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New in box HDS 7 Gen 3
by Bigbite over 37 months ago
I need sold. Only opened to inspect.  I live in claremore I'll drive to meet.  I'll take $825.    It has skimmer transducer doesn' ...
by Bigbite over 37 months ago

Tohatsu Outboard
Are they made well?
by Slipknot over 37 months ago
I don't know anything about Tohatsu.  Looking at 1987 90hp 2 stroke. It has the oil injection. Low hours. Are these motors any go ...
by Slipknot over 37 months ago

120v ac to 12v dc converter
by Trackerman over 59 months ago
On Friday Oct 23, 2015 at 9:38 AM TallManDan said ... On Thursday Oct 15, 2015 at 2:49 PM ryan darrow said ... On Friday Dec 12, ...
by ryan darrow over 48 months ago

good beginner bait casting reel?
by Dado over 52 months ago
Trust me I am very broke, I have been living in Oklahoma for 4 years now and they still make me pay out of state tuition. Only way ...
by Dado over 52 months ago

looking for a sm. boat for my son and i
by davisracin3 over 53 months ago
i live in blair,  okla and im looking for a TITLED small flat bottom boat that i can throw in the back of my truck, or if it comes ...
by davisracin3 over 53 months ago

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Issues - Need help
by cbhopper28 over 56 months ago
Update - Battery good.  Apparently the switch on the foot pedal was kicked into the off switch.  We didn't think to check it at ...
by cbhopper28 over 56 months ago

Trouble with hds gen 2
by JT over 57 months ago
JT give me a call 918-231-3217
by rottie over 57 months ago

Needing a New Propeller
by Tyler.Williams over 61 months ago
Looking for a new propeller while my current one is still in good enough condition to be used as a spare. I know there are propel ...
by Tyler.Williams over 61 months ago

Gotta Go Fishing!
When you just can't wait!!
by Fish Whisperer over 64 months ago

by Fish Whisperer over 64 months ago

urgent boat problems
motor is running but wont engage propeller
by fishman479 over 65 months ago
definitely the wrong spot sorry guys I am reposting this in the boat dock section. again sorry for the double post take this one d ...
by fishman479 over 65 months ago

Trailer Wiring
by bigjon over 77 months ago
I am assuming as this is over a year ago you got this fixed but if not I have worked in car stereo and boat stereo for a few years ...
by fishman479 over 65 months ago

hole in my boat
by Ol Slick over 65 months ago
I've had an off and on issue with my front live well pump. I've taken it apart and cleaned it, I've had to thump it a time or thre ...
by Ol Slick over 65 months ago

Potential disaster averted
It only takes once
by bigjon over 65 months ago
I always make a overall safety check and feel my hubs and shake the wheels on boat trailer before and after towing any distance to ...
by bigjon over 65 months ago

Small boat loading tips
by willcfish over 65 months ago
Sand ramps can be a challenge.
by willcfish over 65 months ago

Lower unit support Transom Saver
by willcfish over 65 months ago
This style is easy to add on.
by willcfish over 65 months ago

Boat gear we need on board.
by willcfish over 72 months ago
Looks like a lot but not when it's put away.
by willcfish over 72 months ago

Oil injection question
1996 Merc 225 EFI
by wali over 72 months ago
Thanks Tony, I'll give that a try.
by wali over 72 months ago

Trim Position Sender 2006 Yamaha F60 TLR Outboard
How to adjust?
by Slipknot over 72 months ago
Found it
by Slipknot over 72 months ago

Bearing buddies vs something else?
by wesb over 76 months ago
I've had bad luck with them staying installed. If they fly off you're on the road to a bearing failure. Put me in the hate column. ...
by okiefishman over 74 months ago

Would you pull a boat trailer with a flat tire?
by willcfish over 77 months ago
I pulled mine home once on a flat , but
by Dave Clark over 77 months ago

Inflatable registration
by Firemedic716 over 78 months ago
You might want to talk to a tag agent???
by AllenOK over 78 months ago

Replacement Prop question
by cbhopper28 over 78 months ago
Great! Thank you!
by cbhopper28 over 78 months ago

How to load your boat on a bunk trailer.
by willcfish over 78 months ago
They are great especially if you have a
by Dave Clark over 78 months ago

I really like the breakaway boat trailer tongue.
by willcfish over 79 months ago
dont get the bolt on units they are not
by letsG.O.fishin over 78 months ago

Learn to read worried water.
by willcfish over 79 months ago
Cool, thanks for the heads up.
by cbhopper28 over 78 months ago

This guy was smart.
by willcfish over 79 months ago
Those are the days when you just need to
by Ol Slick over 79 months ago

My New Nitro Z8
by OkieBasser over 80 months ago
One of my Ponca buds kept about 12 nice
by cbeam over 80 months ago

