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* Sizes are Rankings-Rules/Calculator
by Danny.Williams over 116 months ago
Danny bring that calculator to Keystone
by StriperJunkie over 114 months ago

11.10* Largemouth Bass - Prague Lake - Norm Bekoff
by parrothead918 over 53 months ago
In your post, look at the picture of the "earth with the chain under it".  Click the earth and paste your link in there.  If you w ...
by falcon over 53 months ago

50.88* bluecat - Sooner Lake - Robin Schwers
by Danny.Williams over 79 months ago
Good Job!!
by JWBROWN over 79 months ago

11.64* Hybrid - Boomer L. - Jerimy Brown
by Danny.Williams over 115 months ago
Nice fish!
by Mean Morone over 82 months ago

Carl Blackwell LMB lake record-Jeremy Brown
by Danny.Williams over 86 months ago
quote: Originally posted by falcon Congrats on the fish and the new record! Thanks Falcon!
by JWBROWN over 86 months ago

21.6* Hybrid - LIR - Marty Dunning
by Danny.Williams over 88 months ago
by Danny.Williams over 88 months ago

6.57* Saugeye - McMurtry - Double L
by Danny.Williams over 102 months ago
Beutiful fish. Well done!
by DoubleDeltaOK over 102 months ago

14.264* - Hybrid, Skitook Lake record, S. Jiles
by Danny.Williams over 109 months ago
The handle should be sj58 aka "the lurke
by mp24 over 109 months ago

10.41* LMB, Lake Fork, TX - Kansas Basser
by Danny.Williams over 112 months ago
NICE!! Congrats Jess!![;)]
by JWBROWN over 112 months ago

12.52* Hybrid, Skiatook L. - StriperEd
by Danny.Williams over 113 months ago
quote: Originally posted by StriperEd This is the second really Big fish my wife has caught on Skiatook lake in 3 yrs the first ...
by StriperJunkie over 113 months ago

6.15* LMB - Boomer - Jerimy Brown
by Danny.Williams over 115 months ago
How awesome is that? [:D]
by JWBROWN over 114 months ago

9.75* Hybrid - Skiatook L. - Steve Carroll
by okiefishman over 115 months ago
It looks like 27 to me...
by BassSER over 115 months ago

Carl Blackwell lake record - Sauger - J. Brown
by Danny.Williams over 85 months ago
Fish Species Walleye/Saugeye/Sauger Lak
by Danny.Williams over 1458 months ago
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