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        Facts are meaningless.

        You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!

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New Tailwaters Law
Name and Fishing License number required on Stringer
by grizlyadams over 44 months ago
I personally think it's a very good ideal. Too many of us have seen fisherman run up to the car, or drive home and back after the ...
by Danny.Williams over 44 months ago

Dang it-bad product and lousy remedy
by highwater sooner over 48 months ago
In small claims court, there is no attorney.
by Kansas Basser over 48 months ago

Whats good for the Goose should be good for the hen - ODWC Shame
by Tony_Hughes over 48 months ago
RCC, I have always tried to hold this board to things kids can read.  Rest assured, I would not allow that picture to be posted he ...
by falcon over 48 months ago

I know how to save the state and federal gov't thousands of dollars!
Idiot drivers
by Tinman over 51 months ago
Beaver was a No Go.  (personal choice)  I realized after getting to AR. I would need probably a 3 day license for a half day on ...
by R.W. over 50 months ago

The Insurance GAME
by Tony_Hughes over 53 months ago
As far as I'm concerned, there is no monetary amount to cover every day pain for the rest of one's life.
by Ol Slick over 51 months ago

Math problem
by OKWillie over 51 months ago
The 7-11 by my house is selling pure gas for $2.50 and the E10 for $2.07 per gal, 90% of $2.50 = $2.25, E10 is 90% pure gas and ...
by OKWillie over 51 months ago

Retired and looking for a boat.
Why all of the lies?
by Tinman over 52 months ago
Thanks for the heads up. I am sort of restricted as to what I can buy,- I have an Equinox and it is suppose to be able to pull 150 ...
by Tinman over 51 months ago

City of Gore
by dhopper7 over 51 months ago
??? Jerry was the camp host down there so obviously he didn't mind helping out. If only others would as well. I'm bitter towards t ...
by dhopper7 over 51 months ago

by AllenOK over 51 months ago
Thanks.  The fish are going to miss me for awhile.  I'm not released to drive.  I'm on light-duty restrictions as well.  That mean ...
by AllenOK over 51 months ago

FISH Donuts
What WHAT???
by Fish Whisperer over 53 months ago
I think I saw Nemo in there.
by R.W. over 53 months ago

More rain on its way!!!
by OKWillie over 53 months ago
I think it was on Google Maps when I pulled it up.  That was a big one.
by fishdude over 53 months ago

free huntin' and fishin'
by Ol Slick over 53 months ago
I carry a card myself. I don't hunt. And don't plan to change. LOL I love seeing the Indian get their just due, but hate to see ...
by Danny.Williams over 53 months ago

Why all the RAIN
by OKWillie over 53 months ago
Too MUCH rain. Flooding is bad. Blame on obsma
by Fish Whisperer over 53 months ago

Well, that stinks!
by AllenOK over 54 months ago
Last Friday, I went fishing.  Managed to bring home some nice catfish as well. Apparently, I brought home something more than so ...
by AllenOK over 54 months ago

by AllenOK over 54 months ago
AllenOK, I know how you feel. I was anchored on skiatook Friday trying to convince my daughter the hybrids was going to start biti ...
by JT over 54 months ago

Bass Pro Shops
by bdcoley3 over 58 months ago
I have only been to the "Tulsa Store" once, maybe twice. I was there around lunchtime, so I figured I'd try the food.  (Mistake) ...
by R.W. over 55 months ago

Spring in Oklahoma
It has begun
by bdcoley3 over 56 months ago
It's really no big deal because I'd do it again. But what the big deal is what those Sand Springs & Tulsa firefighters did at the ...
by bdcoley3 over 56 months ago

ISIS beheads another American
by bdcoley3 over 60 months ago
As obtuse as it might have been , my point is its all feigned outrage You know what we really should be outraged about? Murder r ...
by Tony_Hughes over 60 months ago

Nuclear Iran
Two new Nuke reactors
by bdcoley3 over 60 months ago
Hey y'all I just now read that Iran has ordered two new nuclear reactors from the Russian Federation.  Russia signed a contract ye ...
by bdcoley3 over 60 months ago

The Power of Friendship
by Fish Whisperer over 61 months ago
That was very cool.
by Dave_Naasz over 60 months ago