Predator Boats
by Devon over 94 months ago
There is a 20' for sale in Monroe LA if
by Tony_Hughes over 81 months ago

Aluminum V bottom question
by Nate_d over 83 months ago
You'll need a big drift sock or two if y
by Blaine over 83 months ago

Problem with a Lowrance
by Beagler over 100 months ago
Thanks Beagler and Dave,I was hoping tha
by bhoeltzel over 87 months ago

jet boat rivers in OK?
by sprinter over 97 months ago
I was on the Kiamichi a few weeks ago, a
by Hoglaw over 91 months ago

i pilot purchase?
by Nate_d over 91 months ago
I think I got mine for about 50$ off of
by Dave Clark over 91 months ago

by luckys lures over 94 months ago
I have a web page you can order on it is
by luckys lures over 92 months ago

Trolling motor repair
by Beagler over 112 months ago
whats wrong? might be able to help!
by letsG.O.fishin over 95 months ago

Reel Repairs
by FlyFishinOK over 104 months ago
This is really late in the game but figu
by Hoglaw over 98 months ago

mercury impeller
by highwater sooner over 104 months ago
well I hope you've got this figured out
by ryan darrow over 100 months ago

New (to me)Toy
by FlyFishinOK over 104 months ago
I bought this one used for $799 (half pr
by FlyFishinOK over 101 months ago

WARNING!!! Stay away from Ugnly John's
by troutdoc over 103 months ago
that sucks man, sorry to hear that. i
by dgeddings over 103 months ago

Best Locator for the money
by Lucky33 over 104 months ago
Lowrance has some new units out that loo
by okiefishman over 103 months ago

by tagnbrag over 125 months ago
I tend to agree. The colored hooks haven
by falcon over 104 months ago

mercury parts in tulsa
by highwater sooner over 105 months ago
well we are full of it so i think we wou
by highwater sooner over 104 months ago

Blue Wave 250 open
by Shawn Watkins over 105 months ago
Just order a yellowfin and be done, thei
by dgeddings over 105 months ago

Emergency kit
by bigjon over 105 months ago
Sounds like my wife's purse.
by Lurker over 105 months ago

Kipawa trolling motor props
by Nate_d over 109 months ago
I'm running this prop and am real happy
by Nate_d over 105 months ago

what would be the best outboard to buy
by slab over 126 months ago
I just sold a 2005 model 40hp four strok
by Goober over 112 months ago

Project boats
by ndwoods over 112 months ago
Love to see the pics. You are braver th
by falcon over 112 months ago

Lazy Susan Rod Holder
by flyhuntfish over 141 months ago
I love putting to use stuff I make mysel
by ndwoods over 112 months ago

Aluminum cleaner
by Beagler over 112 months ago
Muriatic acid cut 50/50 with water. Use
by Lurker over 112 months ago

Conditioning a cast net
by Beagler over 113 months ago
Tony, I'll have to try that with my next
by StriperJunkie over 113 months ago

New boat
by J.C. over 120 months ago
yeah I've read nothing but good about se
by dgeddings over 119 months ago

Anyone here got a Mokai boat?
by upDUHcreek over 124 months ago
Dropped a dime to call surfango. They do
by upDUHcreek over 120 months ago

anyone have a transom jack?
by walleyejoe over 126 months ago
gotta 10" on my yeller boat,, werks grea
by CRAPPIEDENTIST over 123 months ago

Stuck seat pedestal
by dan over 131 months ago
Danny just tried to call you left messag
by Roger over 126 months ago

Help Selecting New Reel
by FlyFishinOK over 127 months ago
Thanks for the info guys...I want the op
by FlyFishinOK over 127 months ago

Marine Battery Question
by Teed over 128 months ago
I just replaced both my batteries with t
by dgeddings over 127 months ago

by CRAPPIEDENTIST over 127 months ago
and that black boat in the background is
by CRAPPIEDENTIST over 127 months ago

Question on tagging my new boat
by dgeddings over 129 months ago
finally got the title for the motor toda
by dgeddings over 128 months ago

My boat
by dgeddings over 128 months ago
That's excactly what i was looking for..
by Gonefishin78 over 128 months ago

by dgeddings over 129 months ago
well, got some daiwa 4000 series reels a
by dgeddings over 128 months ago

Fish finder
by billerooo over 131 months ago
try this sink a cedar tree with jug atat
by n/a over 129 months ago

New boat. Some might like.
by Charlie over 132 months ago
Sorry about that. Try this.---- charlie
by Charlie over 132 months ago

Anybody bought a GPS for your car/pickup lately?
by Popeye over 138 months ago
The Bass Pro Flyer that came in the mail
by Xrap over 132 months ago

