deleted them off 5 minutes ago.  I could go ...
by grizlyadams over 70 months ago

Trouble getting boat to plane
1998 stratos 285 pro elite
by Fisher of Men over 73 months ago
Take your jackplate all of the way down, and trim the motor all of the way down. See if she will come out of the hole like that. I ...
by JWBROWN over 71 months ago

Motor Won't Start
Motor won't start after tilted too high
by Fisher of Men over 73 months ago
Hello everyone I have a  18' 1998 stratos 285 pro elite with a 1999 175hp evinrude ficht motor.   The motor fires up everytime whe ...
by Fisher of Men over 73 months ago

boat battery stupid question
by highwater sooner over 74 months ago
Thanks guys I took your advice and stuck with the 27 group dual purpose battery. Now just gotta get everything lined up on the boa ...
by highwater sooner over 74 months ago

Boat Trailer Repair
by Cash460 over 74 months ago
Thanks Willie, That never even crossed my mind. The price sounds a lot better too
by Cash460 over 74 months ago

Boat trailer safety check
by willcfish over 77 months ago
Be sure to check out your trailer before towing.
by willcfish over 77 months ago

Breakaway boat trailer tongue is a great feature.
by willcfish over 77 months ago
Couldn't have gotten it into the garage without it.
by willcfish over 77 months ago

Here's how I load my boat. Check your local regs.
by willcfish over 77 months ago
Boat loading made easy. It's not legal in all areas.
by willcfish over 77 months ago

1989 25 hp Mercury question
by ndwoods over 78 months ago
Sounds like it could be a reed problem.
by jlb-cfd over 77 months ago

Trouble getting boat to plane
1998 Stratos 1999 175hp Evinrude
by joeystilley over 78 months ago
I'd check your lower hull - make sure you aren't carrying a bunch of water between hulls - pull the plug and run a coat hanger wir ...
by Tony_Hughes over 78 months ago

help with trailer wiring
by bigjon over 83 months ago
Thanks for the offer Tallman Dan. I sen
by bigjon over 83 months ago

1975 6 HP Evinrude lower unit removal
by Cash460 over 84 months ago
Thanks jlb-cfd. I got the thing apart an
by Cash460 over 83 months ago

Too Good To Pass up?
by Tony_Hughes over 84 months ago
Got her cleaned out and hooked back up t
by Tony_Hughes over 84 months ago

98' Johnson 25hp starving for fuel
by mattwheaton over 84 months ago
Glad you got it going!
by BassSER over 84 months ago

stabbing a lower unit
by highwater sooner over 84 months ago
Unfortunately, I've had to stab a lower
by BassSER over 84 months ago

yamaha sat for 4 years
by letsG.O.fishin over 84 months ago
Screw you on a new fuel water seperator
by Tony_Hughes over 84 months ago

by Senkoboy over 85 months ago
I am using Hercules brand Trailer tires
by Tony_Hughes over 84 months ago

Carb Questions
by BassSER over 85 months ago
The old motor ran great on the trailer (
by BassSER over 84 months ago

Seafoam - How often to use it?
by Clyde over 85 months ago
I usually run a half can of Seafoam in m
by BassSER over 85 months ago

Lug Nuts
by Senkoboy over 85 months ago
Always a good idea to tell them NOT to u
by Tony_Hughes over 85 months ago

Beans - Good Suzuki Mech?
by Tony_Hughes over 85 months ago
You might check to see if its still unde
by Dave Clark over 85 months ago

Beans a question for ya
by highwater sooner over 85 months ago
I'm in Tulsa but the boat is in Mannford
by highwater sooner over 85 months ago

Anyone availible?
by Crankbait over 85 months ago
The older Champ bases (like my 1985 mode
by BassSER over 85 months ago

Lower Unit Damage
by BassSER over 88 months ago
Beans, You mentioned changing the fl
by BassSER over 86 months ago

De Carb
by okiefishman over 86 months ago
One can of sea foam in one gallon of fue
by beans over 86 months ago

Directional arrow on a MG
by Beagler over 87 months ago
I have always fought this with my MG's.
by JWBROWN over 87 months ago