Lure heads up...
by Ol Slick over 61 months ago
Funny you mention that Slick.  I met a couple really cool young  Asian guys from Wichita that work in aircraft up there.  They fis ...
by Tom Henley over 61 months ago

Boat Ramp
by Senkoboy over 61 months ago
"I love entertainment at the boat ramp." I was gonna ask about the video...  ?
by R.W. over 61 months ago

Trash Talk
Why do people leave their trash where they have been fishing?
by R.W. over 61 months ago
Ignorance for the ones that leave the trash, laziness for the ones that don't pick it up. Simple as that.
by Ol Slick over 61 months ago

Not a rant or rave. Just some thoughts.
by Fish Whisperer over 62 months ago
Robin, I usually don't follow this colum, but glad I saw this.  My dad told me that too, but he didn't mean it.  Was probably some ...
by Tom Henley over 62 months ago

New Lincoln Commercial
by Fish Whisperer over 62 months ago
One of the funniest I've seen in a long time!  A little long but watch the whole thing......
by Fish Whisperer over 62 months ago

Broken Mercury
Broken Mercury
by CHEVYDUDE over 62 months ago
I may try that Tony, I need more WOT sometimes R is in a hurry! Will probably use less gas too. My Manual recommends DFI and says ...
by StriperEd over 62 months ago

dang bees
by Ol Slick over 62 months ago
Stood up, broken hearted, again....Danny, they should have at least had some spots on em.
by Ol Slick over 62 months ago

A day in the life
by Ol Slick over 62 months ago
Yep, rough fish tossed on the banks, rough fish trapped in small pools that soon go dry, shad left stranded in small pools, lots o ...
by Ol Slick over 62 months ago

Git R Done.
by Danny.Williams over 62 months ago
That's pretty cool.  Sounds like they gave the Cornhuskers all they wanted!
by falcon over 62 months ago

boric acid
by Ol Slick over 62 months ago
controlling meth????that's the joke right there.
by Ol Slick over 62 months ago

It as begun
by bdcoley3 over 63 months ago
The pole dancer was nice...an area builder had one of those mail order eastern European gals around for a couple of years...eye ca ...
by Ol Slick over 62 months ago

Young girl with full auto
by Ol Slick over 63 months ago
Common sense is no longer "common" these days - you just can't fix stupid - and the so called instructor paid for it with his life ...
by Tony_Hughes over 63 months ago

There's ALWAYS someone haveing a worse day then you!!
by Fish Whisperer over 63 months ago
The golf dude with the cactus stuck to him cracks me up.  He must have REALLY been in the rough!
by Fish Whisperer over 63 months ago

Riots in Missouri
by Dave Clark over 63 months ago
I agree with you on that.
by Dave Clark over 63 months ago

So, What was youir first Job?
Pretty Funny
by R.W. over 63 months ago
How does one put together a winning resume with this work experience:  # 14 is the one...Enjoy 1. My first job was working i ...
by R.W. over 63 months ago

Forgot to tag the truck last Feb.
by Danny.Williams over 63 months ago
If I were a politician, a lawyer or a preacher - I'd find a loophole.
by Danny.Williams over 63 months ago

Some People are just jerks
by bigjon over 63 months ago
I'm thinkin' maybe ol Wade shoulda guided that motor boat up through the deep water, but I can understand you fellas wanting that ...
by Ol Slick over 63 months ago

Proper display of COE Ramp Pass
Can common sense override policy?
by TallManDan over 64 months ago
On Wednesday Jul 23, 2014 at 6:48 PM Fish Whisperer said ... ...It's too bad when power is given to people whose only purpose in ...
by TallManDan over 64 months ago

Whitehorn Cove Marina on Ft. Gibson Lake
Good hot meals at an affordable price
by TallManDan over 64 months ago
Interesting. Sometimes I like to put jugs out Friday evening, run them till midnight, and hit them again at dawn. Didn't realize t ...
by TallManDan over 64 months ago

TallManDan's son on ESPN's ESPY's tonight
by TallManDan over 64 months ago
IF you happen to watch the ESPY awards tonight on ESPN, watch for Mercer University to win the "Biggest Upset" award for their ups ...
by TallManDan over 64 months ago

