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Oklahoma Kayak Anglers 2015
season recap
by Madwall88 over 27 months ago
Thank you for the write up.
by falcon over 27 months ago

Red River Rivalry 10/4/14
OK vs. TX in a black bass & striper format
by Madwall88 over 38 months ago
Shoot me an e-mail.  I have a couple of prizes I'd like to donate. Nine 1 8 six three 9 eight one one four.
by falcon over 38 months ago

3 name lake kayak tournament
by Madwall88 over 51 months ago
Test  [URL= ...
by Madwall88 over 50 months ago

Claremore Kayak Tourney
by BassSER over 52 months ago
Good Job BassSer!
by JWBROWN over 52 months ago

Claremore Tournament?
by BassSER over 52 months ago
wow, I don't think I've ever seen a post
by Madwall88 over 52 months ago

Blue River
by centralok over 54 months ago
I hear ya. The one time I wade fished i
by centralok over 54 months ago

Jackson big tuna?
by Mr.T over 55 months ago
I was also looking at them. The tuna loo
by Mr.T over 55 months ago

KBF OPEN Santee Cooper, SC
by Madwall88 over 55 months ago
Really interesting story Brent. Thanks!
by Danny.Williams over 55 months ago

Anyone here have a Coosa?
by centralok over 55 months ago
If you are mostly fishing rivers, you'll
by DoubleDeltaOK over 55 months ago

NEOKATS Greenleaf
by Madwall88 over 55 months ago
I caught the 6.1 pounder on an a-rig. No
by FlyFishinOK over 55 months ago

Mountain 2/3
by Madwall88 over 56 months ago
They work wonders on the striper below k
by Micneador over 56 months ago

Keystone NEOKATS
by Madwall88 over 60 months ago
Great event yesterday Brent, thanks for
by DoubleDeltaOK over 60 months ago

by Madwall88 over 60 months ago
Nice post. Looks like your partner had a
by falcon over 60 months ago

by Madwall88 over 60 months ago
DD- I keep forgetting to ask, how NEOKA.
by Madwall88 over 60 months ago

by Madwall88 over 63 months ago
Thanks Brent for organizing! After my r
by DoubleDeltaOK over 63 months ago

looking for a second yak
by Oxbow over 64 months ago
Yep, Dave Lindo at OKC Kayaks can hook y
by DoubleDeltaOK over 64 months ago

Anyone care to yack about Yaks?
by CalOkie over 67 months ago
I own a Hobie Pro Angler. Fished it exte
by parrothead918 over 65 months ago

Mounting a locater on a yak
by Beagler over 65 months ago
actually the LSS-1 doesnt work for poo p
by dgeddings over 65 months ago

Spavinaw creek on Sat
by Beagler over 66 months ago
Don't go alone. Ask the guys about how
by AllenOK over 65 months ago

4/4 old faithful
by Madwall88 over 66 months ago
The smaller the vessel- the bigger the l
by BassSER over 66 months ago

Paddlefish 3/23
by Madwall88 over 67 months ago
FYI....A Tail Rope works wonders for lan
by rottie over 66 months ago

Kiamichi River Float
by FlyFishinOK over 67 months ago
You can't beat that! Especially the big
by Danny.Williams over 67 months ago

Open Invite
by AllenOK over 67 months ago
We caught a couple of hybrids last weeke
by xfactor over 67 months ago

Grand 3/5
by Madwall88 over 68 months ago
Nice "spot" We're going to have to t
by okbucksnducks over 67 months ago

Boomer 2/21
by Madwall88 over 68 months ago
The upper lip on that bass looks like J-
by BassSER over 68 months ago

Boomer 2/14
by Madwall88 over 68 months ago
Nice fish keep it up.
by quickset over 68 months ago

Kayak Repair
by lancek over 69 months ago
I definitely see how that could come in
by DoubleDeltaOK over 69 months ago

Who was at Pretty Water today?
by Padre over 69 months ago
It wawn't I. I was at the river, wrestl
by Danny.Williams over 69 months ago

Was anybody in a yak at the Pedestrian Bridge?
by AllenOK over 70 months ago
61328 couldn't have been me then.
by Danny.Williams over 70 months ago

Ahoy Matey!
by AllenOK over 70 months ago
Thanks Falcon! Good to see your alive
by DoubleDeltaOK over 70 months ago

Okemah June 23
by Madwall88 over 65 months ago
Okemah lake kayak bass fishing tournamen
by Madwall88 over 1433 months ago

Something to use as a small planer board
by AllenOK over 67 months ago
I don't have any of these yet, but they
by AllenOK over 1433 months ago

Hefner launch
by scottt over 65 months ago
I'm wanting to fish the area near the re
by scottt over 1433 months ago

NEOKATS Holdenville
by Madwall88 over 54 months ago
What a trip! I attempted to camp to save
by Madwall88 over 1433 months ago

Pumpback/WR Holway Tourney 7-13-13
by BassSER over 51 months ago
This from the NEOKA Facebook page: To
by BassSER over 1433 months ago

Why you shouldn't take a kayak near a low-head dam
by AllenOK over 66 months ago
The Arkansas River was really humping ye
by AllenOK over 1433 months ago

Texoma 11/18
by Madwall88 over 59 months ago
Norm and I made our way down to Texoma t
by Madwall88 over 1433 months ago

Pond Run 6/24
by Madwall88 over 64 months ago
by Madwall88 over 1433 months ago
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