Service Help
by Pops over 87 months ago
What is it doing
by beans over 87 months ago

Electrical problems? 115 Yamaha
by Senkoboy over 97 months ago
Xpress 18" boat New CDI box fixed my
by Senkoboy over 91 months ago

Floor replacement
by Big Bass Boss over 92 months ago
Thanks guys, I forgot to check back last
by Big Bass Boss over 91 months ago

Spark plug info
by Fishin over 92 months ago
by Fishin over 92 months ago

Good to see ya back Beans
by Tony_Hughes over 93 months ago
I will email ya a few files when I get b
by beans over 93 months ago

automatic oil injection
by hardluck over 100 months ago
Give me a few and I will post step by st
by beans over 93 months ago

Merc lower unit
by NELLI over 97 months ago
I have a few what's your transom size
by beans over 93 months ago

75 yamaha fuel problems
by Oxbow over 97 months ago
Does it again check the o ring in the co
by beans over 93 months ago

by 4c75 over 97 months ago
Positive pressure on a diaphragm system
by beans over 93 months ago

my boat is scared of water
by 4c75 over 96 months ago
Hot pack is what is sounds like to me. N
by beans over 93 months ago

1984 Johnson 50 hp carb question....
by gruberguy over 96 months ago
Lync and sync must be done correctly bef
by beans over 93 months ago

replacing oil lines on '90 merc 100hp
by Waterdog over 95 months ago
It will need to be bleed.
by beans over 93 months ago

The MOST common problem on two strokes
by Tony_Hughes over 94 months ago
Good info. Thanks, Tony!
by CalOkie over 94 months ago

Problem with 175 Mariner EFI
by neok over 95 months ago
Thanks for the replies. I'm thinking it
by neok over 95 months ago

Installing CCM reeds in my 130 V6-Merc
by Tony_Hughes over 96 months ago
Might - the boat ran GREAT - didn't know
by Tony_Hughes over 95 months ago

2003 90 hp mercury throttling down
by sooner74012 over 96 months ago
Glad you got the whatyamacallit that sit
by Goober over 96 months ago

Battery for trolling motor
by Chops over 96 months ago
Chops, perfect place to test that thing
by AllenOK over 96 months ago

boat winch
by misterp over 97 months ago
Misterb- Use the one you have for a patt
by ranger372xt over 96 months ago

Hasn't been started in a while
by Clyde over 97 months ago
Its a Merc likely it will fire right up
by Tony_Hughes over 96 months ago

by Nate_d over 98 months ago
Most marine dealers carry Gel Coat - ple
by Tony_Hughes over 97 months ago

trolling motor wiring Predator Boat
by Nate_d over 99 months ago
John helped him fix it.
by Dave Clark over 99 months ago

Oil pressure guage on Skeeter
by fishdude over 100 months ago
Thats your water pressure gauge -- norma
by Tony_Hughes over 100 months ago

Mariner water pump
by WormN over 100 months ago
OH.. the year is a 96.
by WormN over 100 months ago

Deck Repair on Deckboat?
by n/a over 102 months ago
Thanks much, I know I'd be in trouble wi
by n/a over 102 months ago

Kawasaki Jet ski
by fishdude over 103 months ago
I don't really care too but will. Just c
by beans over 103 months ago

beans - need help in a motor search
by Hoglaw over 104 months ago
I emailed you both phone if need 918636
by letsG.O.fishin over 104 months ago

Live well drain line
by bigjon over 104 months ago
Thanks, I sent you a email. BIGJON
by bigjon over 104 months ago

175 Merc prop problems
by catfish king over 104 months ago
A four blade will SLOW the boat down - t
by Tony_Hughes over 104 months ago

sea king 9.9
by misterp over 104 months ago
i think i may have solved the problem i
by misterp over 104 months ago

1973 merc 50hp
by bstanhope over 105 months ago
Well now it sounds like its the pump. Ke
by beans over 104 months ago

motor bogging down after a 100 yards
by molefeeder over 104 months ago
Well cross your fingers because that wou
by beans over 104 months ago