New One on Me - Rant and Rave
by Tony_Hughes over 67 months ago
I've been buying a few more tools lately, and this go round I am pretty amazed- Harbor Freight's tools are no longer a compromise. ...
by max_door over 64 months ago

Dead thing comes to life......
by Fish Whisperer over 65 months ago
Well.  It's a very sad day.  Every day for the past couple weeks, when I step out my back door to watch the sunrise and drink my f ...
by Fish Whisperer over 64 months ago

They call it Nam Pla
But it reminds me of....
by Fishin over 65 months ago
I like a little squirt of the stuff into the pan as I'm stir-frying the dish.  Adds a nice depth of flavor to the dish.  However, ...
by AllenOK over 65 months ago

Dangerous Days
by Tony_Hughes over 65 months ago
The Frankenstein monster the current politicians have let develop in the Middle East is soon coming to a head. The United States h ...
by Tony_Hughes over 65 months ago

People who live like pigs
Neighborhood Blight
by bigjon over 65 months ago
I finally got a response from the City today and at least I have tracking numbers for the two worst empty houses.  Maybe they will ...
by bigjon over 65 months ago

Guess who's coming to town!
by Pops over 65 months ago
"From what I read" Danny, You might be a little closer to the source on that reading stuff. I did notice that the BPS was loca ...
by R.W. over 65 months ago

My tribute to good man
by Tony_Hughes over 66 months ago
That was awesome Tony! Again I'm sorry for your loss!
by Pops over 66 months ago

by bdcoley3 over 67 months ago
Again why would they use such weapons? It exposes Russian citizens as well, Putin is not an idiot, what he is doing right now is m ...
by Tony_Hughes over 66 months ago

Notebookers are good people.
by Cash460 over 66 months ago
I saw a fellow Notebooker do something really cool this past Friday. The said  Notebooker was fueling up his vehicle and an elderl ...
by Cash460 over 66 months ago

Mangum Rattlesnake Derby
by Cash460 over 67 months ago
I think Okeene was the first town to hold an annual snake round-up, not sure, but seems so. There's a half dozen or so towns that ...
by Ol Slick over 67 months ago

Lane "Butt-er-in-ers"
What do YOU think?
by Fish Whisperer over 67 months ago
On Saturday Apr 26, 2014 at 8:04 AM Danny.Williams said ... Now hold on thar MR WILLIAMS - I AIN'T BALD - yet
by Tony_Hughes over 67 months ago

Very agitated new boat owner!
by firerook over 68 months ago
Thanks for the heads up. I am sure sorry you are having to go through this. Stand your ground until they make it good. I doubt a ...
by birdsinhere2 over 67 months ago

Incredible Pictures!
If you love animals........
by Fish Whisperer over 67 months ago
Cool pictures!
by Cash460 over 67 months ago

back in time
by Ol Slick over 67 months ago
Places remembered and misspent youth  - Its always good to take those trips and remember what was and what ifs - we see thru the t ...
by Tony_Hughes over 67 months ago

by Ol Slick over 67 months ago
Will do, nothing on the horizon right now though. Thanks a bunch.
by Ol Slick over 67 months ago

Signed up my dogs for TANF Welfare today
by Tony_Hughes over 68 months ago
On Wednesday Mar 26, 2014 at 11:46 AM Dave Clark said ... Can you get it if you have  CRS? I don't remember...
by BassSER over 68 months ago

Larry Smith Marine
by mattwheaton over 68 months ago
Now with pictures
by mattwheaton over 68 months ago

TallManDan's even taller son playing in NCAA March Madness
by TallManDan over 68 months ago
Praying for a full and speedy recovery.
by highwater sooner over 68 months ago

by Senkoboy over 68 months ago
Why does the wind blow 30+ MPH every time I get a day off?
by Senkoboy over 68 months ago

Whats your Maylaysia flight 370 theory?
Its probably as good as cnn can come up with
by 8LB over 68 months ago
I am with you 8lb.  its in a hanger, getting fitted with latest and greatest weapons a terroritst can come up with..  they will fi ...
by Shawn Watkins over 68 months ago

by Ol Slick over 68 months ago
Cool birds they like those tall oaks and pecans to nest in - we have a couple of pairs in our hood. Its hilarious to watch em ge ...
by Tony_Hughes over 68 months ago