2009 Gator Trax
by Treble Clef over 134 months ago
By that I hope you mean birds and/or ter
by Treble Clef over 133 months ago

New Boat
by Oxbow over 134 months ago
Thanks Oxbow, I am going to try some o
by lelzo over 134 months ago

New Toy
by Kansas Basser over 134 months ago
We're having one at Lake Norfork in Arka
by BassSER over 134 months ago

looking 4 fiberglass repair shop
by upDUHcreek over 136 months ago
Nothing in OKC if you want it done right
by beans over 134 months ago

Drifting Gear
by Clyde over 135 months ago
does anybody know where i can order a bu
by Clyde over 135 months ago

lead bank sinker mold
by n/a over 141 months ago
thanks cloveless but i sold my downrigg
by n/a over 137 months ago

Snapshots from my Humminbird 1157SI
by OkieBasser over 137 months ago
I could probably trade my boat for one o
by BassSER over 137 months ago

Lookin for some seats
by n/a over 137 months ago
Wannafish, I really don't know anything
by n/a over 137 months ago

Boat and trailer
by Danny.Williams over 141 months ago
How much do you want for them & are you
by FlyFishinOK over 138 months ago

Colorado Pelican vs Old Town Guide Canoe
by flyhuntfish over 140 months ago
I got the Old Towne Guide 147 (14'7").
by flyhuntfish over 139 months ago

Can you post a boat for sale here?
by upDUHcreek over 139 months ago
Cool, thanks BassSER
by upDUHcreek over 139 months ago

Live Bait Lookig for big shiners
by upDUHcreek over 139 months ago
Sorry Dan, I'm in OKC, And the place I p
by upDUHcreek over 139 months ago

Trailer help please
by palomino9584 over 139 months ago
Google said...Ultra-High Molecular Weigh
by falcon over 139 months ago

battery charger
by duke over 140 months ago
call antique road show HA!
by letsG.O.fishin over 139 months ago

fish finder question
by badfish77 over 140 months ago
Great Info Okiefishman! I've had a quest
by Vlaude over 139 months ago

mitchell reel part?
by highwater sooner over 140 months ago
thanks hawker i'll try that one. how are
by highwater sooner over 140 months ago

New Spoonbill Guide
by Old Dad over 140 months ago
Wouldn't want to attempt to troll holdin
by Ranger373V over 140 months ago

Serious... lets get this Boat & Gear section going
by Shawn Watkins over 140 months ago
Shawns boat is a lake titty-caca special
by n/a over 140 months ago

Here's my boat...
by BassSER over 141 months ago
Have you seen the price of new drapes???
by BassSER over 141 months ago

Pee in a pitcher and Dump in a pail.
by willcfish over 79 months ago
Toilet facilities in a fishing boat. Don
by willcfish over 1458 months ago

Made a set of trolling/drifting rod holders....
by AllenOK over 124 months ago
for my kayak. Went to Lowe's, and pic
by AllenOK over 1458 months ago

needed old tilt trailer
by tim over 133 months ago
If anyone has an old tilt trailer for a
by tim over 1458 months ago

Removing scratches from side of boat
by TallManDan over 80 months ago
While rubbing against a stump, I got a l
by TallManDan over 1458 months ago

boat picture problems
by upDUHcreek over 139 months ago
this is as close as I can get to just a
by upDUHcreek over 1458 months ago

wanted jack plate
by letsG.O.fishin over 135 months ago
want jack plate for 120hp force ed 6361
by letsG.O.fishin over 1458 months ago

Towed and Stowed
by n/a over 138 months ago
My son Brian helped me get the motor up.
by n/a over 1458 months ago

boatparts store
by n/a over 127 months ago
by n/a over 1458 months ago

another fish finder
by kingdom over 129 months ago
just picked a hummingbird matrix 67. rea
by kingdom over 1458 months ago

Wing Dam Danger: Learn how to read water.
by willcfish over 81 months ago
Wing Dam Danger: Learn how to read water
by willcfish over 1458 months ago

Small Honda heads up
by Ol Slick over 134 months ago
My brother is rebuilding a little Honda
by Ol Slick over 1458 months ago

Pinpoint TR320
by ndwoods over 101 months ago
I was given this sonar unit and it says
by ndwoods over 1458 months ago

Rod testing in the store isle is important
by willcfish over 77 months ago
You will often see people testing rods i
by willcfish over 1458 months ago

Minn Kota Deckhand 25
by hookem4ever over 125 months ago
Anyone ever use one and what type/size o
by hookem4ever over 1458 months ago

Humminbird 385ci
by lancek over 104 months ago
Fellers, My wife and the in-laws got a
by lancek over 1458 months ago

Drinking and boats don't mix.
by willcfish over 78 months ago
Do you have problems with boaters drinki
by willcfish over 1458 months ago
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