Mercury 200L Outboard
by wallyeyemike over 106 months ago
Replaced 3 pistons, 6 rods, 6 bearings,
by wallyeyemike over 104 months ago

by crosswinds over 105 months ago
put your boat in gear on the trailer eng
by dgeddings over 105 months ago

top of head 1985 90hp johnson
by letsG.O.fishin over 105 months ago
Ya just call and stop by the house. Cal
by beans over 105 months ago

shakey at idle
by letsG.O.fishin over 105 months ago
found out from factory rep all is normal
by letsG.O.fishin over 105 months ago

Tilt n Trim seals
by breas over 105 months ago
It's a 1988 Mercury 150 Black Max.
by breas over 105 months ago

Is Bean's Still in Business?
by neok over 105 months ago
I'm GREEN with envy! 5 days of fishing
by AllenOK over 105 months ago

Rotted floor
by KmacDiesel over 106 months ago
on second thought got 3 boats now better
by letsG.O.fishin over 106 months ago

What is it??
by ndwoods over 106 months ago
Not saying it couldn't be plugged up but
by beans over 106 months ago

Jet ski?
by c dubya over 106 months ago
Thanks Beans, I passed it along.
by c dubya over 106 months ago

by Mr.T over 106 months ago
Me.... No online surf eBay
by beans over 106 months ago

old motor choices
by letsG.O.fishin over 106 months ago
160 for both rebuilt bring them tomorrow
by beans over 106 months ago

Melted battery post
by c dubya over 107 months ago
The easiest but not the most reliable is
by beans over 106 months ago

hey beans?
by big cat daddy over 107 months ago
Thats boat motors for ya.
by beans over 106 months ago

Gel coat repair?
by Zac Goode over 107 months ago
Thanks for the reply guys!
by Zac Goode over 107 months ago

charges for service
by Waterdog over 107 months ago
150 to 200 just matters what comes up. H
by beans over 107 months ago

1980 50 hp Merc.
by cloveless over 107 months ago
Got it. Thanks.
by cloveless over 107 months ago

2004 Mercury Optimax 150 overheating
by bigcatter54 over 107 months ago
Ya I will look it tomorrow for ya
by beans over 107 months ago

inboard distributor
by highwater sooner over 107 months ago
Get to ya this weekend.
by beans over 107 months ago

Bad trim motor?
by spoonbillz over 107 months ago
Also if it turns out to be the motor and
by beans over 107 months ago

Carb issues...?
by BassSER over 107 months ago
beans...we can host a PDF on the fish wi
by falcon over 107 months ago

Water psi for a merc 225 efi
by spoonbillz over 107 months ago
10 is good
by beans over 107 months ago

by beans over 107 months ago
If you look under "Ask a notebooker", al
by falcon over 107 months ago

What should the water pressure be on a 225hp efi
by spoonbillz over 107 months ago
check your thermostat also man, my EFI h
by dgeddings over 107 months ago

Motor Running Slow
by Okie21 over 107 months ago
I can but I am not a Evinrude dealer I t
by beans over 107 months ago

Lost and Fount Carbs OMC
by beans over 156 months ago
Just relized I hit the wront key found n
by beans over 156 months ago

'88 45hp merc
by kingdom over 157 months ago
never mind my dad just found one. see po
by kingdom over 156 months ago

Replacing steering cable
by Oxbow over 157 months ago
I love my boat again. No more poyeye ar
by Oxbow over 156 months ago

Thanks Beans
by Rockjawjohnny over 158 months ago
Hey never got your email
by beans over 157 months ago

by Ol Slick over 157 months ago
Haven't had time to get it in yet. Overt
by Big Mike82 over 157 months ago

Reed replacement
by Tony_Hughes over 157 months ago
Just forget the jet part - its a 200HP s
by Tony_Hughes over 157 months ago

motor problems
by roadrunner over 157 months ago
You need to check your compression befor
by beans over 157 months ago

Need more rpm's
by Big Mike82 over 157 months ago
I'm going to try to raise the motor. I n
by Big Mike82 over 157 months ago

Hey Beans
by Ol Slick over 157 months ago
Tomorrow in the AM I'll be around the ho
by Ol Slick over 157 months ago
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