Upset Holiday Inn Gold member
by TallManDan over 68 months ago
I've been known to jerk phones and cable boxes out of the wall and take them down to the office and tell folks to stick em up thei ...
by Ol Slick over 68 months ago

Our Next President, hail to the Chieftess
by Tony_Hughes over 68 months ago
I think she is part Indian and part Chinese. Lat name should be Ugh Lee. But she WILL be the next president. But not from my vot ...
by Dave Clark over 68 months ago

Affordable Care Act
I typed that with a straight face. lol
by Fishin over 74 months ago
This monstrosity is helping no one - as I said earlier its creating class divisions, unions want their own version, state and fede ...
by Tony_Hughes over 68 months ago

Putin Leaps and MAKES the two handed Dunk !!!
by Tony_Hughes over 68 months ago
After a little misdirection with a banana.
by Tony_Hughes over 68 months ago

TallManDan's even taller son on ESPN2, Sunday, 1pm CST
by TallManDan over 68 months ago
Thats great Dan. Im reel glade for you and your family.
by Dave Clark over 68 months ago

A story
by Ol Slick over 68 months ago
Yep, I heard some folks that were upset by what went on in that August Osage movie, I told em it was kinda like a family reunion a ...
by Ol Slick over 68 months ago

The Push to legalize pot
by Tony_Hughes over 69 months ago
I have no problem with folks that are truly helped with medical use, and I do believe that to be legitimate. I knew a multiple org ...
by Ol Slick over 69 months ago

We now have three political parties
by Tony_Hughes over 69 months ago
The gimmedats,  noricans,  and tearicans Patriots one and all
by Tony_Hughes over 69 months ago

Platinum tinted windshield
And yet another reason to say "Come on Spring!"
by Fish Whisperer over 69 months ago
Those cracks give good character. Why do you think ol' Black Lightning has so much personality?!?! Speaking of character. Just w ...
by crosswinds over 69 months ago

what is your opinion
by krazycat over 69 months ago
Tony, if it's the one I remember, that sure was a raw deal. I can't imagine being in charge of a bunch of guys fishing for money! ...
by falcon over 69 months ago

Hot sauce
by Ol Slick over 70 months ago
That is some good hot sauce. The Homeland in Guthrie carries it.
by Cash460 over 70 months ago

Finally found some 22LR!!
by Pops over 70 months ago
Went to Wal Mart first thing Saturday morning to pick up some coffee, thought I'd check the ammo case while we were there so early ...
by Pops over 70 months ago

The TRUTH is what I say it is !!!
by Tony_Hughes over 70 months ago
Welcome our next POTUS !!! But being a good liar has been prerequisite for the last twenty years to being a good US leader. If you ...
by Tony_Hughes over 70 months ago

Dennis Rodman & N. Korea
by bdcoley3 over 70 months ago
Dave Clark - your profile picture looks nothing like you.
by TallManDan over 70 months ago

Meat Keepers and Fishermen
by Tony_Hughes over 70 months ago
Just an angle to see if it was considered - Like MOST folks jugs are put out while also fishing with rods and reels, USUALLY in da ...
by Tony_Hughes over 70 months ago

al Qaeda rising in Iraq
by bdcoley3 over 70 months ago
Will say what has been stated before: DRILL BABY DRILL. Are there also biblical references that say peace will not prevail in ...
by fishdude over 70 months ago

History repeats itself
by Tony_Hughes over 70 months ago
Good ole Neville. Appeasers are doomed to repeat the failures of history because they don't have time to learn from it as they a ...
by Pokinaround over 70 months ago

A history of Christmas
by Danny.Williams over 71 months ago
The Meaning of Immanuel, God with Us By Dr. Richard P. Bucher There is no one in history that has been given more names or titl ...
by Tony_Hughes over 71 months ago

Duck Dynasty
by Tony_Hughes over 71 months ago
God help this world and anyone I would have come in contact with, if I would have continued living with the penchant and personali ...
by Fishin over 71 months ago

One more MSNBC America hater gone
by Tony_Hughes over 71 months ago
Good Riddance!!
by okiefishman over 71 months ago

Busting a Gasket
by Fishin over 72 months ago
Can we file a Federal "Class Action" law suit? I mean if the "govmt" can sue the State of Arizona...???
by R.W. over 72 months ago

Chris Hayes-Veterans Day Opinion
Somebody please take this guy off the air.
by c dubya over 72 months ago
I don't think this commentator is "satirical" at all - he has in the past expressed his displeasure with our military institutions ...
by Tony_Hughes over 72 months ago

Tamale eaters...
by Ol Slick over 74 months ago
The sauce was okay, I guess. I can remember using it, but don't remember being blown away by it or anything. Good flavor.
by BassSER over 72 months ago

ACA/O'care explained
This won't really help, but it makes it understandale (?)
by R.W. over 72 months ago
I love hearing Dinesh speak, wish we had millions like him in this country - The Indians given our resources would rule the world ...
by Tony_Hughes over 72 months ago

CCI Stingers
by bigjon over 72 months ago
The normal discount stores are getting small amounts of 22 LR in each week and the same people are always lined up to get them and ...
by chiefangler over 72 months ago

ACA in conflict
What to do.... what to do.
by Fishin over 73 months ago
Thanks for the work.  Back to the "selling out" thing.  I just know that by going along and receiving the credits that a little bi ...
by Fishin over 73 months ago

Health Insurance
Can't afford to have it...Can't afford to drop it...
by BassSER over 73 months ago
Since Oklahoma has not decided to expand medicaid, only the families with very low incomes will qualify for any subsidies. So, if ...
by BassSER over 73 months ago

Arrgh !!!
by Tony_Hughes over 73 months ago
I can attest to metal detecting to being sort of addictive like fishing, when you have a little luck.  I just started with a metal ...
by max_door over 73 months ago

A petty , petulant, POTUS
by Tony_Hughes over 73 months ago
This shutdown cost my little guy a youth deer hunt at Tishamingo Wildlife Refuge.  He was drawn earlier this summer and we were bo ...
by FishStick over 73 months ago

SEAL TEAM SIX Strikes Again
by bdcoley3 over 73 months ago
Amen falcon. And again if you piss off America we will be coming for you. #BOOTS2ASSES
by bdcoley3 over 73 months ago

History repeats
by Tony_Hughes over 74 months ago
We don't learn - this great country we call America is in trouble - due in part to apathy from its citizens who allow leaders to d ...
by Tony_Hughes over 74 months ago

Syrian Conflicts Your Thoughts/
by bdcoley3 over 75 months ago
Oh they are. And there are probably a couple of American Seahawk Class Attack subs somewhere in the Med and Red Sea.
by bdcoley3 over 74 months ago

Thoughts from the Farside
by Tony_Hughes over 74 months ago
We didn’t see it coming. For years the climate change theorists focal point of argument and bickering centered on CO2.  While s ...
by Tony_Hughes over 74 months ago

National Anthem- A new twist?
New version to our sacred anthem
by Fishin over 74 months ago
I LOVED it!  I called my best friend Jeanette over to my cubie to listen.  We both had tears in our eyes!  But, neither of us can ...
by Fish Whisperer over 74 months ago

by Senkoboy over 74 months ago
"I had to set through a 4 hour safety meeting yesterday, just had to post this." I read somewhere at work years ago; "Your safet ...
by R.W. over 74 months ago

I may be a racist, like this guy.
by StriperEd over 74 months ago

by StriperEd over 74 months ago

Never again - Fox Sports Live Streaming
by Tony_Hughes over 74 months ago
Some of that stuff you might just want to "quarantine" until you find out if it's something you utilize.   Been there. My home co ...
by Danny.Williams over 74 months ago

Drill Baby Drill - its gonna get cold
by Tony_Hughes over 74 months ago
Sierra Club is really coming down on OGE right now. They are running commercials all over the sports talk stations wanting OGE to ...
by Tbox over 74 months ago

by Fish Whisperer over 75 months ago
On Friday Sep 6, 2013 at 2:59 PM Fish Whisperer said ... I totally agree with you.  But, that's where I think alot of these big ...
by BassSER over 74 months ago
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